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Caleb Kapsner

Hey everyone! I'm Caleb. I am a sophomore in college majoring in English and Human Sciences. By the time I finish my degree, I'll have completed a majority of English credits as well as 6-16 credits in Cultural Studies, Classic Literature, Psychology, Sociology, World Religions, and - my personal favorite - Philosophy. I love my major and am incredibly excited to continue with it, but I'm currently on a gap year while I focus on publishing a book.

I am an American citizen but grew up in Scotland, where I was infused with a love of language as well as football (known here as soccer). I've been an ardent supporter of Liverpool Football Club since I was four years old and when they won the Champions League this year... well, let's just say there were tears. #YNWA.

If I could feasibly live my entire life as a shepherd in the Highlands of Scotland, I probably would. I love nature and animals. I also love music in all its forms and play the piano passably well.