I am a clinical neuropsycholgist with extensive experience in the assessment and treatment of neurological and psychiatric disorders. I suspended my clinical practice to concentrate on writing and am currently writing a book concerning the pitfalls of materialism and reductionism in neuroscience and psychiatry. My areas of expertise include neurobiology, behavior, dementia, head injury, abnormal psychology, statistics, and research methodology. I developed my interest in brain functioning and behavior as a result of being a world-ranked professional kickboxer in the 1980's and viewing how repeated trauma to the brain severely affected the lives of several of my friends.

I have also investigated areas of normal cognition such as cognitive biases, decision-making, and common errors in judgment. Outside of neuroscience I am an avid movie buff and have actually appeared in several independent thriller films. I maintain an interest in sports, theater, and music and I have a practical interest in physics, zoology, and theology.