JEE Advanced (IITJEE): Ten Tips to Get Selected With a Good Rank

Is it Possible to Crack the JEE Main if You Start Now?

The short answer is yes.

Since 2012, when the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main and JEE Advanced replaced AIEEE and IITJEE, the process of applying for India’s Institutes of Information Technology (IIT) has changed. With these changes, many students who aspire to enter an IIT begin to prepare for the JEE Main years before they take the exam.

This article is intended for students who for whatever reason have not already been studying for months, but who want to score high enough on the JEE Main to be selected for the JEE Advanced. With focus, hard work, and determination, it is possible to score well on the JEE Main and go on to the JEE Advanced.

Read on to find out how.

What Will Be Covered

* First Steps

* How a Course Can Help

* Best Books to Aid Study by Subject

* Ten Tips to Focus Your Study Plan

First Steps

  1. The very first step is to get focused. Your final result is a comparative rank against long term planners, who have been preparing months, if not years. Only a concentrated, industrious, and planned study plan will yield the desired score and rank.
  2. After studying IIT JEE and AIEEE question paper patterns, I have observed an abundance of numerical problems. In all the three subjects—physics, chemistry, and mathematics—a candidate is most likely to scale the cut-off if he/she is adept at solving numerical problems.
  3. Focus on improving your problem-solving speed, which requires continuous practice. Drill yourself with regular numerical problem practice. By the time you go for the actual exam, you will have developed a knack for recognizing the type of problem at once, just by looking at it.

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How a Coaching Course Can Help

There are two ways to find practice problems and solutions: a good coaching course or books on all the three subjects.

A good IITJEE coaching course will provide relevant topic-wise modules of questions and solutions. It will also set pre-planned time limits for completion to help you pace yourself. If you can take a course and follow it religiously, you will get help with the following:

  • solving a variety of difficult questions
  • judging your performance on difficult questions
  • matching your level with that of other students

No study program should rely entirely on a course, however. Thousands of students will be following the same course, so you will need other study tools to keep you ahead in the race.

Best Books by Subject

If you cannot afford a course, there are other ways to access practice materials. With the right tools and a rigorous schedule, you will succeed. Make this your mantra: Practise the most relevant numerical problems daily, and that will see you get through the exam.

Buy or borrow these books for access to difficult problems and their solutions:


  1. Make sure you can solve problems from the NCERT class XI and class XII textbooks.
  2. For best concepts, use IIT Mathematics for JEE (Main and Advanced) by M.L. Khanna
  3. For the most abundant supply of difficult questions: New Pattern IITJEE Mathematics by Dr. S.K. Goyal
  4. Plane Trigonometry and Elements of Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney


  1. Concepts of Physics, Volumes 1 and 2, by H.C. Verma
  2. Problems in General Physics, by I.E. Irodov
  3. Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
  4. Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced (series), by D.C. Pandey


  1. Study the NCERT chemistry textbooks for classes XI and XII.
  2. Organic Chemistry, by Morrison and Boyd
  3. Numerical Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced, by P. Bahadur
  4. Concise Inorganic Chemistry, by J.D. Lee
  5. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations, by R.C. Mukherjee
  6. Physical Chemistry, by P. Bahadur.
  7. organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry books by O.P. Tandon

Ten Tips to Focus on Your Study Plan

1. Solve at least 40-80 numerical problems daily.
Including physics, chemistry and, mathematics.
2. Set time limits for questions.
Practice to improve speed on problem-solving.
3. Start with the difficult areas first.
Keep notes on the hardest sections and work your way to the easier material.
4. Prioritize by topic.
Develop your strategy to prioritize your subjects in accordance to your requirements..
5. Analyze your mistakes.
Find the points that you often face difficulty with and which slow you down.
6. Never quit until you have achieved daily target.
Once you have solved your daily problems, make tomorrow's plan.
7. Practice logical thinking.
Build your solutions step-by-step with contextual thinking. Discard stray thoughts.
8. Until the exam ends, don't give up.
Keep up your routine and resolve to keep trying.
9. Use your board exam syllabus.
Material from the board exams will be included on both JEE Main and JEE Advanced.
10. Consult test papers from previous years.
Obtain copies of test papers from the past 10-15 years and solve the questions.

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Comments 212 comments

Manu Shalta 7 days ago

I Think , If the student is not motivated about studies, about his Future and all... he cannot give his 100%...........So student should have daily motivation to do 100%........ and for that yu need a emotional attachment..............And also if yu want to motivate ....... start thinking what Yu want to change in your life..... Maybe this will help to your best for your studies

madhu reddy 2 weeks ago

tq alot

Pawan Jaiswal 2 weeks ago

Good tips This article gave me confidence

DEVENDRA 4 weeks ago

thanks for detail

 6 weeks ago

What if someone is not able to clear JEE?

What's are other good options other than dropping one more year?

Jitendra Singh Yadav 6 weeks ago

Thanks for the details

Surely noteworthy and good to follow

I also found some good books for iit advanced here

Rohit varma 7 weeks ago

Hello sir I am in12th class I want to get good percentage in jee mains and advance exams what are the tips can you suggest

rajeshcpandey 8 weeks ago from India Author

@shaik sohail

It's all in the mind. In the morning daily, close your eyes for 5 minutes and remind yourself with all your concentration that you are a 10 pointer and you can achieve anything that you want. Believe in the Almighty and believe in yourself. Plan, work hard and never say 'I cannot'.

Best of luck.

shaik sohail 8 weeks ago

Sir, I got 10points in my ssc exams but in my inter 1st year I cant focus on studies.can u please help me to get out of this problem

rajeshcpandey 8 weeks ago from India Author


I've always said 'speed' and 'accuracy'. Increase both with lots of practice. That's all.

ruthvik 2 months ago

Sir I want to get out qualification Marks but I just have 3 months left what can I do plz tell

rajeshcpandey 2 months ago from India Author


Though I tried to put everything in the hub yet if you are asking Physics and Physical Chemistry are subjects that require problem solving skills which in turn require practice. But make it a point to first understand the concepts very clearly. In a way it requires thinking practice. Looking at the problem you must be able to say which route your thinking should take. Once that is recognised the problem is not a problem. Thanks and best of luck.

Manideep 2 months ago

Sir plz tell me how to score good marks in the physics and physical chemistry

rajeshcpandey 2 months ago from India Author


Yeah, I entirely agree with what you say. Thanks for reading and the comments.

apurve 2 months ago


if someone is intelligent enough to clear it, i think he shouldnt think of fees. Nowadays scholarship exam are being help before admission process and you can get upto 100% discount too on fees in some good coaching institutes like career class, GnG, Catalyser.

rajeshcpandey 2 months ago from India Author


Yes, you are right. It takes perseverance and tenacity to keep your good work going on till the exam day. Only a few can do this. As you said, a good coaching helps out but there are still candidates who qualify with their sincerity and will power. I remember, a candidate from Kerala had secured AIR 45th and he said in his interview he had not enrolled with any of the coaching classes. But I also agree to the fact that you should opt for a good coaching provided you can afford.

apurve gour 2 months ago

It is a well known fact that only one-fourth of the students preparing for IIT JEE do serious IIT preparations. Other students either get bored of studying or do not want to make efforts. This half hearten effort will never make you succeed in your goal. Only a good coaching institution can then help you out to plan. Like if you are in Kota, you can join Bansal, If you are in Central India Catalyser has given good results in last decade.

