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100+ Best School Magazine Names


A school magazine represents all the glory a school brings to its students. This magazine is an important informative publication that highlights different aspects of school and students. Typically, the information presented in these magazines is in the form of articles, news, and newsletters. Issues of magazines are published weekly, fortnightly or monthly. A team of students under the guidance of a teacher takes responsibility to edit and publish news feeds, articles and stories.

Content in School Magazines

The content in student publications should engage readers and establish a link with positivity. Layout in such magazines should be clear and concise. Achievements of the school and success stories of students are published in school magazines to motivate and inspire. These magazines also contain information about school events, competitions, academic advice and career tips. When students scan through the pages of the magazine they should be able to find relevant information about sporting events, school festivals, annual fests, interschool competitions, science fairs, literary events, music festivals, and art competitions. Information presented in these magazines should be entertaining, engrossing, and interesting.

Cover Stories in School Magazines

Cover stories in school magazines should be thoughtful and creative. Engaging cover stories ignite young minds in the right direction. Interviews with former students of the school who have made it big with hard work and dedication make inspiring reads for students. When students read excerpts that are motivating and inspiring it boosts their morale tremendously. Modern-day school publications cover a wide genre of topics and subjects that include Entertainment, Sports, Sex Education, Social Life and Dating.


How to Come Up With a School Magazine Name

When a reader picks up a magazine to read, the first point of contact is the name. A creative name or unique name evokes curiosity in the reader. A school magazine should create identity and association with its name. An appropriate name that conveys a strong message enlightens minds. A great way to start a creative thought process is during a brainstorming session. Call for a meet-up with your team. You can meet on your school campus, cafeteria, playground, recreational area, or at a friend’s place over a gaming session and discuss different aspects that shape ideas for an appropriate student magazine title.

What Do You Want To Convey Through Your School Magazine Title

The first thing you need to be sure about is what you want to convey through your school magazine. Once you have a clear understanding about the content of your magazine the process of coming up with an appropriate title becomes relatively easy. Understanding sentiments of students and the legacy of your school helps convey a thoughtful meaning with a name. You need an open mind to chance upon something unique. Being receptive to inputs, ideas and concepts open new pathways to creativity. Allow every member in your team to have a say. When you put your thinking caps on you will come up with quirky, creative and imaginative words for different genres.

Ideology While Coming Up With A Name For Your School Magazine

Use a scrabble mindset to rearrange words from diverse genres and give identity with something that sounds catchy and representative of your school ideology. Youth-centric ideologies should be expressed through a school magazine name. Insightful names are often short, however if you feel a long name serves the purpose well, dive right in. While there are no rules when it comes to picking a title for your school publication, you need to be mindful of the name you come up with because identity and association will be represented through the name.


The Process after Short listing Names

After you are finished short listing names for your school magazine, get opinions from team members about which name is appropriate. There will be fruitful questions and answers in this session. Take each shortlisted name and discuss its strengths and weaknesses to arrive at a conclusion. You can also take a vote poll on the shortlisted names from students in the school. Impact-oriented names strike the right chords with youth. Honesty and integrity is important when you come up with a name for your school publication. A name should bring about a sense of pride among students and faculty. The vision and mission of your school should be echoed clearly and concisely through the title of your school magazine.

The lines below showcase a diverse list of school magazine names you can use as ideas to come up with your own personalized names. If you have something to say about student publication titles or have a name you want to share, feel free in the comments section.

Top 10 Best School Magazine Names

  1. Mindroid
  2. Spiral Spectrum
  3. Enigmatic Horizon
  4. Torch Herd
  5. Grapevine Buzz
  6. Spark Forward
  7. Epic Pulse
  8. Catalyst Reflection
  9. Echoview
  10. Campus Roots

Creative School Magazine Names #11—20

11. Fly Forward

12. Splash Literati

13. Mindora

14. Reflective Reality

15. View Edu

16. Crewlesta

17. Giga Schism

18. Inner Awakening

19. Youthesta

20. Chasmenta

Unique School Magazine Names #21—40

21. Uber Cosmo

22. Aspire Zone

23. Mind Files

24. Polymath Atlantic

25. Selfesta

26. Cadence Crusaders

27. Imaginative Turnaround

28. Dream Stream

29. Inner Beam

30. Open Find

31. Yogi Finesse

32. Dwell Ringer

33. Insperia

34. Pedagogy

35. Wired Sky

36. Map Celesta

37. Sense Essence

38. Pridora

39. Mind Files

40. Final Abyss

Catchy School Magazine Names #41—60

41. Mystic Memory

42. Hybrid Habitat

43. Drone Tone

44. Obscura

45. Space Crescendo

46. Inner Outdoor

47. Wordy Heritage

48. Edubon Updater

49. Self Finder

50. Empirical Bridge

51. Organic Pendulum

52. Greekola

53. Click Stock

54. Mend Room

55. Free Wings

56. Mind Upload

57. Unusual Gravity

58. Inspired Thoughts

59. Youth Spec

60. Heritage Cycle

Cool School Magazine Names #61—80

61. Right Life

62. Quest Magnet

63. Chatocrat

64. Mind Castle

65. Blend Academia

66. Opine Magos

67. Rote Dynasty

68. Quad Reason

69. Towards Tomorrow

70. Brew Thing

71. Intrinsic Escape

72. Skillora

73. Mirage Concept

74. Prep Tribe

75. Bend Ozone

76. Zip Yonder

77. Strange Paradigm

78. Backpack Telescope

79. Ode Decode

80. Divesta

Thoughtful School Magazine Names #81—100

81. Mylogue

82. Blackboard Reflection

83. Up And Across

84. Click Youth

85. Kinetic Chronicles

86. Viewtrack

87. Reflect Meta

88. Scatter Matter

89. Crizest

90. Flush Digest

91. Campus Shuffle

92. Thought Unlock

93. Shadow Explorer

94. Mindfest Cultivate

95. Loud Horn

96. Chalkboard Chronicles

97. Open Ponder

98. Scientific Zoom

99. Inner Spill

100. Logic Tank


Dunk Life

Alter Mechanics

Plan Quest

Orzic Read


Crafter Universe

Unearthed Axis

Spike Life

Zen Magica

Holistic Stomp

Inner Space Chronicles

Matical Code

Time Tracker

Miracle Woodwork


Mindworker Journal


Tunnel Binary

Scribble Path

Dwell Dynasty

Read O’ Phile

Crossover Digest

Life Bytes

Stream Essence


Zen Den





Hippie Brew

Architect Within


Open Skies

Mind Floss

Order Bodhi

Upskill Musings



Drizzle Metric

Edu Bazaar

Martial Light

Bright Persona

Spin Opine

Bark Marathon




Prime Odyssey




Converse Blend

Mix O’ Holics


Cross Atlantic

Epic Beginnings

Unzip Entity




Core Awakening

Pulse Gravity

Creed Aura

Stomp Life

Zing Pandora

Future Chapter

Bloom Domain

Prime Count

Quad Osmosis

Emoticon Transcend

Freeflow Foundation



Hone Solutions

Buzz Crescendo

Method Herd

Demicon Deeds

Politin Panache

Conver Nation

Time Arc

Upper Sting

Path Guide

Mystic Shift

Beat Magnet

Spiral Bend

Deed Breed

Greet Entity


Shadow Life

Passion Dorma

Bot Breeze


Eco Stride

Eco Stride


Ponder Fest

Giga View


Absorb Curve

Blink Reflection

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