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Robin Anderson

Welcome to my HubPage - I am a native of Atlantic Beach, Florida and have lived in the Detroit area, since 1999. My 365 blog of a photo-a-day CherryLime ended on January 31, 2012:

Since, the CherryLime blog ended, I have begun a new blog called Short Sketches in which I write about a single image or drawing.

In addition to that blog, I enjoy sharing what I am learning about photography on HubPages. I hope my enthusiasm and knowledge can be shared through this forum.

What do I know, you may be asking? I received a Bachelor's of Industrial Design from Auburn University too many years ago to mention and am a true southern at heart. Like an old steamer trunk, my heart has tons of stickers from the places I have lived. I have loved each place dearly: Florida, Alabama, Louisiana, Ohio, and Michigan.

Tags: Photography, graphic design & branding, running, swimming, dogs

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