6 Foolproof Tips About How To Ace The ACT English Test

Updated on May 19, 2018
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The ACT English Test Can Be Tricky, So Watch Out!

As a newbie ACT test taker, you might be overwhelmed by your upcoming academic undertaking. The ACT, after all, is a comprehensive exam that’ll test everything that you have taken up in high school. It will evaluate not only your knowledge, but your reasoning skills as well. There are several topics included in the ACT test, and one of them is the English section. It is just as challenging as the other topics in its own way, and here are 6 foolproof tips about how to ace your ACT English test.

  • Don’t make your answers too wordy. When conveying your ideas in the ACT English test, make it concise and simple. But don’t make your answers too short, either, but instead make them just enough and see to it that they are grammatically correct. What you ought to remember when it comes to your answers in the ACT English test is to make them short and snappy and straight to the point.
  • Understand the sentences contained in the questions. Don’t be in such a hurry when answering the questions. You have to respond to the items in a calm and assured manner. Don’t succumb to the tendency of reading only the underlined phrases in the sentences. Consider that wrong clauses will have a negative bearing to your answer.
  • Take note of the meaning and the context of the question items. Even in the grammar portion of the English test, you have to be particular about the meaning of the whole sentence. Many questions in the ACT English test will require you to be keen about the context of the sentence. This is especially necessary for questions about transition words and proper sentence placements in a paragraph.
  • Consider the sentence in terms of its consistency. This is particularly applicable to locating the proper verb tense and voice placement. When ascertaining the proper tense of the sentence, accord it with the other clues in the surrounding sentences. Apparently, an exception to this rule is when a clause intends to convey a past event but its paragraph is in the present tense.
  • Avoid being redundant. If an idea or meaning has already been conveyed, there is no need to restate it. If two adjectives mean the same, avoid using the other one as well. Take into account (as mentioned in tips #1 and #2), that your sentences should be simple and its meaning should be regarded when deciphering the question. It is important, too, to read the whole sentence and not just the underlined phrase because you might miss the other parts that convey a similar idea.
  • Don’t miss run-on sentences. The all-too common mistake of comma splices can likewise become a problem in the ACT English test. A run-on sentence is comprised of two independent clauses that are separated by a comma. It is a major rule in the English subject that an independent clause that can stand on its own as a sentence has complete thought. If two independent clauses are separated by a comma, it is known as a comma splice, and this can be rectified by adding a conjunction.

These are some of the valuable tips to ace the ACT English test. Take into account that this test can be tricky, that’s why you have to watch out. Be smart by being one step ahead. Anticipate the pitfalls that you might encounter and be keen about the test strategies and question approaches in the ACT English test so you can pass it with flying colors.

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