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Barbara Purvis Hunter

The fall of the year is on its way to Florida, where the Spanish moss sways in the cool sea breeze. The winter birds will soon make my yard their winter paradise. My birds will have new friends for a few months until the next year, when the Florida sun becomes too warm for them.

I will feed, water, and give them treats as I enjoy watching them eat and have a good time in my back yard. There are many trees for them to make a home. Baby Crow and his family will welcome them as they patrol my yard against hawks and eagles to warn the residents against danger. Mama Raccoon and her babies will have fun watching the new arrivals as they join the birds for a long winter.

I had acquired new pets, or should I say, they had adopted me. I believe the word has gone around in animal land that the lady who lives in the backwoods of Florida always welcomes new friends.

May all the memories of summer remain in a safe place until you return to the beaches next year. I personally do not wait for summer as the beaches are always here on three sides of Florida. I was born a water baby and an animal lover—so I fit right in. Do you?

I wish everyone who reads this all the best in the days to come.

Your Hub Writing Friend,


Love to all who read this and any of my hubs—I write with the passion of my heart.

Barbara Purvis Hunter


Oct. 2022 Update: I was four when I wrote my first poem. I wrote for the school paper from my journalism class. My poems are in many books and magazines, beginning in my teenage years. I have received many awards for writing. My college degrees do not define me, and I am security-minded against stolen identities.

This is my preference. My FB account was canceled a few years ago because of a stalker, and I will not share my personal information on the Internet. I am too old to worry about it.

Love to All,


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