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Rik Ravado

Rik Ravardo is an international phenomenon and has just to published his first ebook 'From Goats Gruff to Glory' on the Kindle Platform.

Legend has it that Rik is a prize winning writer, raconteur and one of the world's best chefs. He is also immeasurably cool. From jazz to drama, from boardroom to ballroom, Rik is the king.

Visual arts are his bag. Literary prizes his oyster. He's travelled the globe trailing the world's loveliest women in his wake. Yes, beautiful girls adore him.

What about the real guy behind the myth? Originally trained as a physicist, I spent much of my life working in electronics, communications, computer based systems and product marketing.

More recently I've moved into education and training. I'm a qualified science teacher (with a fear of children) and work for a large corporation as the lead training analyst and consultant. As my output is always written, in a sense I earn a living from writing.

I'm too creative and in touch with my feminine side to be a true geek, but I am fascinated by the Internet, social networking and Virtual World technology.

I've been here a long time but still love HubPages and find it a great place to learn about content publishing and to network with a fine bunch of writers from around the globe!