Theresa Ast

First-generation American of Polish extraction, Professor at a small Liberal Arts University where I teach History and Interdisciplinary Studies. I grew up on Air Force Bases - Texas, Georgia, Tennessee, Greece, Northern California, North Carolina. Driving past a base and hearing the roar of jets taking off and landing still makes me feel homesick and safe.

I like many things, but love art, film, and reading. Some favorites - Oliver Sachs - C. S. Lewis - David Brooks - Malcolm Gladwell - Thomas Cahill - George E. Will - Martin Cruz Smith - Naomi Wolf - Rachel Maddux - Wanda Ast. Yes, my paternal grandmother - artist, poet, survived the Nazi and Soviet regimes, spoke four languages, as intense and eccentric as grandmothers come. I was fortunate in my choice of grandparents. :)


All of these authors are different and quite good at what they do - essays, commentary, poetry, history, humor, philosophy. They are listed in the order in which I got to know them.

Kathleen Cochran, Thought Sandwiches, Molometer, WD Curry, James Watkins, Suzette Naples, Audrey Howitt, RTalloni, Credence2, Alastar Packer, John Sarkis, Perspycacious, Sueswan, Mr. Happy, Kris Heeter, Frank Atanacio, Shea Duane, UnnamedHarald, billibuc, Just History, ahoreseback, Mark Monroe, Ed Michaels, xstatic, Born2care2001, arb, Nelieanna, gregas, Pavlo Badovsky.

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