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120+ Persuasive Essay Topics

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Looking for a persuasive essay topic? Here is a large list for you to check out.

Looking for a persuasive essay topic? Here is a large list for you to check out.

The Common English Assignment: Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays, sometimes also know as argumentative essays, are one of the most common assignments handed out in English classes. From middle school to high school and college, English teachers around the world love to make their students practice writing persuasively.

Luckily, with the right topic that's interesting, current, and hard enough to provide a challenge, persuasive essays can actually be fun to construct. However, finding the perfect topic can be difficult.

Do you go for something easy and hope that it'll be simple to research?

Do you go for a topic that interests you, or one that you think your teacher will like?

Should you pick a political topic? A scientific one? A controversial one? There are a lot of decisions to make!

To help you out, this article lists 120 of the best persuasive essay topics out there. Ranging from easy topics that are suitable for kids to hard topics that are best tackled by college students, you're sure to find a topic that interests you somewhere on this list.


10 Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Including the most interesting, thought-provoking and unique topics, this section contains the ten best persuasive essay topics out there.

  • All problems facing humanity could be fixed with better technology
  • Embalming is a dangerous practice
  • Euthanasia should be illegal
  • Exotic pets are a significant danger to their owners
  • Humans are intrinsically good
  • Schools should have less technology
  • Social media sites should be able to ban users without being accused of censorship
  • The benefits of space exploration outweigh the costs
  • There shouldn't be a limit to how many terms a president can serve
  • The work week should be four days

15 Persuasive Essay Topics for Kids

For kids in Elementary School, an easy essay topic will let your writing shine without being too tough to deal with. This section contains 15 easy persuasive essay topics that are perfect for this situation.

  • Being a teacher is the hardest job
  • Cats are better than dogs
  • Dogs are better than cats
  • Elementary schools should all finish at 2pm
  • Elementary schools should teach languages
  • Elementary school students should be allowed to get jobs
  • Everyone should have a pet
  • Ice cream is the best food
  • It's important to go to school
  • Kids should have laptops
  • Kindness is the most important thing
  • Outside play is better than inside play
  • Parents should be less strict
  • Pets should be allowed in schools
  • Toys are important for kids to learn

15 Persuasive Essay Topics for Middle School

Sometimes, a simple topic is the best choice and can allow your writing to really shine. Listed below are fifteen of the easiest topics, which are suitable mainly for middle schoolers and below.

  • Barbie is a good role model for kids
  • Celebrities are bad role models for kids
  • Christmas is the best holiday
  • Everyone should learn a musical instrument
  • Healthy eating should be taught in schools
  • Human cloning shouldn't be allowed
  • Kids should get pocket money
  • Middle schools should start at 10 am
  • More sport should be played in school
  • Schools should have more technology
  • Schools shouldn't have uniforms
  • Stuffed toys shouldn't only be for little kids
  • Teachers should assign less homework
  • Video games can be good learning tools
  • Zoos do more harm than good to animals

15 Persuasive Essay Topics for High School

Finding a balance between a topic that's easy to research but not so easy that it's too simplistic is difficult. Below are fifteen intermediate essay topics, which are hard enough to get you a good grade but simple enough that they're not confusing. They're suitable for high schoolers and below.

  • Children must care for their ageing parents at home
  • Christmas has lost its true meaning
  • Climate change is caused by humans
  • College tuition should be free
  • Everyone should have a part-time job in high school
  • Everyone should travel overseas
  • Guns should be more strictly regulated
  • Money really does make the world go round
  • Politicians are usually good people
  • Social media does more harm than good
  • There should be free wifi in cities
  • There should be more technology in schools
  • War is never justified
  • 16 year-olds should be allowed to vote
  • 14 year-olds should be allowed to get a drivers license

15 Persuasive Essay Topics for College

For those who like to challenge themselves, picking a hard essay topic can be a great way to get a high mark. These fifteen difficult essay topics aren't for the faint-of-heart, though, so be warned!

  • Books should never be banned
  • Churches should not be taxed
  • Climate change is the biggest issue that humanity has ever faced
  • Countries should focus primarily on themselves, rather than spending resources on global issues
  • Filming should be allowed in Court Rooms
  • Fracking should be legal
  • Freedom of speech should have its limits
  • Humanity will ultimately bring about its own destruction
  • Morality can not be objective
  • Music is not as good now as it was fifty years ago
  • Nuclear power is too dangerous to rely on
  • Obesity is the greatest threat to world health
  • Police should be abolished
  • Prisons should be privatized
  • The scientific method is flawed

10 Interesting Persuasive Essay Topics

The worst possible thing that you can do when selecting a persuasive essay topic is choosing one that you find boring. An interesting persuasive topic will motivate you to research and write your essay, all without wanting to pull out your own fingernails with boredom.

  • Animal testing of pharmaceuticals should be allowed
  • College athletes should be given a salary
  • Dementia can not be prevented
  • Interns should be paid for their work
  • It is possible to separate the art from the artist
  • Lab-grown diamonds are killing the jewel industry
  • More land should be devoted to agriculture
  • Slang should be considered its own language
  • There are too many people with college degrees
  • The death penalty should be abolished

10 Controversial Persuasive Essay Topics

Controversial essay topics are great because there's usually a lot of material about them online that you can use to help inform your discussion. It's also interesting to sink your teeth into a really tricky issue, where the answer may not always be clear-cut.

  • Abortion should be legal
  • A college degree isn't worth it anymore
  • Donald Trump was a good president
  • God does not exist
  • Guns should not be banned
  • Religion has done more harm than good
  • Studying humanities is pointless
  • The 'American Dream' is a scam
  • The minimum wage should not be raised
  • We are living in a simulation but don't know it

10 Political Persuasive Essay Topics

Nowadays, people love to have strong opinions are about politics. Choosing a political essay topic will mean that you'll have no problem researching the different points of view, but be warned! You might receive backlash from people on the opposing side of the argument

  • Anarchism is a fundamentally flawed ideology
  • China will be the next superpower
  • Communism is the way forwards
  • Democracy is the only valid political system
  • Giving foreign aid is essential
  • Republicans and Democrats are fundamentally the same
  • The U.S constitution is outdated
  • The U.S should spend more money on the military
  • True democracy isn't achievable
  • Voting should be mandatory

10 Technology Persuasive Essay Topics

Essay topics about technology are some of the most current out there and are especially great for people who already have an interest in tech.

  • Coding should be taught from Elementary school
  • Computers have too much power
  • Cloning should be allowed
  • Everyone should own a phone
  • Most current workers could be replaced by robots
  • Robots should not have rights
  • Technology has decreased our quality of life
  • The Turing test is no longer applicable to today's AI
  • Violent video games should be banned
  • 4D movies are the future

10 Scientific Persuasive Essay Topics

For those interested in science, picking a scientific essay topic is a great way to let your strengths shine. Listed below are ten of the best scientific persuasive topics.

  • Biology is the best science
  • Chemistry is the best science
  • Humans are no different from other animals
  • Math is the most important subject taught in schools
  • Science is the most important subject taught in schools
  • Space exploration is pointless
  • There are not enough women in science
  • The pharmaceutical industry has done more harm than good
  • The world would be better if scientists were in charge
  • Physics is the best science

There we have it; 120 great topics for your next persuasive essay. If you still need more ideas, check out the article 100+ Interesting Debate Topics and adapt one of the topics there to suit an essay!

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