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Sam Wickstrom

At 18 years old I started writing on this site with the goal of inspiring change towards a society that is more properly oriented towards the greatest good across time, to rid the world of destructive, irrational illusions and to nurture the growth of truth and love in spite of deceit and hatred.

I'm now 20 and I've been working in powerline construction, on trailers, doing renovations, I even scrubbed bathrooms in a hotel for a while. I've remained steady in enhancing my understanding and appreciation of life despite making a living on pretty menial tasks, while, and to the horror of my elders, rejecting academia as a whole. Coming back over a year later to see that some of my articles are getting thousands of views, particularly the ones on religion, I feel compelled to continue writing with a similarly provocative influence. I hope you enjoy, subscribe, and share my work with your friends, nothing is free and I put many hours of focused thought into my articles.