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Marcy J. Miller

Thank you for visiting my hubs. I appreciate the chance to share and interact with you. I enjoy being able to share my writing and my photography here; all photos you'll see on my pages are my own.

I'm a novelist, horsewoman, writer-at-large, leather-worker, and polymath-in-progress. I love dogs, horses, tea with Bergamot, and the color brown. Cities make me crazy, and I'm allergic to small children. I'm retired from a "real" career in public safety with an emphasis on leadership, career development, preparedness, and management. My undergrad degree is in English Literature, and I shudder at the current state of the arts in popular culture.

As a result of this tapestry of interests, my hubs will have no particular underlying theme except that everything is interesting, and everyone has a story to tell. It's how we tell it that distinguishes us.

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