Shubham Charan 2 months ago

sir i wanna ask that ii want to score in jee advance good score my score was 64 in 2016 and i wannna improve and to get seat in iit but i m little beat dipressed ....i just wnt to get rank near 6000 -7000

Amruta 2 months ago

I am in 11th standard and following maharashtra board. I joined classes for MH CEt .BUt I want to become an IITian . So how can I prepare??? Iam worry about my future.***

Monika 3 months ago

I am in 11th class ...I am unable to memorize the formulas for a long period...I am confused whether to focus on the inter public exams or on the iit jee examination...... please help me!!

Ashish 3 months ago

Sir iam repeater there is no any kochi get classes for IIT jee. then how can I prepare. And how can I spend my time on getting perfection in phy

Saurabh Pandey 3 months ago

Hello sir I am a student of Maharashtra board I am in 11th standard now and and I can't afford a separate class for JEE so what should I refer means which book I should refer to clear JEE

Vigneswar 3 months ago


I am 12th standard and I am going to write JEE exam in 6 months and I am preparing for it to my level .Please tell me how to crack JEE mains and advanced ranks below 200

chandan M 3 months ago

Sir I am in class 11 I am good at calculations but not so good in concept suggest me to improve my speed in answering the questions especially in chemistry.I am want to crack jee exam

Yogesh bansal 3 months ago

Sir I am preparing for iit but I am not confident

RAVIN TEJA 3 months ago


Bharadwaj Kasturi 3 months ago

sir im in 12 done with 2 year syllabus teaching and going through revision programme now . How must be the planning and methods of preperation to secure better marks like 180+ and get qualified to jee advanced

NIKUNJ BISHT 4 months ago

I am studying in class 12 and i want to score good percentage and also want to score good rank in jee tell me the tips how should prepare simultaneously for both...

sandhya 5 months ago

Hello sir, I am in 11th class. I am confused how to prepare for IIT. Will you please give me some tricks that I can answer some of the MCQs without solving them.

Shashank 5 months ago

Sir how do i solve conceptual questions of physics

himika 8 months ago


i have started my class 11 in an cbse institution that aims to finish class 11 and 12 portion in a single that i have an extra year to prepare for competitive and board exams

but i have also heard that the institution provides quite easy study material so that the student becomes confident but the material isnt upto the mark for iit exam......

i have joined my 11th 2 weeks ago and aspire to get selected in bits pilani hyderabad ....... the timings of this institution will not allow me to join an extra tuition class

please help me with which books to follow as reference and for practice for all the three subjects( my faculty has always advised to follow a single reference and not several materials together);

i will be counting on your reply

Etika joshi 12 months ago

Hello sir, I am in 11th class. I am confused how to prepare for IIT. Will you please give me some tricks that I can answer some of the MCQs without solving them.

humble winner 15 months ago


I am an aspirant for iit-bombay or iisc-bangalore. I for some reasons, did not prepare for jee with my 12th and secured 95% in 12th with PCMB. I am thorough with 12th but I am unaware about preparing for jee. How could I improve my weaker section is chemistry and I am not very good at calculations as I was quite dependant on the calulator while I was in 12th. I can analyze the numericals quickly but I get stuck in calculations so, it is a big problem for me. How could I impove over this? I mean suggest me some good books with many difficult problems so that I may improve and secure a good rank

Sonal Arora 15 months ago

I am a BTech student, first year. I gave the JEE Mains 2015 and scored only 54 out of 360. I got 95% in my Boards and I am planning to give IIT JEE again in 2016.

Now obviously, there is a study pressure in college too.

So can u suggest how do i go through it?

I have only 7 months left for the exam and nothng's prepared yet.

sanket 15 months ago

I am in 12th standard and I`m prepearing for jee mains and advance . in organic chemistry there are many mechanisms of reactions .sir how to remember all these mechanism and preperation.

Ritesh Swansi 16 months ago

Sir I am a student of class 10th and I want to crack IIT JEE with a rank under 200. Please suggest me some best books to build concept for JEE preparation.

shikhar Singh chauhan 18 months ago

I'm confused to whether focus more on my coaching or to my 11 and 12 school exams

Mohammad Mohsin Taufeeque 18 months ago

Sir , I have qualified in jee main 2015 and eligible for jee advanced 2015 but unfortunately I was give only paper 1 . and from thus incident it show me absent . tell me what should I do now???

prajwal.d 18 months ago

will it be a tough task to pass jee mains with a background of state syllabus in puc1 and pu2

sebastion 18 months ago

Sir..I had finished diplomo...can I apply for iit jee exam

shashwat 18 months ago

sir , this time i gave jee main and got really poor marks but too keen to be selected iit . so what further steps should i take to get good marks in both in mains & advance . please sir , help me out .

jelly 18 months ago

Sir I am in 11 std and i am also taking coaching in fiitjee will i able to crack iit jee ?

rishabh kumar 18 months ago

give me some good tips so that I can crack IIT jee with good rank also give me time that how many hour should I have to study for both coaching and school.

Madhusudan pandey 19 months ago

very good tips.....!

deepanshu 19 months ago

Sir I am now in 10 std there is 1 year for 11 std I a want to get rank in top100 its my dream I am preparing from 9 the std I am able to crack 3-4 questions from physics and chemistry each easily plz tell me some instructions to get good rank in IIT jee I will be glad if you help me my brother is also a iitian I also want to become like him

naveen 19 months ago

Sir, I am naveen from Bangalore from CBSE board. I wrote all exams except computer science as I was taken ill. I wrote jee mains and got 140 and belong to st category. Will I get iit or nit as my board result will be declared later

sir, please me sir I am totally confused what to do next.

manish kumar mansoorchak begusarai 20 months ago

sir I examed +2 2015 and jee main and solved question 116 marks but I not happy happen but this make question based on self study. and my faimely economic week I belongs obc

please sir you give me any tips.

Atul sharma 20 months ago

Sir, i am in class 10th now.sir i can't afford for coaching for sir can i do it just by reading different books for iit from now (from 10th).

Thank you sir.sir please reply soon .please show me path.

Zaroon 20 months ago


I completed my class 10 in 2012 and appeared for class 12 in 2014 but did not give the board exams.

Sir , I am unfortunately going to appear for boards in 2016.There is a gap of years.So my question is that will I be eligible to appear for IIT advanced in 2016.

Sir, please respond that I could come out of gutter.?

