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I'm an Irish man who has been living in New York for about 14 years. One of my favourite pastimes is writing poetry. I like to dabble with words and see where they bring me. Over the next while I will be compiling some of my poems/writings with an objective of making connections with other poets/writers or, people who simply love and appreciate poetry/writing.

My favourite poet is Patrick Kavanagh (1904-1967) who was born in Inniskeen, not too far from my hometown of Dundalk, in Ireland. His life and poetry have inspired me to write and find expression through poetic form. He, in my opinion, was the greatest of the Irish poets.

I also like philosophy. I find the mindset of ancient Greece fascinating; The Milesians-who tried to figure out the earth and its 'stuff', Socrates-midwife of the mind, Plato-devout disciple of Socrates, and Aristotle-pupil of Plato... contortionizes the mind. 

Please feel free to read and make comments. I can also be found at

Go raibh maith agat.