10 Things You Forget When You Get Busy in College

Updated on May 29, 2019
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This article was contributed by Partha Barua who enjoys writing an occasional blog while sipping his coffee.

I know it’s the season again; the beginning of a long, trying semester. And once again, you shall be burdened by a brick load of work while wishing you were Brooklyn Beckham who had the option of dropping out of college. But you’re not. Anyway, while you’re at it, there are some things that you tend to forget when you’re busy with college. So here’s a post to remind you of all those things.

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1. Call your Parents

It so happens that you forget to call your parents because you’re busy submitting assignments, studying for your exams or an impending foreign language test that you totally did not sign up for. Which is understandable, I guess, but I’d recommend taking some time out of your schedule to keep up with what’s going on in your family. After all, they’re the ones paying your tuition fees…and your accommodation and your books…

2. Read Books

No, I’m not talking about Avtar Singh and M.P Jain. I’m talking about Wodehouse and Agatha Christie and J.K Rowling. Those kinds of books that you used to read before you decided you want to study law. While the benefits of reading are a lot, for me, it’s always been a medium to escape reality for a few blissful minutes and submerge myself in a different universe.


3. Cut your Nails

I’m guilty of this. There will be days when I look at my nails and wonder why I forget to cut them. In fact, I don’t wear nail polish for the sole reason that I know I’ll never come around removing the paint. It’s not because I'm lazy, and I'm sure that even you aren’t, it’s just that you’d do something more important than cutting your nails. Like sleep, for instance.

4. Wash your Clothes

I have Piling Clothes syndrome. In case you didn’t realize, it’s something I just made up now. My little pink laundry basket has to overflow with clothes only when I’ll realize that it’s time to send the clothes for washing. Only to find out that the warden isn’t handing out coupons today or to find that the laundry is closed. Unbelievably exasperating, I know.

5. Exercise Daily

Okay, this is incredibly subjective. There are two categories of people here. The ones, who regularly hit the gym, drink their protein and stay fit. The others, who like the idea of exercising, but never come around to coercing themselves off the table or bed (Because as a college student, you’re either on the bed or on the table). The second group always has a list of various excuses about why they are what they are but the most common is that ‘I forgot’. I sympathize, of course. You have deadlines to meet, people to please and food to eat. I mean, what exercise? But you can always get a yoga mat and do it in your room like me!

6. Change the Sheets

I know of people who don’t change sheets for weeks at a stretch. While again, they have their own reasons like how they like to sleep all over their smelly, dirty self and I’m in no way policing here, but I think that two weeks is the max you can stretch the longevity of your sheets.


7. Brush at Night

You go to the night mess to devour your Frankie, you survive on caffeine and eat all the junk food available in the room and your neighbour’s room, so of course, you forget to brush at night. So here’s a quick reminder to keep a check on your dental health. You don’t want to be this fifty-something with fake teeth. Just saying.

8. Eat Fruits

Constant reminders and conscious desires also don’t help in this case. I live on a campus where the fruit seller comes every day. I live on a campus where the mess guys sell fruits every day. And yet, I forget to eat them. If that isn’t stupid, I don’t know what is. But if you're still lazy to go and get them every day then you can always buy packeted fruits.

9. Re-issue Library Books

I have no track record of the amount of fine I’ve paid for returning books late to the library. Probably something close to a 1000 bucks. As a light warning, don’t tread on this path because it gets too expensive after some time. Go to the library, re-issue your books every week and stay thrifty.


10. Keep tabs on your expenses

You come back to college with a nifty 5000 bucks and before the month is over, you’re left holding a sad, empty blue wallet, wondering where you splurged all your money. Actually, you do have an idea. If you’re anything like me, it’s on food and transportation. I understand, of course, which is precisely why you should think of keeping an expenses tab or use an app like Mint or something to keep tabs.

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        Fancy Dorcas 

        5 months ago

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      • Priya Barua profile imageAUTHOR

        Priya Barua 

        13 months ago

        Thanks for the comment @anna

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