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Jose Juan Gutierrez

I came across the craft of writing approximately ten years ago, while drafting an adventure story in the wild. That day, I came across with what some could define as, “my encounter with my destiny.” Since that precise moment, I realized that writing was one of the things that I wanted to include as another element in the activities that form part of my life. All the ideas and details around the situations that happened to me during a heavy thunderous storm instated in me the enjoyment for writing.

Since that first time, writing fills my senses and curiosity. The craft of writing has opened in me a new perspective about life and the physical world that we live in. writing has expanded my general knowledge about a variety of topics. I'm interested in paranormal phenomena from a scientific stand point, since I have experienced paranormal phenomena myself. I love nature and sea life. I also like astronomy, and I'm interested in the topics pertaining to the Earth sciences.

In the present, I consider writing as one of my passions, and I´m looking forward to continue writing permanently. I would like to write on a daily basis, unfortunately, I still haven’t reached total economic independence, therefore, I have to dedicate part of my daily life to an 8 hour job.

I enjoy outdoor activities, including camping, sightseeing, the beach and mountain climbing. I also like music, especially the guitar. I have composed my own melodies on the guitar. In the future, I would like to live close to the sea and write stories about sea life and the coastal ecosystems.