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Tricia Mason


I'm Tricia Mason (Nee Neale), a happy a wife and a mum-of-three, and a writer!

I enjoy reading, studying, learning, discussing, traveling, photography, etc. Indeed, I like researching all sorts of subjects!

I have recently published a children's Christmas book and a romance novel on Amazon, for Kindle.

I have a BA degree in Medieval and Modern History, plus teaching qualifications. I have taught mostly Local History.

I like pretty much anything connected to matters historical. I'm close to my family and enjoy researching our ancestry so I am fascinated by 'deep' genealogy via DNA investigation.

I enjoy languages; learning them, using them, discovering how they develop, etc. I like to find out about word history, including place-name origins. I also like literature.

When I took my A'Levels, many years ago, I chose French and German, along with History, of course. More recently, I took another A' Level; this time in English literature.

I am also interested in matters theological (though I am agnostic) and matters scientific!!

I am actually interested in lots of things. :)

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Whatever your response to the writing quality of my hubs ~ or the content ~ please leave a comment and let me know. Thank you! :)

May I please thank commenters for commenting, sharers for sharing and 'followers' for their helpful, friendly and encouraging 'fan mail'.

It is all very much appreciated! Thank you! :)

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My Christmas romantic fiction for Kindle:

'A Christmastide Romance'

My Christmas children's book for Kindle:

The 'Christmouse' Boot

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I am: Trish_M, Tricia Mason, Patricia D Mason, Tricia Neale