7 Practical Steps for Your Personalized ACT Study Program

Updated on May 15, 2018
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An Effective Personalized ACT Study Program Can Help You Ace Your Exam

How do you prepare for the ACT? After all, it is a major standardized test that you have to take. Passing and acing the ACT is basically one of the most important tasks that you have to do to fulfill your academic career.

It is crucial to go prepared for the ACT. But which path do you take for your ACT test prep program? There is a plethora of study resources all over the Internet, so you have to choose those which are credible. Numerous methods can also be utilized to get yourself ready for this test, such as joining a review class, hiring a tutor, forming a study group and self-study using online and offline resources. It can get confusing, but here are 7 steps to guide you for your ACT study program.

  1. Sort out your questions about the ACT and be thoroughly informed. Being in the know will make you more confident and comfortable in taking your test. Read up on the format, the scoring system and what the requirements of your target schools are pertaining to your ACT score.
  2. Take an official ACT practice test. This will be your first test, so give it your full effort. Via a practice test, you’ll be able to get the “feel” of what the real thing is. You’ll experience what it’s like to read the instructions and time yourself according to the time limit set for each topic. Taking an ACT practice test enables you to get a realistic score, too. Understanding what the test is all about is vital for your ACT test prep. What’s even better is that ACT practice test resources are free.
  3. Determine your score from the practice test. Analyze your wrong answers and figure out why you missed them. You should be able to spot your careless errors from your genuine weaknesses. You should be focused on evaluating and resolving your weak points while building on your strengths. Try making use of ACT practice tests that come with explanations for your answers. This will gauge your tendencies and help you identify the patterns of your weaknesses and strengths. Consider this initial step as a diagnosis of what needs to be cultivated and improved on in the coming weeks of your ACT test prep.
  4. Set a goal and be realistic about it. Now that you know the particulars of the ACT and what your standing is in relation to it, it’s time to clarify your goals. If your score is 20, it is unrealistic to leap onto a score of 30. Otherwise if you scored mid to high 20’s, a goal score of 30 is within reach. Just remember to be dedicated to your ACT test prep program. The goal score that you should aim for ought to be congruent to the requirements of your chosen college.
  5. Decide on the tools that you are going to use. Effective and high quality study resources are necessary for whatever tests or standardized exams. A good place to start is to look for and utilize official study resources. If you decide to study on your own, you can search for books and websites along with other relevant apps. You’ll have to work out the best study plan for yourself. A sensible choice is to enroll in an online ACT test prep program which is known to be a happy medium. Even though you are studying on your own, you’re also obtaining external expertise and guidance.
  6. Practice by taking another practice test and then do more practice. Work in a way that you will establish a routine for your ACT test prep. During your study sessions, study for 30 minutes to 3 hours. At least 30 minutes will suffice if you study everyday. If you’re studying twice a week, you should extend your test prep to at least 3 hours every session. Take another practice test to monitor your progress. You’ll be familiarizing yourself further about the format and style of the test as you do so. You ought to consider taking a minimum of 3 practice test during the whole duration of your test prep.
  7. Take good care of yourself and be healthy. Take time to care for yourself physically, mentally and emotionally. Always think positive as well and encourage yourself to boost your confidence. Rest sufficiently and make time for relaxation and recreational activities. Most of all, pay good attention to your sleep. See to it that you have enough of it, especially from a week to 3 days before you take the ACT. On the night before, prepare all the requirements for your ACT day. Eat a healthy breakfast and arrive early to your test center on this important day that will get you closer to your academic and career goals.

Keep the ACT in perspective. Although it is an important undertaking in high school, it is just but one of the feats, among many others, that will shape your future.

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