DANISH 20 months ago

I did coaching in 11th standard and no doubt my coaching was good enough for preparation of IIT, & just now I completed my 11th standard but now I'm totally confuse either to continue coaching in 12th or not because I also want above 90% in 12th stand.

so please kindly suggest me either to continue my coaching or to join tution .plz sir tell me that how should manage time for jee mains and also for h.s.c exam sir plz give me a guidances

rajatraj 20 months ago

sir i m going to face 12 class and boards should i practice for IIT JEE MAIN/ADVANCED BEFORE APPEARING BOARD OR AFTER IT OR BOTH

tejas 20 months ago

Add Your Comment..My friends start their preparations for IIT by joining different classes from std 10th . but my parents avoid me due to 10th preparations.can you suggest me some tips to cover my iit study which can i complete between this time?

vaibhav sharma 20 months ago

Dear sir I m an average students and I m little weak in maths n physics.beside this I want to crack iit. Now I m in class 11th . So please give your suggestions.

ritika 20 months ago

sir you didn't give us reply still .......we all are waiting for your reply..

p shobha 21 months ago

Sir if i shall take coaching class for jee mains then i should take other tution for 12th or not please reply me.

Suchi Maru 21 months ago

sir please tell me that how can I manage preparation of both iit & 12th exam ...I want to crack IIT & also want merit in 12th class

I have only 11 months ...

Hritik Bangar 21 months ago


I am in 11th class now I want to take non attending in the school is there any harm in this

suryanarayan nayak 21 months ago

Sir tel me the conditions to give the exam iit-jee

SALONI SHUKLA 21 months ago

I did coaching in 11th standard and no doubt my coaching was good enough for preparation of IIT, & just now I completed my 11th standard but now I'm totally confuse either to continue coaching in 12th or not because I also want above 90% in 12th stand.

so please kindly suggest me either to continue my coaching or to join tutions??

Surya 21 months ago

Sir can you give me some tips on how to concentrate better on studies... As to remove distractions of all kinds... This is the root cause of all the problems faced by many children of the new age. And please if you can, then guide me that how can I make good notes?


Surya(Student of class 9th)

Prince 21 months ago

Sir i m now in class 12, in class 11th i was only self practiceing for jee

now i want to crack jee advance also in my first chance. till now my study is avarage... please advise me to fullfill my aspirations...

OPPORTUNIST 21 months ago

SIR, I will be appearing for JEE ADVANCED 2015 , sir i have worked very hard for the last two years, but till now i don't feel the sufficient confidence that i will get through the exam. While giving an exam questions that involve multiple concepts gets mixed up and i end up with wrong answer.. this hampers my speed.. as a result i can't score very well. i tried giving many mock exams, without any success. i can bet my concepts are clear. i can think solve questions at home with ease but during exams i get bowled over.. please suggest a remedy. iam really running low on confidence. im scared that i might mess up my iit

Abhishek Gupta 22 months ago

Sir,I study in class 11th and i know all the NCERT concepts very thoroughly and my basics are very clear but i have not started to prepare for JEE. After my annual exams of class 11th i have almost one month free time before the new session starts.Can i cover the JEE preparation of all subjects (all chapters)during this limited time of one month if i study sincerely....

Thanks in advance!!!

harish 22 months ago

Sir. I'm preparing for iit jee 2015-2016 but I had only completed just 3/4th of iit portions of class 11 . Can still go through the exam?

Ritika 22 months ago


I am in 11th after 15th feb. i'll be in 12th nd still my 11th's some topics in physics like rotational mechanics ,centre of mass etc. are not clear still ....

sir I tried H.C verma also but my doubts aren't clear yet

I want to get select in IIT with a best rant bcz it's my dad's dream

plz plz plz sir give me some suggestion i'll be thankful to u

rajeshcpandey 22 months ago from India Author

@Anshuman Rajput

You are in class 12. That means you have one full year for studying hard. I will advise you that whatever you study, just assimilate it in you so that you are always ready with all the formulae and concepts. To be so, you have to keep applying your knowledge and to do that you have to keep solving different kinds of problems. In such exams you not only have to somehow reach the answer but be an expert in reaching the answer fast.

All the best

ANSHUMAN RAJPUT 22 months ago

Sir i'm in 11. i secured 90% in 10th. i'm weak in trigono & limits's only 15 days left when i'll be in 12th. what should i do sir ?

clear-concepts 22 months ago from Hyderabad

One can also try joining online coaching class, is one site i found useful

Harshit 23 months ago

I am a student of 11 class . I just want to crack iit - jee main and advance .. Give me your best suggestions that what should i do to become next iitian . I want to know that on which things i should focus, what should be my stratergies for my success in life. please guide me. YOU just guide me and I will make myself up to the mark.. Please make me know the way..


Ashutosh 23 months ago

Can u prefer the best coaching for Iit jee?

rajeshcpandey 23 months ago from India Author


Some inputs from me for your maths:

1. I know many people who have told me that M L Khanna is the best book for basics

2. You need to master the concept of functions like anything. I mean domain, codomain, range etc.

3. When you are solving a trigonometry problem, be careful of the direction in which you are proceeding. I mean you may go on putting the formulae without knowing where you will end up. If you have to prove something see to it that you are proceeding towards the final statement.

4. For saving time during the exam, practise a lot so that you form a habit of reaching the answer fast.

5. Leave aside thehabit of surrendering to a problem immediately. Try hard and if not possible then only see the solution.

chaitany 23 months ago


I m 11 student from Mumbai . I m in average state for IIT. My chem and phy are very gud and I am in top rankings in thus subjects in my classes ranking all over Mumbai. But my maths is average as my trigo is smwat weak.because of maths I m getting dragged behind in ranking to 8-9 otherwise I can be in top 3 sir please help what to do. I want to start from root lvl so is s.l lonely gud. I HV had it but I didn't solve

rajeshcpandey 23 months ago from India Author

@hrithik gupta

Dear hrithik

I penned this entire article for this purpose only, that those who have been left slightly behind, can still do miracles if they plan and study well. The best books given here might have changed slightly (I might update some more books) but the basic things remain the same. If you have the spirit and you concentrate all your wisdom, you will surely do well. Keep working hard. All the best.

hrithik gupta 23 months ago

Sir my 11th class is going to be over n ive not prepared for jee yet so is their a chance to be selected in iit n if its their how...plzzz hlp m

rajeshcpandey 23 months ago from India Author


If you are getting time at night only, study for mains and advance regularly. If you feel tired in the evenings you may have an hour's nap and then continue studying. Take good care of your health too.

rajeshcpandey 23 months ago from India Author


Since you are motivated its likely that you may do well. An important thing for you is not to lose focus even for a moment. Keep saying to yourself, " I should do well." Be positive and don't surrender to distracting elements. I am sure you will come out with flying colours.

Best of luck.

rajeshcpandey 23 months ago from India Author

@shreeya suhag

The same answer which I have given for Ved vyas holds for you too. Since you are both so young you have to study with planning and success will be yours.

Wish you good luck.

rajeshcpandey 23 months ago from India Author

@Sandeep vedvyas

Yes you can. If you have an iron will you can surely achieve what you want. Take advice from a good teacher and study with a plan. You will surely do well.

All the best.

Amrapali 23 months ago

Sir I read your article. I am motivated Sir I have dropped this year for performing my best in IIT Jee Mains and Advance. I am looking for best boarding school in Gujarat which prepares the student for this competitive exam along with its regular 11th & 12th sir please help if you can.

shreeya suhag 24 months ago

sir i m in class 9 about to give my final exams.what shall i do to prepare for iit .i am able to solve ncert questions but don't know which other books r to be taken.I am not in any coaching presently but i am thinking for fiitjee or resonance i class 10.what do u suggest?

