Sean Fullmer

I have called myself a Californian for nearly 2 decades though at times have lived abroad. In fact, one of my greatest passions has always been travel. I find the ability to pick up and head for parts unknown to be a great skill and a source of personal pride. It has allowed me to meet some of the most interesting people imaginable from everywhere on the planet, while at the same time allowing me to learn about other cultures and belief systems while also building upon my own perspective on life as a westerner, an American, and a Californian.


My other passions include thoughts of one day becoming a parent. We’ll see.


I have lived in India, Mexico, and Greece, the latter being where I first started teaching ESL, English as a Second Language, which I still teach. My interests include rock climbing, reading, investment, economics, that necessary evil, politics, running and other forms of exercise including aikido. I also love to write, whether it be poesy, short stories, nonfiction, or the novel form, which is my particular interest, though as yet I’ve written only 1 novel, as yet unpublished, “L’Onaniste.” I am presently working on a new book of non-fiction, to be called “My Greek Life.”


In the future I plan to better my Greek and Italian, learn tango, and possibly get a master’s degree in the History of Ancient Science and Technology. I hope you enjoy my articles and if you are so inclined, feel free to drop me a line.

Future possible travel plans include Peru, Kathmandu, the Great Northwest, Japan, and of course, Greece.


I also have some blogs, if you're interested:

The Squeaky Hinge, that deals in socio-political affairs:

and Sean-O's Speedy Investment, my investment blog:

Coming soon:

Bless the Beasts, a blog designed to recognize the plight of animals.