Andrea Lawrence

Hi, I'm Andrea Lawrence. I'm honored to meet you. I'm excited that you've found me online. I hope I can help you with your needs.

I'm a freelance writer. I've worked with HubPages for 8+ years. My work has appeared on: PairedLife, Bellatory, Dengarden, Exemplore, LevelSkip, Spinditty, LetterPile, and others.

I have a master's in creative writing and a bachelor's in mass media / digital film. I am a content creator who wants to put down as many words as possible in one life.

Some of my favorite topics are on: dating, relationships, Myers Briggs, Western Astrology, wedding planning, gardening, interior design, party planning, games, religious studies, Greek mythology, Tarot cards, and ghosts.

Feel free to write to me. I do respond to comments. I may take longer to write back to messages sent through email, but many of the most fruitful conversations I have are done that way.

The bulk of my readers / fans are looking for answers on romance and compatibility. People also look to me for infomation on designing a home, garden, or party.

I hope love and brightness will find its way to your corner of the earth.

Best of wishes,

Andrea Lawrence