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John Emerson Conde

John is a connoisseur of words who is currently on a journey to fully understand what it means to become a true wordsmith and a digital marketer.

Throughout his career, he has been providing top-quality literary works to various clients worldwide – from in-depth stories and informative blog posts to promotional copy and one-liners, helping the average Joe and corporate John sell their merchandise.

In addition, he is also an online entrepreneur, a content manager, a social media specialist, a graphic illustrator, a percussionist, and the guy behind Write 2 Make and Money Senpai.

-- As a Wordsmith:

He boasts a high command of English grammar and vocabulary, allowing him to be on par, if not better, with native English speakers in his writings. With his expertise, he can generate multiple literary works in a day. Moreover, he can change his writing style and voice to suit his clients' needs.

John is not a fan of spinning articles or producing cookie-cutter content. He is a firm believer in providing real value to his audience -- quality over quantity at all times. And he adheres to the highest professional standards, making his services second to none.

His craft engages not only with people but also with search engines. His articles rank higher on SERP (search engine results pages) as he implements SEO in his writing.

-- As a Project Manager:

Aside from writing and editing, he has an extensive background in team management, hiring, coaching, and strategy development. He has multiple digital assets and businesses, all operating at a high level -- demanding exceptional management skills to maintain balance and growth.

What sets John apart from all the candidates you will come across is his eagerness to learn and improve whatever that can be improved. He knows the power of investment, not just in terms of money but overall growth. In his seven years of providing content creation, copywriting, editing, and management services, he has not only learned but also applied the following:

- Digital Marketing

- Graphic Design
- Marketing Psychology
- Sitemap Development
- Conversion Optimization
- Copy Analysis

John is a content creator and expert with over seven years of experience in producing compelling articles for clients in the U.S. and other English-speaking countries.

With his experience and know-how, your business will grow and achieve metrics beyond your expectations. Feel free to reach out to him at