Sandeep vedavyas 24 months ago

Sir can I score within 100 rank if I start in 10th standard without coaching classes, if yes what are the best books

rajeshcpandey 24 months ago from India Author


The most important advice for you is not to take the stress. If you feel that you will have ample chances even if you do not fare well here, your tension will reduce. And this is the truth. Life is full of opportunities, this is only one of them. So, try to do your best and exclude the stress.

All the best.

LAKSHMI 24 months ago

Respected sir, i have achieved above 95% in inter 1st year.I feel tensed in case of physics and mathematics while solving a bit higher level problems .I have to gain a seat in IIT - 2015 by any chance.Would you please suggest me so that i can build up my confidence and prepare well for the upcoming exam over this short period. And more over i am having the referrence books JEE MAINS IN 40 DAYS (only) in which i'm unable to find some concepts regarding the important chemical compounds of groups of inorganic chemistry (I'm so sorry to mention that but please do not consider this as a complaint,sir) PLEASE HELP ME SIR BY GIVING AN EARLY REPLY . THANK YOU SO MUCH.

rajeshcpandey 2 years ago from India Author

@Sandeep vedavyas

Yes Sandeep, why not? Only thing you must remember is that the preparation should not disturb your studies for class X. But I believe you can find time slots apart from your regular study hours.

Best of luck.

rajeshcpandey 2 years ago from India Author

@sana Shaikh

All the tips that I have shared in the article as well as in the replies can be tried. The only important thing I can tell you is that you need not stress yourself too much. Trying hard is a different thing but feeling stressed is not good at all. Work hard with a relaxed attitude. Be sure that if you have really good concepts you will do well sooner or later in your career.

All the best.

sana shaikh 2 years ago

sir I am so stressed about jee although I am sufficient clever give me solution

rajeshcpandey 2 years ago from India Author

@Ashutosh Anand

Since you are studying at iiit allahabad with ECE, it's a proof that you are having good basics. So in the time available (About 4-5 months) you have to revise your topics and solve as many numericals as possible. I know with your full time course it may not be an easy thing to do. But if you have made up your mind, do some brain storming and prepare a daily schedule and stick to it.

Chemistry: It is a subject wherein you tend to forget soon what you have read. Revise the topics daily. Practise old question papers (specially organic chemistry). If you can solve last 15 years' question papers I think a lot of work is done. The advantage of being good at Chemistry is that you score more in less time. So most serious students first solve the Chemistry part in the question paper.

Remember success comes with determination and hard work.

Anyway, best of luck.

rajeshcpandey 2 years ago from India Author

@Ritu Raj

First of all I congratulate you for both the achievements of yours. You have secured a rank 834. So it is obvious that you are well acquainted with the kind of competition that exists and with your abilities too. The only thing now left for you is to fine tune and sharpen your skills. Try to go in a flash back and find what had happened in the exam. What did not go well? Try erasing those shortcomings. If you can consult with a friend whose knowledge and problem solving abilities, you think are better than yours it will cause you to uplift your abilities. Try to solve question papers w.r.t. time limits. Some years back I wrote a post for Boddunan website with the caption Toppers Tricky Techniques. You may read it.

Johng225 2 years ago

I truly appreciate this post. I've been looking all over for this! Thank goodness I found it on Bing. You've made my day! Thanks again! eafcbaddafde

rahul rajkumar 2 years ago

thanks for your advice sir

rajeshcpandey 2 years ago from India Author

This is a general reply since I have been absent for long on the site. Preparations must not be made complex. Simply put, you should have a clear understanding of the topics. Read the matter again and again until you are very clear about the topic. Then you must solve different kinds of questions about that topic. If you develop ample expertise on the concerned topic and can solve the related problems fast, that's it. The topic is over for you. Nothing else.

Do not make it a burden. Enjoy your preparation. Be relaxed.

Best of luck

kyust 2 years ago

Thanks a lot sir for your precious article...but I want to say that I have passed my 10 the class with 9.6 cgpa and it has been 3 months for 11 the class and I have totally wasted them therefore in physics my mechanics portion in chemistry stoichiometry and atomic structure and in maths half algebra is missed in chng.I know I have committed a very big mistake but I hardly want to go to IIT Bombay ..sir please suggest me how can I cover it fastly..another problem with me is that I am not able to go to kota for jee preparation which always makes me feel that I can' be selected from bhopal ..plz guide me on this matter too...

Ritika Trehan 2 years ago

Thank you sir to guide me . By the way I want to know that from 2015 , is there one common exam for qualifying iit

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Coaching classes have adjusted their modules and classes for the changes brought about in the new format of the exams where board as well as JEE MAIN score are important. Time is one factor that one should worry about. For being successful in JEEMAIN and JEEADVANCED I would say 'YES' to the coaching classes. But take care to choose a good coaching class which consumes less daily travel time. Of course many students have been proving it regularly that with determination and focus JEE can be cracked without coaching class help too. But they have the know-how and they can help you a lot.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


You have to improve on this. 1:1 won't solve your purpose. Study hard and practise solving as many questions of different variety and various degrees of toughness as you can

Armaan 3 years ago

I'm currently in 11th (cbse). I just wanted to know if i should go for coaching classes or i should do self study ? because my relatives told me if i go for coaching classes like Fiitjee ,Akash,Vmc my board results wont be good it true ?

neha 3 years ago

sir my positive : negative marks ratio is 1:1 wat should i do to improve this

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@akhi jain

Now there will be lots of things worrying you, class practicals, coaching lessons, weekly tests, pre finals etc.

Keep your cool.

Final list in JEE MAIN is a matter of comparative ranking and other students are also facing similar stress.


1. Be thorough with your board exam lessons first.

2. Do allot time for JEE preparation on 'everyday' basis. Solve tricky problems from various books and coaching modules.

3.Rather than thinking that this question or that question may come in the exam you should try to develop an analytical thinking within yourself to be able to solve any problem that comes your way. Keep challenging yourself to solve problems which others cannot solve.

4. Remember and learn to apply concepts. Practise this habit as much as you can.

5. Learn to be desperate in the face of failure. Nothing can stop you if you are determined to succeed. It's always a matter of time. You keep trying and one day or the other you'll surely be successful. Have faith in yourself and God.

Akhi Jain 3 years ago

JEE mains is 6 months away and i have to complete 80% of my preparation along with my board preparation...PLZ sir help me by suggesting how should i go now...

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


You are in class XI, you have good span of time. Whatever topic you study, try to be a master at it. Solve cryptic questions on the topic and acquire expertise with respect to the time that you take to solve. If someone solves a question in 2 minutes and you can solve it in 1.75 minutes you have an edge and you will see the effect when percentile is calculated. So practise...practise.. and practise applying your skills accurately and speedily.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@kirt swatch

For organic chemistry try to understand concepts and conventions. Try solving as many questions as you can. Take the help of some good coaching or tutor. In general, don't be nervous. Be very cool minded and do whatever is best in the left out time. Thanks and best of luck.

anvesh reddy 3 years ago

good tips

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Going by your score in the 1st year I 'm convinced you are a bright student. So be confident that you will bounce back to the top. Apply your efforts with intelligence. Whenever you read a topic get to its crux. Good students read a topic thoroughly and best students assimilate the topic into their life.

