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Shampa Sadhya

I’m an Indian citizen but my heart says I’m the citizen of this world. My religion is humanity and to be positive is my nature.

I’m a postgraduate in English and have a bachelor’s degree in Education. Even I hold a diploma in creative writing. For about two years I worked as a teacher. Presently, I’m a homemaker and I’m passionately attached to it. Managing my family is my first and foremost priority but I still squeeze out some time for myself to brush up my writing skill. I love to mince my words and shape it up as poetry. Sometimes I love to mix my words and frame an article with a difference. Indulging in writing gives me a creative satisfaction and an immense pleasure which cannot be explained.

Expressing my point of view in writing is an intense desire which led me to surf through the internet and I came across this (Hub Page) site. It has generated an extra interest in me. It seems to be a very powerful launch pad for presenting one’s thought in writing.

My suppressed desire of getting published seems to pop up. With my best wishes to all and a wish to excel in writing my hub with your great support, I sign in.

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