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Motia mannan

Motia Mannan is an English teacher who has been teaching English as a second language for students from 11th to 14th grade at Rajapur Degree College for the last 12 years.

Motia Mannan believes that written and analytical skills are not only a fundamental part of academic excellence but are also the building blocks of critical thinking in school and beyond.

In addition to managing the English curriculum for the college, she runs an after-school program where she works one-on-one with students.

She has also got subject-based teacher training at the Higher secondary Teachers training institute (HSTTI), Rajshahi, and training on The mental and physical health of the adolescent girls at the Educational Office of Belkuchi Shirajgong.

Motia Mannan holds a BA (Honors) in English with B.Ed and a dual M.A in English Literature with language from The Northern University and Islamic History and Culture from National University Bangladesh.

Now she works on the educational methods that suit the pandemic time, the lack of possibilities, and the possibilities

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