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Tim Anderson

I began writing freelance magazine articles in 1979. During this time I wrote a lot of small articles for the tabloids, some of them regarding the Osmond Family who were living and doing their "Donny and Marie Show" here in the state.

The National Enquirer paid good money and wanted me to fly out to Lantana, Florida for a two-week job try-out, but I wasn't willing to leave Utah's mountains and scenic beauty.

In the 1980s, after The Saturday Evening Post published my story on autograph collecting, I began to buy and sell autographs as a little side business. Over the years I've learned lots of fun things about U.S. Presidents, movie stars, athletes, and world historical figures which I enjoy sharing.

My interests include vitamins and herbs, UFOs, celebrity trivia, the esoteric, and anything that captures my interest.

I hope you enjoy my Hubs!