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Thelma Raker Coffone

I am a writer that has written hundreds of non-fiction articles. I have decided to try my hand in the world of fiction and I'm hard at work on my first novel which takes place in the 1860s in Missouri.

I don't know which I enjoy more, researching my articles or writing them. I write on a variety of subjects but especially enjoy American history and topics concerning rural America.

I am fortunate to have done some very interesting things in my life. I worked as a legal secretary, I owned a business for 17 years, I am a very good marksman with an all time high score of 99.9 on the police qualifying range, I was a back up singer for an Elvis impersonator, and I worked with my husband on the air on his morning radio show. My all time favorite life event was meeting President George W. Bush in the White House Oval Office.

I am a writer living happily in a small Blue Ridge mountain town...just me, my husband and a dog named Boo!