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Phillip Drayer Duncan

Currently have 3 novels and 10 short stories published.

Phillip Drayer Duncan was born in Eureka Springs, Arkansas and has spent most of his life in the Ozarks. He currently resides in Anderson, Missouri. Along with reading and writing like a madman, his passions include kayakin, canoein, fishin, shootin, video games, and pretty much anything nerd related. More than anything, his greatest passion includes spending time with his ridiculously awesome friends, his wonderful family, and his gorgeous girlfriend. Throughout the warm months, he can be spotted on the river, around a campfire, or at a concert. In the cold months, he can be found hermitting amongst a pile of books and video games. No worries, he writes throughout.
His greatest dream in life is to become a Jedi, but since that hasn't happened yet, he focuses on writing. His earliest books were written on notebooks, and acted out with action figures.