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Barbara Purvis Hunter

The sweet hot days of summer will soon be mine to enjoy as the Florida salt air invades my thoughts. I planned to make some videos this year of great places and moments. And write as much as time will allow.

I enjoy the moist beach sand as it squishes’ through my toes and I love to look behind me to see my foot prints on the beach shore as my shadow is truly following me. Florida is where my heart adores being---even with the bad weather we sometimes experience—there is no place like home.

I watched the soft morning breezes softly blow the Spanish moss as it swings slowly in the trees--- and I watched as the chick-a-dees make their nests--- there in the sticks and moss. All the birds around us are taken care of with plenty of water and birdseed, sunflower seed and peanuts for the squirrels and Baby Crow and his family. Even mother raccoon comes by for a meal---this is what happens when you are lucky enough to live in the country.

Most of my friends live in towns or cities and cannot comprehend the joy of being so close to nature and all the creatures that lives in our back woods. My neighborhood has horse ranches sprinkles along our country road with cattle ranchers dotted in here and there.

New and older homes are on family owned properties passed down over the years. Some homes were inherited and some are new belonging to people who just moved in our country road neighborhood. That stretches for miles on both sides of the road and off the main road into side roads.

Country life with neighbors helping neighbors is the heartland of society of good and kind people. Why would I want to live in a concrete jungle where no one knows your name and live next to people whom you never meet?

This is how some of my friends live today---and it saddens me to think they do not knock on doors and introduce themselves. But I cannot live life for others---only I can live my own on my country road with my domestic and wild animals and birds.

I am a country girl who loves the country life and all it entails---the wildlife, the beautiful wildflowers, birds that live with us from the north in the winter months and my birds that live here all year long. I know my creatures and how they react to my taking care of them---and in their way they take care of us.

Baby Crow and his family police our yard and the surrounding woods. If an Eagle comes near the crows chase him away because he will hunt our little birds, rabbits and squirrels. All one has to be is observant and a new person to the country life will learn fast from the creatures that live around them.

Grab your summer joy and swing into the cool waters of Florida.

Love to all who reads this and any of my hubs--I write with the passions of my heart.

Barbara Purvis Hunter


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