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Jenna Ditsch

"Every man's life is a fairy tale written by God's fingers."

~Hans Christian Anderson~


Personal Information:

Jenna Ditsch brings revelation that produces transformation. Insightful and transparent, Jenna invites readers to connect with her by sharing from the deep well of her own life experiences. Her writings are poetically poignant and practical, leaving readers feeling inspired and empowered.

As a writer, Jenna creates intriguing content, as a speaker she makes principles "come alive," and as a life, vocation, and perspective coach she supports individuals and groups in discovering purpose, unleashing passion, and finding direction.

With a Master’s of Art Degree in Christian Formation and Ministry, a Bachelor of Science in Education, and experience as a life coach and teacher, Jenna is skilled at creating awareness and getting to the root of an issue, and is known for artfully “telling it like it is.” Jenna is trained in inner-healing and freedom techniques and loves to help people access the freedom to be who they were created to be and to live in the fullness of their destiny and calling.

Jenna is wife to an amazing husband and mommy to an active toddler and cuddly infant. Jenna sums up her marriage as two sandpaper statues learning to dance through life together, making each other smooth. Her experience thus far of motherhood is ...well...she's still trying to find words to articulate the brave new world in which she now lives (which is the reason, by the way, that you haven't seen much new content on her site over the past few years!)

Jenna and her husband, Ian, partner with various ministries and non-for-profits and have a passion for learning and sharing what they've learned with others.


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