All the best

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@darshanr naik

Thanks a lot

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Yes why not. Try hard and you will definitely succeed.

Manogna 3 years ago

Sir, i am from A.P. board and secured 95% in my first year. We have weekend tests in college on a specific topic. I actually used to score good marks in the beginning and then i had a health problem couldn't score good marks . But now, I am not able to get back into the race. Pls tell me sir if i can come up and get into jee. And also sir, my passion and aim is to get into a best institute of aerospace like IIST..



rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@tankit 909

As far as I know resonance material is superb for such preparation. If you have read NCERT thoroughly then solving coaching problems should be OK. In the problems where you need theory from coaching material you may consult the specific portion. In fact owing to time management problem these courses teach you short cut methods which come very handy at the time of exam. That's why that higher level of theory is required and moreover if you know more than what is required you have an edge. But I know you must be short of time. So you have to take as much as is needed. It is very important to prepare your own short(very short ) notes about the topics you feel difficult. These are very useful at the time of exam.

Thanks and all the best

tankit909 3 years ago

Sir, I hv decided to drop for jee advance 2014.Last year i had purchased resonance coaching study material,the only thing i want to say is its problems are good but the theory is filled with out of syllabi topics and formulas,it doesn't stick upon developing concepts.

I am planning to study from NCERT and practice problems from resonance material.For physics should i do ncert or hc verma, and is NCERT theory enough for IIT JEE.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Thanks a million. Looking forward to write more posts like this. So keep watching

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Though I believe it should be your decision, I also believe you should follow your dream. There is no harm in becoming a doctor and then IAS. Probably a year or two back Neha from AIIMS topped the IAS exams. I read the interview of another doctor who got through IAS ranked quite high, who said, that way I could have served few people, this way I will serve the masses.

Control of spread of epidemics, mal-nutrition, infant deaths, control over gender discrimination are only few of the areas where an IAS officer applies her/ his medical knowledge. Similarly there are other fields like engineering, law etc. whose professionals choose to become IAS. Moreover, when government has its own policy to allow participation of graduates from all fields in the civil services, who are we to decide that a medical graduate should not go for IAS? Experts in various fields must have fed their inputs and then only the policy would have been formed. So if you are willing and can convince your well-wishers, then go for it. But do not delay in decision-making. This way or that, it should be early so that you may go all out for your studies.

All the best

simar vegan 3 years ago

sir according to the new jee pattern is it true, that if a student wants to drop a year and prepare fr jee then he/she needs to give the board examination again? for example if a student has appeared for the board exam in 2013 then does he/she need to give the board exam again in 2014 to appear for both the JEEs in 2014 again?

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


For chemistry I shall advise you to read the CBSE text books very thoroughly and then you can go to this link:

Here you can see videos of solved problems. If I find more I shall definitely provide.

Be confident, 1 year is a span of time enough to improve in Chemistry. Use every minute of it. Best of luck.

venkata kartheek 3 years ago

sir i am poor in chemistry but i am quiet good in jee maths and physics

but very very poor in chemistry and now one year was passed and i am not getting how to cope with subject may i get any free video lecture course on jee chemistry online

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


No need to be depressed Megha. Life is so full of opportunities that you lose one and the very next moment you get many other opportunities. Only important thing is to learn from your mistakes and do better next time. Did you read about the girl who was an average girl as regards academic career and was ranked within 15th in Civil Services this year? So you can still reach amazing heights. DON'T WORRY BE HAPPY..

Megha 3 years ago

I scored very low in JEE mains. I admit I took everything very lightly and I won't get even a state govt college with this much marks ... Should I take a drop? I really wish to and am ready to give my 100% this time ... I'm depressed ... Low marks in Mains - does it mean my brain is not capable for it? I used to top in the coaching classes in the beginning of 12th ... But everything went crashing in the last few months ....

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@Sriram, Ashok

You have qualified for the ADVANCED. That's ample proof that you are among the top competitors. Try to improve upon your speed and accuracy. Think which factors were responsible during JEEMAIN due to which you committed mistakes. Analyze and try to set those factors right.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@yash gupta

Having a good base is very important. As you move forward in the course of completing your syllabus,find some time to look into the fundamentals and if you understand a concept clearly jot it down in a separate notebook neatly. Revise and improvise such notes occasionally to assimilate the concepts. Discussion with meritorious friends is also a way to improve the fundamentals. And do not feel ashamed to ask pettiest of your doubts.

ashok 3 years ago

sir i got 145 marks in jee main will i be able 2 secure a good rank in jee advanced ??

SRIRAM 3 years ago

Presently I have selected in the top 1.5 lakh students but jee main score is less now how to get a rank below 1000 any tips only 23 days left to attend the exam.

yash gupta 3 years ago

if the base is not so much developed but one can understand what has been taught but face difficulties in other question then what should he

do to improve it????

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@kiran kumar

You may go through my article 'Top 10 MCQ tips'

Your time plan should be well thought out and stick to it till the end. If the need be, tweak it only slightly.

Appear the exam in a cool, pleasant mood and try to enjoy the challenge.

If formulae and short-cuts are well revised there is no need to worry.

KIRAN KUMAR 3 years ago

SIR, i have got 33o in first year, but iam very serious about iit now,can you please give me some crack iit in second year................

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@sagar sharma

More than anything, it is determination which is required.

You may try the following:

1.If you can afford to avail internet for an hour at least on alternate days, then many good websites offer free study material and you may combine your text books material with these to good effect.

2. If you have good past results, you may request some coaching house/ private tutor to offer you their course at a reduced rate.

3. You may collect good books and question papers etc. from senior students.

4. You have to keep good company. Good friends are very valuable. They may help you in this matter. You may combine with some of your friends to solve their home assignments. Forming study groups is also very useful.

5. Your noble teachers may also solve your problem to some extent.

Best of luck.

sagar sharma 3 years ago

thamkss a lot for the tips sir, i m a student of 12th class in m.p. board, sir due to some financial condition i m unable to join coaching foe JEE ADVANCED, sir will u please leave some comments that may help me to give my best in IIt exam next year,.......

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


You may go for Arihant's last 10-12 years' IITJEE as well as AIEEE solved papers as they may prove to be the most relevant ones. From pen and paper exam it has become clear that class XI topics are also assuming great importance.

You may also solve topic wise problems from TMH(maths), Verma(Physics), DCPandey (Physics), Bahadur(Chemistry).

Best of luck

Shashwat 3 years ago

Correction: 40-50 questions from each topic,I.e.,

Sir... Can u please suggest a book where I can get 40-50 questions from each topic for revision.. For both jee mains and advance? (the books can be different or same)

I've opted for online exam and hence it's on I've got enough time.. Thanks :)

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


I don't think 134 is bad. Leave aside newspaper remarks that cut-ff will go high. I think you will be selected for JEE ADVANCED. And once you are selected for ADVANCED you are at par with other candidates. So buck up and prepare nicely for the advanced paper. You had it right. It must be the revision factor which caused the mess. This time you may keep all your formulae in one pocket- notebook type of thing so that you can revise it daily and no extra effort is required on the eve of the exam. Best of luck!

