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Mohsen Baqery

Mohsen—or as his friends call him, Nix—is a gaming content writer.

Nix’s fascination with games started around the 2000s (the golden age of video games) when he first laid hands on a Nintendo 64.

His love for games has since turned into a euphoric obsession, a positive force that drags his butt to the chair every morning to type more words.

Since 2016, the year his career officially started, Nix has written 3,000+ blog posts. And his writings have generated over 4,368,000 clicks for his clients.

Today, Nix is more passionate about his job than ever. He's equipped with 3 gaming consoles, 2 coffee mugs, 34 scribbled notebooks, and an uncountable number of broken controllers. He's ready.

As a proud Hubber, Nix enjoys publishing gaming guides, listicles, reviews, and analyses. (But he might exploit the platform's "creative autonomy" and write on other topics as well).

As for the businessy stuff, *drum roll* Nix is available for work.

You can get in touch with him through email at

Nix guarantees engaging content that captivates your readers while helping your business grow—organically.