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A Homeschooling Mom's Review of Power Homeschool (Formerly Acellus Homeschool)

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Kids can use Power Homeschool on a tablet.

Kids can use Power Homeschool on a tablet.

The New Power Homeschool

Acellus Homeschool is now called Power Homeschool. If you're confused, you aren't alone. I use Power Homeschool to homeschool my kids. It's great for moms who are busy. Power Homeschool can easily be used on a tablet. Setting up the Gold Key can be a bit tricky.

Power Homeschool has, unfortunately, increased in price. It used to be ten dollars per student. Now it went back up to twenty-five dollars per student.

Power Homeschool offers a homeschool experience for students in elementary, middle school, and high school. At this time, my son is in third grade and my daughter is in fifth grade. They love Power Homeschool because it gives them the freedom to choose what class to do at what time. They can use resources and a help guide (provided for most questions on the app) when they have trouble with a particular question or problem.

With Power Homeschool, a parent can watch a video lesson, complete assessments, and check reviews, unit, midterm exams, and even final exams. If a child has an issue with a certain subject or area within that subject, Homeschool Mode allows the student to revisit those several times until they master it.

Tutoring mode is a bit different. Here, the parent has more control over what is taught. They can skip certain items within a subject. If a parent wants to be more hands-on with the homeschooling, Tutoring mode might be a better option.

Acellus Homeschool is now Power Homeschool

Acellus Homeschool is now Power Homeschool

Power Homeschool is Great for Busy Moms

I prefer the Homeschool mode because it allows me to work on my college degree, chores around the home, volunteer activities, and work-related issues while my kids independently learn. I can always track their progress online, and even "live," as I have the Acellus app on my laptop.

Remotely, I can check if they are doing their work, on their grades, and even what problems they missed. I love Power Homeschool, and to me, it's worth the twenty-five dollars per month.

I believe the name changed because there was a confusion with Acellus Homeschool and Acellus Academy, which is an accredited, attendance-drive, fully online academy that is very expensive. It's not an option for me at this time, but Power Homeschool is perfect for my family.

Why is Power Homeschool Great for Homeshooled Children?

With Power Homeschool, a parent can pick six courses for a student to take. Students can learn at a pace that is comfortable for them, with or without immediate parent assistance.

Power Homeschool features lessons in a video format with friendly teachers. They have practice problems that are interactive, and as mentioned, helpful resources for concepts that the child may find difficult. Power Homeschool has reviews, exams and tests, as well as memorization drills to help them with concepts such as spelling words and multiplication factors.

I know when my son heard or wrote a word wrong, the app repeated the word a while later to see if my son had learned it. If he didn't do it right, I saw that the app would bring up the word again.

The best part about Power Homeschool is that it tracks progress automatically. You don't have to keep a record book. It tracks classes, semesters, class grades, individual grades per assignment. It also tracks attendance and hours spent in each class. The attendance reports can be printed out and used to satisfy requirements for states that require attendance records.

You can register your student at any time. You can pay the twenty dollars per child monthly, or pay all at once for the whole year. You can take the summer off if you'd like, and pause Power Homeschool until you're ready for your child to start back up again.

To register with Power Homeschool, you make an account, process the payment, pick the classes based on grade level, and then have the student begin the work. The hardest part was figuring out how to assign the student to the tablet, but I'll explain it to save you a headache.

Customer service was helpful setting up an account on a tablet.

Customer service was helpful setting up an account on a tablet.

How to Set Up a Student Sign-In On a Tablet for Power HomeSchool

I had issues setting up my daughter's Power Homeschool on a new tablet that I bought her. I contacted customer service for help, and they were completely helpful! This is what they said:

"You need to have your student try signing in with their original ID and password. Your student’s 10-digit Acellus ID and password will be provided at the time you register your student. You can retrieve a student’s ID and password by signing in as a parent through the Acellus App. Once signed in, select the name of the student and then select “Edit Student Account” in the upper-right corner of the page. The student’s Acellus ID and password will be listed."

I did this, and it worked like an absolute charm. At first, I was very confused as to what login name and password to use. Hopefully, this clears up any confusion you may experience.

How to Adjust Courses on Power Homeschool

The remarkable thing about Power Homeschool is that if your child is advanced, or needs little extra help, you don't have to enroll them in the grade they are supposed to be in. My daughter was a bit behind in math when she was in second grade, so she did the first-grade math for a little while until she felt caught up and understood some primary concepts.

First, you have to launch the Power Homeschool App. Sign in with the Parent Login. Then find where it says Manage Account and click on it. Find where it says "Edit" and click on the student's name. Change courses as you see fit. Make sure there's only six—or less if you wish, but it can't be more than six courses—and then make sure to click "Save."

A new course starts off with a "pre-test" to see where the student is at. The great thing about Power Homeschool is that it customizes the student's learning experience based on the tests that are provided. If you require a transcript, you can do this under the Request a Transcript link in the Parent login and Manage Account.

The transcript will be emailed to you at the email you desire. Courses that are not complete will not show up on the transcript. For this, you can easily print out the report card to reflect unfinished courses, instead of the transcript.

Final Thoughts on Power Homeschool

Power Homeschool is amazing. At first, I was a little nervous to try it because it does not have a free trial period. You have to purchase the monthly or annual program to try it. You can see sample lesson videos on the website.

Parents can subscribe, see the content of the program, try it out, and then cancel the subscription if they consider it subpar. Payments made, though, are not refundable in this case. Keep in mind that Power Homeschool is not accredited, which is perfectly fine, but again, requires research and creativity when it comes to having your child get a high school diploma.

An important part of that is record keeping, with Power Homeschool does beautifully. It's a well-rounded program on its own, but I do supplement it with workbooks and other apps as well.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

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Hailey on August 06, 2019:

Closed my accuout 3 months ago they keep taking money off my CCard again today I was told they closed the account how long it take to get my money back not happy.

Andrea on June 02, 2019:

Hello, I am trying to find the right homeschool program for my soon to be 6th grader. What apps, work books do you supplement with? Do you add any offline activities or reports?