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8 Bad Habits Every College Student Can Relate To

Priya is pursuing her undergrad in law and business administration. She loves translated books, world cinema and French chic.

Your beautiful college life awaits you, but does it really?

Your beautiful college life awaits you, but does it really?

Bad Habits in College

You feel great about the fact that you are finally out of high school and ready to start the next journey of life, i.e. college. You pack your favorite books and clothes, ready to make a splash, but then, once in, you suddenly realize that college is not what you expected. This happens whether you are at Harvard or a state college. And even more unfortunate is when you realize that, during the course of the first few months, along with a criminally heavy workload, you have also developed a host of bad habits.

So whether you are a freshman or a grad, here are eight bad habits every college student can relate to.

1. Late Mornings

How difficult can it get to wake up at 7 and go for a morning walk? Or prepare for your classes or have a, as what those big leagues billionaires call, ‘morning routine’? It shouldn’t be that difficult, right? After all, Robin Sharma made it sound like a piece of cake. Something happens when you are in college, and everything that Robin Sharma said or wrote just flushes out of your brain. No matter how early or late you sleep, you always get up at the nick of time, with or without breakfast, to reach class.

2. Sleep-Deprivation

How is it that you feel perpetually sleep-deprived, despite the fact that you had a wholesome eight hours of sleep? Beats me. It’s the way the English only talk about the weather, college students only talk about how sleep-deprived they are. There is no zeal or excitement during the class, and students dream of rushing back to the dorm for an afternoon nap, only to wake up and complain again.

College students thrive on junk food the way mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water.

College students thrive on junk food the way mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water.

3. God’s Own Ambrosia

What I mean is junk food anyway. College students thrive on junk food the way mosquitoes thrive in stagnant water. It just automatically happens even though you have sworn that you would steer clear of anything unhealthy. Especially so if you live on campus, and you see all your friends munching away a packet of Lays American or licking that bright orange ice-cream stick or, even worse, guzzling down a bottle of cola. And you tell yourself, this one time, and sure enough, one time becomes a numerous number of times. So do not be shocked when you check the scales the next time you go home because, by all means, you have probably put on some unwanted weight.

4. Happiness in a Cup of Coffee

Coffee deserves a heading of its own. Before college, the only time I had coffee was in those fancy places, and that too, because I wanted to look fancy by paying a fortune for a tiny cup of brown liquid. Then college came, and with that, a load of work pressure. If you are or were in a law school, you know what I am talking about. With half a dozen research papers, moots, academics, extra-curricular activities, and that vague never-ending feeling of fatigue and exhaustion, you cannot but help give in to coffee. It actually terribly rejuvenates you that you know you can work for another couple of hours before slipping back to get another cup!

5. Morning Baths

Sour and a bit disgusting confession on behalf of all college students: we don’t normally take a bath in the morning. We simply jump right out of bed and to class. Obviously, our parents are some hundreds of kilometres away, and there is no one instructing us to take a bath in the morning anymore. So do not be surprised to have people smelling like a perfume store, though at least they had the courtesy to spray perfume, albeit the fact that the enthusiasm for the same was a little too much. And then there are people stinking like the garbage bin placed outside our hostel, repulsive enough to drive away traffic by their very presence. So there, I have laid down two types of people you have probably encountered.

The trick is to buy fancy body wash gel or lotion to coax yourself to take a bath.

It's absolutely fine if you come to college wearing the same T-shirt you wore yesterday.

It's absolutely fine if you come to college wearing the same T-shirt you wore yesterday.

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6. Forgetting Your Clothes

In college, especially when you are perpetually either stressed or tensed, you are forgiven when you forget that you have more than one pair of shorts. It is absolutely fine that you come to college wearing the same T-shirt you wore yesterday, the day before, and sometimes, the day before that. In our pursuit of knowledge, we do at times forget to change our clothes. Like I said, totally forgivable.

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7. That Pigsty of a Room

Whoever has the time to clean their rooms? That is the most basic of excuses a college student has up their sleeves. They become blind to the uncanny resemblance their room has to a pig sty (figuratively speaking, of course). Uneaten food would be lying with the heap of clothes on the chair (or the bed), the bed would be unmade, slippers would be lying on the table, and books would find an esteemed place on the floor near the bathroom. Okay. But I promise you: it’s a natural process; now that you don’t have your mom nagging you to clean your room anymore, you can do whatever the hell you want, including lying among the filth in your room.

8. The Laundry Crises

Forgetting to wash your clothes? You’re not alone. If your laundry basket doesn’t overflow by the end of the week, you probably don’t have anything better to do. Yes, sometimes even sleeping seems like a better activity than heaving that laundry basket to the laundry or the washing machine.

Truth of Stereotypes?

This is a much-generalized opinion and is, of course, subject to variation because once in a red moon, you have a rare diamond who does not pick up any bad habits in college. Anyway, do mention in the comments if you can relate to any of the habits!

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2017 Priya Barua


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