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Amanda Littlejohn

Welcome! Amanda Littlejohn writes fun and educational articles for bright kids, their parents and teachers, together with articles of general interest.

Amanda is a retired educator with many years of experience teaching children of all ages and abilities in a wide range of professional and informal settings. She concentrates on publishing valuable resources for use in educational contexts.

Raised with dogs and other animals, Amanda also writes about pets and petcare. Since retiring, she's been an active entrepreneur and also writes informative articles about self-employment, business, marketing, and enterprise cloud computing. Having been through several health issues during her life, Amanda also seeks to help and inform others by writing well-researched articles in the health and well-being verticals, with an emphasis on womens' health.

What you'll find in Amanda's articles:

Well-researched, media-rich, interesting, fun and challenging treatments for kids and teachers of every subject under the sun from science to history, art, philosophy, funny stuff, crafts and more.

Her educational articles combine clear, useful text with beautiful photographs, diagrams, tables and videos to engage and inform a young audience and appeal to a range of learning styles.

Bright kids with enquiring minds can enjoy reading the articles independently or with the support of a parent or teacher. Many teachers choose to link to Amanda's articles on their class pages or gain inspiration from them for planning class projects.

New articles are added frequently, so there's always something fascinating to find and inspire young people in an open-ended exploration of the world around them.

• Articles, diagrams, photographs, videos
• Science, Art, Music, History, Philosophy, Culture, Creativity
• Reading that's fun and inspires personal reflection, discussion and opinion-forming
• Broad, accessible and in-depth treatments with ideas for follow-up

For adults, Amanda writes clear, informative, and above all, useful articles about all aspects of running a successful small business, pets and petcare, and women's health.

Feel free to browse the portfolio of Amanda's articles, bookmark something that interests you, and share what you think might be useful with your friends, colleagues and social networks.

Above all - learn something new and enjoy doing it!

*you are welcome to refer to these pages on your own site so long as you include a live link and the copyright attribution. Copying and pasting the article content itself, in whole or in part, is strictly prohibited. All articles on this site are original, unique content and all rights remain with the author.

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