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Homeschooling Tips: 10 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids & Adults

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Creative homeschooling activities increase motivation and participation.

Creative homeschooling activities increase motivation and participation.

Homeschooling Curriculum and Activities

Many parents are facing difficulties homeschooling their kids in this current environment. Teaching younger learners is time-consuming and certainly stressful at times. Finding teaching materials, scheduling daily lessons, and maintaining motivation to learn are all constant challenges.

Moreover, if you are using traditional textbooks and supplementary materials provided by a school, most students will likely get tired of the routine. As a result, you may want to change things up a bit with some fun and engaging activities.

Fun Indoor Activities for Kids and Parents

Below are 10 fun indoor activities for kids to try. Each task can be adapted to match your child’s ability and interests. Furthermore, most of these ideas involve minimal preparation. Adults and other family members can enjoy playing the games, too.

1. Mad Libs

This activity, inspired by The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, is great for all ages. Watch a few examples of the skits on YouTube to learn how to play. Then, download a few example scripts from the web.

Alternatively, everyone could write out their own custom dialog instead.

Note: if you choose to use custom scripts, circle a few random nouns and verbs to be edited out as fill-in-the-blank sections.

2. Guess Who

For this game, do a search for “Guess Who Game Templates” and print out a few copies. On the other hand, you could view the templates on an iPad or tablet.

To begin the game, each person gets the same copy of people/celebrities on a grid. Then, ask yes or no questions, such as:

Is it a man or a woman?
Does he have a mustache?
Is he wearing a suit?

Reward points for every positive response and whenever someone guesses the correct character from the grid.

3. Apples to Apples

You may already have this card game at home, but if you don’t then you can make a cheap adapted version. Get some paper and write out a bunch of nouns and adjectives. Use different colors if you want to divide the two-word groups more easily.

If you prefer, there are also free templates online that you can print out instead.

Fun indoor activities and games give kids a break from traditional learning materials.

Fun indoor activities and games give kids a break from traditional learning materials.

4. Balderdash

The classic game of Balderdash is a hilarious activity for all ages. Again, if you don’t have the original board game, you can search for “Balderdash words” online. The search results will give you several lists to choose from.

To play the game, everyone creates their own definition of the word, and people vote on which definition is correct. If other people choose your “made-up” definition, then you get a point.

5. Prepositions

This is a creative activity for reviewing preposition usage. First, search for an image of a scene online. Street scenes or landscapes work well, but you could use anything you like.

After preparing the images on your tablet, one person describes the scene while the other person listens and tries to recreate the scene on a piece of paper. Kids can use crayons, pencils, or other available materials.

6. Comparatives

Here is another activity that focuses on developing English language skills. It works best with comparing athletes, but you could use celebrities or people who know too. To start, brainstorm as many adjectives as you can on a piece of paper.

When ready, do an image search for athletes, celebrities, or other famous people. Finally, compare the people’s appearance and character by forming comparative sentences using the adjectives.

TIP: Creating an activity schedule enhances organizational skills and confidence.

TIP: Creating an activity schedule enhances organizational skills and confidence.

7. Toilet Paper Jeopardy

You should have enough toilet paper for this funny indoor activity. First, everyone takes a few squares of toilet paper. Next, everyone writes one word on each square that is unique about themselves. Remember to write your name on each square too.

Then, to play the game, everyone exchanges their squares with someone else. People ask questions that match the answers written on the squares.

8. Have You Ever

The Have You Ever game is fun for kids, too. To begin, have the child draw out a circular pathway on a piece of paper. Divide the pathway into a bunch of small sections. Put two coins (or more depending on the number of people).

To continue, exchange turns asking each other “Have you ever” questions. If someone says, “Yes” then the person asking the question moves their coin forward. The person who gets to the end of the path first wins the game.

9. Mystery Words

For this activity, all that you need are a pen and some paper. First, draw a circle with a question mark at the center of it. This is your designated “mystery word” that the person must try to guess.

Next, draw four lines out from the circle so that it looks like a small bug. At the end of each “leg,” write four words that give hints about the mystery word. For example, the word hints could be: toothbrush, mirror, sink, and soap.

Can you guess the answer?

In this case, the mystery word is a bathroom.

10. Box of Lies

Lastly, here is another game adapted from The Tonight Show where celebrities try to describe a strange object in a box. They can either tell a truthful description or tell a fake description. The listener has to guess if they are lying or telling the truth.

To adapt the activity, get everyone to draw a strange object on a piece of paper and use that as the “boxed” object. Alternatively, search online for pictures of weird objects to describe.

Of course, you could also use the actual objects from the talk show by doing a YouTube search for “Box of Lies.”