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Though I personally don't favour dropping out, you are the best judge of your own situation. If this is your first chance then you will have a second chance. All the best

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@devaki, @snehal

When you are starting to prepare for JEE Main and JEE ADVANCED it is very important to plan meticulously. The better your plan, the better will be your chances. Moreover you will have to stick to your plan till the time of appearing the exams. On the way you may somewhat tweak your plan only.

Secondly, it is also important to concentrate on the board exam. So a nice way out is to study for both daily. Divide your study time according to your coaching, school hours, exams etc.

If you can follow this article in true sense it will be great. Apart from the books mentioned in this article I found Arihant's chapter wise question paper solutions very useful for the board exams of class XII.

One more advice is that you should plan to finish your syllabus far in advance of the exams etc. so that revisions and solving numerical problems could be given maximum time. Ultimately, speed and accuracy are the factors which count.

snehal 3 years ago

i have just completed my 10th class now i want to prepare for jee main plz tell me how to begin studies also suggest some pcm books

Shubham 3 years ago

I gave JEE - Main Today. I'd be getting 134 out of 360 (very bad, I know). I know it is just to make it to 1.5 lakh in General category.

Now I want to make it to IIT, Kanpur for MSc (Physics Dual Degree Programme), and thus want rank between AIR 1500 - 2000. Please tell me how should I study, and the minimum marks I should aim for in JEE Advanced.

P.S.: 134 out of 360 is pretty embarrassing, you might think I'm not that intelligent (knowledgeable at least) to make it to IIT, but I 'm pretty smart. The reason I messed up in JEE - Main was 'lack of revision'. I can work very hard!

sandhya 3 years ago

my preparations for jee mains 2013 is good but i am worried for advanced ...takin an year drop will be useful or not??

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


From previous years it has been observed that maximum marks are carried by

1. modern physics, Heat & Thermodynamics, optics, current electricity etc. in PHYSICS

2. Periodic Table, carbohydrates amino acids and polymers, aromatic compounds etc. in CHEMISTRY and

3. Limits continuity differentiability, coordinate geometry and integral calculus etc. in MATHEMATICS

But the important thing is that marks are more or less uniformly distributed over the chapters. So you are supposed to have a wide knowledge. In the remaining days you maygo on solving as many problems a s you can and whenever you come across something important, note it down for last minute revision

All the best

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Please refer to my replies given to chanya and sourab.

Come out of confusion. For this, you can write your target wise goals. Say 'I shall finish everything of electrostatics by April end'. Similarly jot down all your goals for April in one or two pages of your diary. Give yourself a bit tough goals and challenge yourself to finish that in time. Then at the end of April write your targets for May...

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


As you might be knowing, this time percentile rank list will be prepared for board exams and JEE MAIN too. Final list of combined marks with 40 % and 60% weightage respectively will be prepared. Top 1,50, 000 only will be allowed to appear JEE ADVANCED. For previous years' branch wise and college wise cut-offs you may go through my article:

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


You are still more than a year away from JEE ADVANCED. I tell you it is spirited work that is required more than anything else. If you can access internet and have a good supply of solved questions then no problem. As I have suggested to many you may join good forums on JEEMAIN and JEE ADVANCED and try to solve the questions asked by the members. Active members also give the answers. You can reach many forums of this kind on FACEBOOk. Type JEE MAIN in the search box and see for yourself how many forums are active. Moreover you must have a thorough expertise on your text books chapters. This is the most basic requirement, no forum will help without this. Keep challenging yourself and the result will be fantastic.

Good luck

anjana rathaur 3 years ago

sir how should i review my all chapters in these crucial time to crack jee mains 2013 can you plz. prefer some important topics..

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Stay cool. You can do it. Till now 'time' has been defeating you. Now it is your time to defeat it. Plan the forthcoming events far in advance. For example, say, half yearly test will be in September, so syllabus should be over by July 15th. Similarly, writing practical note books is likely to consume much time later. So if possible, finish it far ahead of time. Take all future events into account and prepare a target timetable so that you get about 4-5 months revision time. Still there are about 15 months for preparation. In your time table, also provide time for important parts ofclass 11.

Miracles can be worked out in the time that you have at your disposal.

Buck up!

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@kiran kumar

I did not understand your question. Please write in detail


rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


You are the manager of your own time. Whether you appear your coaching tests or not, should be your own decision. If you feel that your main aim is strengthened by missing the tests and concentrating on weaker topics, I say you go for the way you think is right.

For NIT admissions you may read my article through the following link:

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


As you might be knowing the coaching classes prepare modules of various topics as per the syllabus. They also provide lots of questions, both solved and unsolved with answer keys. They conduct weekly/ monthly/phase tests where you are given your all India ranking. At the end of the session they also provide specialised packages to boost your rank.

And yes, they surely give you an edge if you can cope up with the course well.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Honestly no idea about that. If only I could help!

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

Never be so. Draw inspiration from successful people and keep distance from those with negative thoughts. Any failure is a temporary one. To make success occur frequently toil hard and help others too. All your depression will vanish.

Good luck!

revathi 3 years ago

sir can you please give me some suggestions regarding the study materials from coaching institutes like fiitjee or resonance or brilliants etc. do you say that they will really help and boost the preparation for iitjee???

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Refer to the reply I've given to Revathi. You can surely reach the 90% mark since you have ambition. One important advice for you is that you should plan in such a way that the syllabus is finished far ahead of time. After that you can go for a number of revisions. Solve numerical problems completely. Don't, out of over confidence, leave them half done.

Good luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Frankly speaking I don't know much about this book. But since you have mentioned about this book I shall try to collect information about it. I suggest you to follow this sequence:

First, you should be very thorough with CBSE books.

Second, you should solve as many previous years' question papers as possible.

Third, join good forums on IITJEE/JEE MAIN/JEE ADVANCED and keep challenging yourself to solve any question that comes your way. Say to yourself, "How can there be a question which Revathi cannot solve........?". This stubbornness and never-say-die spirit will see you through any toughness level.

All the best!

Rini 3 years ago

Sir i have passed my 11th science today with only 60% marks & so plz give me proper guidance & suggestions to work hard and score 90%+ in my 12th cbse board.........plz help me out sir.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@dream IITB

Master the topics more strongly.

Solve more uncommon problems.

Learn to think deeper and faster.

Try to be ready with all the formulae far ahead of the exam.

Also refer to the answer I have given to Mehak.

Lastly love your study

All the best.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Refer the answer I have given to KD


rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Since you have sufficient span of time to plan and work hard, first try to go through your text books very thoroughly. Once you are prepared well for your boards you are more than half prepared for JEE MAIN or other competitive exams of this type. For boards, don't forget to thoroughly consult previous years' papers. For JEEMAIN and JEE ADVANCED you may become regular forum member of websites like askiitians or goiitians or similar other websites. Members constantly ask difficult questions and you may challenge yourself to solve such questions. But a word of caution: don't spend much time on computers and internet.

nalin 3 years ago

sir i have secured 91% marks in aggregate in 12th board , now how much score in nit will land me under 5000 rank ???

