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Thomas Swan

Thomas Swan is a scientist, polymath, and soccer expert from England. Inspired by Carl Sagan's Cosmos, he obtained a doctorate in physics in 2011 (University of Surrey). An enduring interest in the evolution and psychology of religion compelled Thomas to switch fields to study the cognitive science of religion, for which he completed a second doctorate in 2019 (University of Otago). Some of his academic work can be found on the linked website.

Thomas grew up in a working-class home, which fueled his interest in social issues, progressive politics, and football (soccer). He has been a fan of the English Premier League and international football for more than thirty years and he has a deep knowledge and appreciation for the creative and tactical side of the game. His political commentary draws on the Master's degree in "cognition and culture" that he obtained in 2012 (Queen's University Belfast) after leaving the field of physics.

Thomas's articles reflect this panoply of interests. His two doctorates have cultivated a scientific and research-based approach that he has also applied to articles about historical figures, philosophy, ancient texts, mythology, classical music, macroeconomics, and the natural world.