How Can We Start Nurturing Creativity in Education?

Updated on January 19, 2018
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Working as a designer for playful learning has opened up my mind to endless ways of teaching. Here's a glimpse into how we make it happen.

Working in the education sector for a little more than a year helped me realize the need to break away from the monotonous ways of imposing subject matter to children.

The options to make education creative is endless, but for some reason we aren’t willing to take a step of faith and just explore.

Sir Ken Robinson in his talk “Do schools kill creativity” deals with the problem of education, especially with the lack of creativity in the system. His book “Creative Schools” get deeper into this concept. He writes about why systems of education must nurture curiosity and explore ways of learning. His different examples of learning spaces mentioned in the book opens our minds to how far and deep creative learning could be.

Education in most countries are so rigorous that learning has become a mode to survive. It has lost all its joyful essence and has become a matter of labor.

However, we can stop where we are and get to the heart of the matter. Be it at home or schools, allow students to be curious, to learn and to explore.

Imagine a world where students love to learn, where every student is looking forward to each day, to know what they can discover today.

With what I’ve gathered here’s some tips to get to that point of learning.

The Art of Strewing

The art of strewing invites children to come and explore things that are not really given to them. Instead they are handed over with many options by just leaving materials in the environment This can be the start of discoveries and inventions. Allow the children to be curious about things rather than giving them the question, the solution and the formulas all together in one big book.

Children need to be interested in something to learn it with joy.

One Methodology For All

It is high time we move away from rigid time frames, limiting text books and written assignments. These are elements that box us. I am reminded of the song “little boxes” which talks about universities and colleges putting us in into little boxes that look just the same. Having a single system of learning is highly limiting because it caters to some and excludes the majority.

Hence, different art forms.

Art in Classrooms

All children have a streak of creativity in them. As children, they are just curious being who find ways to make, build, explore and learn. One way to make sure children are able to explore is to give them an option of various art forms. Having art forms in classrooms can only boost their creativity levels and help them push all boundaries.

Explore, Learn, Create


Playful Learning

The one thing I am sure of at the moment is the concept of playful learning. This is absolute first hand knowledge. Over the last few months, I have been working to convert an absolutely boring & rigid English textbook to one filled with games and art. It was tough, but it was totally worth it.

What I did is, introduce a game of dumb charades to teach meanings, or, story cubes to help students expand their vocabulary.

This way, many little common games can be used to make classrooms lively.

No Age Barriers

Schools are the only place where we have to study and mingle with people of the same age. Although we are being trained and molded for the future, we fail to understand that in the future we will never be put in a room, with a white board a globe, and a bunch of people who were born the same year. So why have these barriers now? Let little children learn along with teenagers. This helps them work better, explore more and have no boundaries. Little children learn a lot from the older ones while the older ones will be fascinated by a little one's questions and fantasies.

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      • aesta1 profile image

        Mary Norton 

        8 months ago from Ontario, Canada

        Play is such an important activity that many parents think are just useless without realizing that kids learn so many things in play activities.


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