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

Sure, I believe so

Siddhartha 3 years ago

Thank you Sir for giving me such tips !! Sir I just wanted to ask are there students who crack IIT in one year that also with a good rank ?

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


You can try solving from TMH(Maths), Arihant publications for all subjects, Verma for Physics, Bahadur for Chemistry etc.

Advice-(1)Grab a particular chapter at a time and increase your expertise in it. The deeper you can dive in the available time the higher you will rise in the rank.

(2) Try to score a very good % in the boards. It is going to be 40% effective in your rank.

Good luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


I suggest you prepare for your 11th board exam nicely. Since 11 th topics are also very important for JEE MAIN, ADVANCED and because text books need to be read between the lines it will be in fitness of things to go for boards fully prepared.

After 11th you get a 2-3 months slack time before 12th classes start. There you have full scope of revising 11 th left out parts as well as scouring previous IIT JEE papers for 11th portions. In the 3rd step go ahead with the preparation of class 12th along with your coaching/tuition supplements.

If you have realized your shortfall in course of pursuing your dream then do not repeat the mistakes, be positive and you will achieve what you want. Even if you can't, don't lose heart, you may achieve more or better.

Good luck.

Siddhartha 3 years ago

Sir, Frankly speaking I have wasted my 11th standard year. I am fully stressed out now because it was my childhood dream to get into IIT and also had that motivation , but because of some reason I lacked back. Sir my problem is that I want to complete my full portion of IIT 11th before i start my 12th portion because all my friends are on the verge of completion and it is just my beginning ! When I realized this I thought of focussing on the topics taught in tuitions but they all are related to the earlier topics which form the basics ! Sir please help me the whole of march I have holidays for my tuitions but I have my 11th college final exams ! Sir I want to start my 12th preparation afresh and compete with my tuition friends cause I don't want my 12th board as well as JEE preparation getting affected because even the board marks are gonna be considered! Sir plz help me !

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Being in ICSE is no disadvantage. On the contrary, though I don't know for sure, I hear that it is tougher than CBSE and that may be an advantage. You have not mentioned which class are you in. If you have more than a year you can plan nicely and study, if you are going to appear this year then your focus now should be on the board exams. Second priority should be JEE MAIN.

Best of luck

Santy 3 years ago

Sir, very helpful. Actually i am in class 9th and sttudying in KV. hat to do? And also you have given so many books. How we will manage time to read all these? Otherwise you guide me only one book whether how much pages there can be but by studying that I can passs IIT in very good rank i.e. at least between 1-50#

neha 3 years ago

thank you so much sir...

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Only practice can make you perfect. Doing more and more numericals is the key. Solve all the numericals from previous years' papers (10-12 years). Even if you do not reach the final answer and your steps are conceptually correct you get partial credits.

Good luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Since you have missed out some important chapters, it is important for you to work extra hours to recover. What I suggest is you try to keep pace with the teacher at present, i.e. Give more emphasis on the chapters being covered at present. Alongside find some extra time (preferably after finishing the day's study) to complete the left out chapters. It can't be done overnight but if you try regularly you will be able to bridge up the gap gradually. First go for Mathematics as the concepts in Maths are more interconnected. In Physics and Chemistry too first complete those left out chapters which you feel will be required more in the coming chapters. For example you can't afford to not know about the Atomic Physics as it will be required for both Physics and Chemistry. Similar is the case with functions in Mathematics.

But above all, since you have realized your mistake, I am sure you will be able to come at par with the serious students.

All the best.

abhishek sethi 3 years ago

Sir am currently in 11th and in a big mess..i missed many important chaps of PCM at tutions and got no idea how to recover them..these include mechanics,in chem- equilibrium,thermodynamics,stoichiometry maths most of the algebra..Sir please give me some tips!i dint even follow ncert in physics..

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


All the books which provide you scope for practice are good but only thing is you should find time for such practice. I think if you solve last years' (10 years or more) yourself it will provide a lot of confidence. Personally I have seen Arihant's book of last 12 years papers. Solutions are given nicely and mock tests are also given. I have not seen mtg. You can choose after having a glance of both.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


I think last few days(Say 15-20 days) before the boards should be reserved for board exams only. You can divide rest of the time like 6/4 hours or 7/3 hours etc. as you wish for boards/JEE. Solve as many numerical problems as you can for JEE.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Keep yourself motivated. Miracles are created in this world only. You are only going to gain in some form or other by working hard. Always look at the positive side of things.

All the best

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Same thing applies for you too what I have written for priyanka. Don't panic and prepare with confidence.

Best of luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Buy, if you have not already, a book like that of Arihant of last 12-13 years' AIEEE question papers (Solved). Solve as many problems as you can daily(giving emphasis on 11th portions also). Do this for about 2-3 hours daily.Rest of the time keep preparing for Board exams.

Best of luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


I think minimum cut off marks are set as per the scores of students in a particular JEE. JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED will be like AIEEE and IITJEE respectively. As you might be aware they cover all the topics. For a candidate like you who has already cracked the exam once the best way is to solve as many types of cryptic problems as you can and also have all the formulae at your finger tips.

Best of luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


First of all you need not panic. Be cool. I have seen many students who did not fare well in +2 exam and are placed at good posts in multinational companies. Though yours is purely a personal matter, my inclination is towards appearing the exam. If you study with a healthy mind and spirit you can still good marks.

Best of luck

Dhruv Jadhav 3 years ago

I will be honest with you sir. I had got 90% in my 10th boards but now in 12th even after learning the concepts properly I am not able to put them into Ipractise and solve chemistry physics and maths numericals. I have my boards in 45 days and frankly I am not prepared at all. I am considering not appearing my boards at all and give them in October/next year (2014). I entirely accept it's my fault I did not study properly. Integration Definite Electrochem Circuit numericals I can't solve anything of those and I try to solve sums but I don't manage to get even 1 right and I cannot check them as I haven't got solutions to PCM problems. I have lost my confidence completely. Please guide me on the following

1.I have filled up my boards form if I don't appear my boards can I appear them next year? If yes what would be the procedure?

2.Considering that this is the last year CET exams are going to be held is it a good option? Can I study these 45 days and scire at least 74-75% in PCM?

3. I will also be preparing for cet for which I have 3 months.. Is it enough?

4.Should I not appear my boards?

Will this be the right decision to score good marks in JEE main an boards next year?

Please help me I feel terrible right now and I think I might even fail my HSC exams. Thank you in advance.. If possible please suggest me some books with silutions to the problems in All three subjects. Also will taking a break and not sitting for the boards at all pose any problems in my career in future? Please respond soon.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago


Thanks a lot and wish great success for you

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


As far as I can predict that should not be an issue. As per the brochure you will also get a chance to correct anything you have missed or filled in wrongly. So don't worry.


rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Only thing I can tell you about organic chemistry is that your preparation will be incomplete unless you attempt lots of questions and observe your performance. For each chapter rather each topic solve as many problems as you can. Doing so will help you to remember the subject well.

