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Mike Russo

Welcome to my Bio

I have been retired 14 years. I consider myself a right-brain (creative), left-brain (logical) kind of person. I have various interests including writing and publishing on Hub Pages, developing online tutorials via YouTube, wood carving, scroll sawing, public speaking via Toastmasters, and blogs on political issues and I have my own company called Creative Arts and Services where I feature and sell my woodcarvings and other work.

I worked as a technical writer for 30 years for various commercial and government high-tech companies. I was a manager for eight years and also owned my own consulting company for eight years.

Prior to retirement, I worked for Toshiba Information Systems for 10 Years. There, I developed online training courses to certify Toshiba's dealer technicians in the installation, operation, and maintenance of their business telephone systems. In my last year at Toshiba, my courses resulted in issuing 13,000 certifications.


I have almost two years of college, but for the most part, I consider myself self-educated. I have taken various correspondence courses, company courses, and seminars along the way to learn what was necessary for my particular objective. I consider myself very computer savvy and watched computers evolve from very large electro-mechanical systems to the very sophisticated and powerful micro-miniature devices they are today.

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