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KCL Law Graduate and HubPages Apprenticeship Alum with a heavy background in biology and psychology, from a multi-lingual family with a keen interest in health and the question of how best to run a society (and the world at large).


~ The effort or inclination to increase the well-being of humankind ~


I'll make it quick. Philanthropy2012 promises educational, debateable and well written content that will either inform or enrage you.

I cover a wide array of subjects and the following are the main areas of focus:

- Health (self-improvement)
- Biology
- Psychology

Humanitarian Topics
- Law
- Religion's worth in society

Free Language-Learning Resources
- French
- Japanese
- Russian
- English

Although often controversial, these articles are written in order to promote morality and wellbeing or simply to aid in learning. Feedback is welcome but try and keep it constructive - I understand that these are difficult topics and they can get very frustrating, but remember that the carrot is always better than the stick - at least for this hubber!

Have a good day :)