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Sharon and I (I’m Mord) live with our dogs and cats in the Delaware River Valley, having recently moved from the Hudson Valley. Our children are grown, and Sharon has two grandchildren, who now are only a couple of miles away. On March 11, 2008, my first grandchild, Cavanagh, was born. His birth set me to wondering what the country and the world will be like when he’s 20 or 50 or my age. I put Cav’s picture up here (he’s signing, at age 14 months, for his car!) and thought I’d try writing about some of my concerns – the environment, how we govern ourselves, make the world better or worse, live with each other. In my experience, writing is about learning and discovery and also the shedding of light on things that go bump in the night, which makes them less scary. Or, if not less scary, at least less mysterious.

Currently I'm focused on putting these concerns into a book and now an occasional blog. I hope to be able to excerpt some of this writing for publishing on Hubpages.