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Truth Exposed Pub

Truth Exposed Publications is the physical creation of an idea that my brother and I have become passionate about over the past several years. The root of our business comes from 3 feelings:

1) A feeling of anger and frustration from being lied to (both intentionally and unintentionally) about college, and the resulting hardships and financial damage that has resulted.

2) Frustration at the possibilities we continually have missed out on, or are missing out on, because of student debt.

3) A deep and passionate desire to take control of our lives, and to help young people avoid the incredibly costly mistakes we made: the biggest by far and away being "higher education."

There are many other topics we will want to cover, but life is too short for young men and women to chain themselves to 50 years of labor they don't like for a retirement that might never come. Even worse, often times they think that what they're doing will set them free, but it's actually measuring up the chains (hello student loans). Hopefully with our hubs we can raise awareness of these issues, offer helpful options to others, and really open up minds to the possibilities of what's really out there. And save a lot of heartache by helping others avoid making the biggest mistakes.

So who are the brothers?

Shane goes by many nicknames including Big Alaska, Jerry, Ohio, Iowa, and some others he would just as soon forget. He has a long time alter ego on HubPages by the name of Jerry G2, and is looking forward to working with his brother on this project after making the double mistake of college followed by graduate school. "Hopefully by telling it as it is and by opening students' eyes to the real value of college and the opportunities technology allows, I'll be able to help a lot of young people get off to the right start in life. I want to be able to introduce them to opportunities they never would have seen, and help them avoid pitfalls that no one warned me about."

And the other brother? Jon goes by "no neck" based on his football days because he has giant shoulders and no neck. Seriously, he doesn't. He went through college under the assumption that high grades, hard work, and a good degree was enough. Life dictated otherwise and with some help from the brother who had everyone in the family exasperated (when will he grow up?) and plenty of small adventures with his own friends, he realizes he was sold a con, and wants to help others avoid the pitfalls that higher education can bring while pulling himself onto a new and better direction.

"Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined." -Henry David Thoreau

These are just some of our early hubs and we'll have man more, but we hope you will like them:

The Million Dollar Lie

Do Women College Grads Make Less?

Is College Really the Best Option for Black Students?