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Peter Dickinson

After a long and happy career working in zoos I found myself in a bit of a quandry. I was suddenly and reluctantly divorced after 30 years of what I considered a happy marriage and ended up in debt and with two mortgages. What to do? Work till I dropped and still have debts to pay or do what I wanted to do?

I wanted to travel.

I did a lot of thinking, resigned my post, sold my house and all my possessions and paid off my debts. I was left with a little money. It wasn't much but I decided to hit the road anyway. I thought that if I worried about money then I would not enjoy I deliberately don't think about it (it is difficult not too at times). I go with the flow, take each day as it comes and enjoy most. I have been 'on the road' since 2004 now. I have no home...home is where I lay my head each night. I live out of my backpack.

I firstly travelled to Turkey. That was fun but seeing a cheap ticket to India I moved on there. The next cheap ticket led me to Thailand and since then I have been sort of happily 'stuck' in South East Asia. I have visited Laos, Cambodia, Malaysia, China, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Macau, Indonesia, Sabah, Philippines and others and some several times.

My interests have always been wide and varied but my whole adventure has been a learning experience and I continue to learn every day.

My main interest is zoos. They were my life and are still my usual reason for travelling to new destinations. I publish weekly the largest on-line zoo related e-zine Zoo News Digest

UPDATE - Further to the above I have remained 'stuck in Asia' and using Thailand as a base. Recently I obtained a contract in Dubai so that is where I am living now albeit still living out of my backpack, going with the flow and enjoying most every day.