Vishal Kamalakannan 3 years ago

Thanks a lot for this post firstly. I would like to ask you on how to prepare for organic chemistry as that is probably the only hindrance in my preparation.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


I think you are on right track. Finish off important topics of 11th as soon as possible since these are important for JEE MAIN, then from about 7th of Jan,2013 you can go for boards whole heartedly. Little adjustments on this side or that should be according to your own position. You may go through my topic 'How to prepare for JEE MAIN in 40 days'.

Best of luck

S0urabh 3 years ago

Sir, I am currently left with few topics of 11th class and now I have started preparing for 12th boards as the pre boards are approaching.

I thought that I would use half of the february for 11th revision again.

Would that be any beneficial? Otherwise please suggest me an alternative!

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Stay cool.

Gather concepts one by one.

Solve many problems on each and every concept.

Whenever you read a topic search previous year JEE papers and solve all questions on that particular topic.

Be disciplined in your approach. Visit this link:

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@Sumit singh

Thanks a lot. Hope your site also provides useful info to the aspirants. I will also visit your site and see for myself


Sumit Singh 3 years ago

Thanks for the helpful tips to score a good rank. IIT-JEE examination opens a door to enter in IITs, top most engineering colleges in India. Besides of IITs, there are some other colleges which provides opportunities to get hired in top most companies. For finding such college, here is a good resource:

There are many parameters like admission procedure, fees, courses, ranking, placement etc can be used to compare all colleges. A student can easily select the college that best suits him.

Thanks again for the useful information!


rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author

@koushik krishna

You must manage your time very efficiently. I advise you to divide your time for both the exams. Remember, under the recent changes made, board exams are also very important. Divide time on daily basis.

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Thanks and est of luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


Thanks and est of luck

Pawan singh 3 years ago

thanx. for the help!!!

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


You can go for TMH for maths, Arihant and Verma for Physics / Chemistry as written in my article. But don't forget to read your text books.Only after that you should go for these books. Best of luck

rajeshcpandey 3 years ago from India Author


In fact such exams cover all the topics but some topics require more attention than others. For example, in maths you need to rigorously do 'integration' since it will fetch you more marks.

Neha Singh 4 years ago

Thank you .......

satya deo 4 years ago

thank you so much

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Basically, the book you mentioned tests your preparedness of the exam. It supplies a plethora of MCQs which may be set in JEE either as 1 mark questions or integer type questions which carry more marks. One thing I would like to advise is that you should go for this book once you are ready with the concepts.


Mohanish 4 years ago

Well sir i have a question. If u know about the "New Pattern IIT-JEE" books by Arihant Publcations, do they have only 1 mark questions or the 4 markers. Plz reply.

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Thanks for the complement. Since you are in class XI you may also go through my article "Long term preparation for IITs"

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Thanks for the complement. Since you are in class XI you may also go through my article "Long term preparation for IITs"

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


You have to chose time very effectively now. Board exams have assumed more importance than ever before. so prepare for them well. Solve all the textbook exercises and previous year papers. Meanwhile keep an extra of 2-3 hours at night for JEE MAIN. If you get on well with this plan you should be able to do good in both the exams. You will get more time for JEE ADVANCED later. For now you can buy a book like solved 20 year papers of AIEEE and solve problems from that regularly

snehal 4 years ago

plz sir tell me that how should manage time for jee mains and also for h.s.c exam sir plz give me a guidances

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


As far as I know NIT Surathkal is also a very good institute. But sure you must try to achieve what you dream. I think you must have prepared hard last year and your current engineering classes would also be posing their own pressure on you. The best way is to handle as many and as different problems as you can. since you must be through with the concepts from your last preparation you can go straight away for the problems. For maths you may follow TMH and may also follow Vijay Anand Lohia on facebook. But don't spend much time on internet. All the best.

ehaan 4 years ago

SIR I am a NIT Surthkal 1st year. i have almost 3-4 months more to prepare. Can you please tell me my study plan for iit? I am a bit weak in mathematics.

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


I appreciate your spirit. There is absolutly no problem if you are unable to get a coaching out there. You can still prepare very effectively. The best books are already enlisted in the article. Moreover you can also go through my article 'Long term preparation for IITs'. There are many good online coaching courses available on internet. Along with all this take care that your current grades are not harmed.

Archana 4 years ago

Dear Sir,

This is the second time I am writing to your good self. Pls reply for me. I am a student of Class 10 - CBSE in Middle East. I will not get a chance to go for an entrance coaching class. I am very good in studies and getting A1 for science and maths all the time. I wish to start preparing for medical/eng. Entrance exam now itself. I would like to request for an advice – 1. How to start now (in 10 grade)?. 2. is iTutor (Akash) coaching is benefited?. What all books I can start now?. Your great advice for all my queries is highly appreciated. And I am taking this opportunity to wish you more success in your future assignments

Thanks in advance.

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


You can prepare with the help of books mentioned here. Now you have to concentrate on CBSE as well as JEE MAIN and JEE ADVANCED. At this time you may divide your time 40-60 for CBSE and JEE. But in Feb and March You will definitely have to go by 70-30 and 80-20 respectively. Perhaps in March you will not be able to read anything for JEE. But keep your spirits high. Remember kites rise against the wind. Best of luck.

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


I think the ability varies from person to person but still 2 hours I feel is not enough for an exam like JEE ADVANCED. Another thing is that if you are preparing for the exam with a long term plan it may be sufficient also. But in most of my articles I have reiterated that your study pattern should be accumulative .i.e. you should not allow your valuable knowledge to be lost due to lack of revision. If you are preparing with a long term perspective you should also devise your revision schedule accordingly.

amit 4 years ago

i think you shouldn't study more than 2 hours

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Thanks for the praise...

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Good to know you are taking up the challenge. 7 months is a good chunk of time but you have to study very regularly and if you miss out an hour or two some day try to make up for it the next day.

Best of luck


kriti 4 years ago

this article gave me confidence now i am taking up this challenge ihave only 7 months to crack jee that too with a good rank

akash kumar 4 years ago

all these tips are really very good ; and i think that following these tips will really be much benificial for me........

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Thanks first of all. Nice knowing that you are taking a shot for IITs. I have known wiziq site for some time. It's a good site for aspirants. I used to visit the site because it provides some free MCQ tests. Moreover online courses save you travelling time. On the negative side your vision is fatigued more. Choice is all yours.

rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author

Thanks owais,

That's it. No need to follow any more tips. Its a question of giving 100% with what you have up your sleeve.


rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Rightly said. It's very important to study. But the article considered the time factor for preparation. So for those who are slightly behind, its more important to take a slightly straighter route.


rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Take the challenge. It is one such challenge which is worth accepting. The tougher a challenge is, the more interesting it is


rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author



I also intend to post articles containing questions and their solutions about specific topics in future posts.


rajeshcpandey 4 years ago from India Author


Thanks, I shall add more posts which will comprise of questions and their solutions about specific topics.


Shubham kansal (ladwa) 4 years ago

Good tips.......!

vijetha 4 years ago

thanks a lot for these wonderful tips with which i am confident about my jee

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