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JEE Advanced (IITJEE): Ten Tips to Get Selected With a Good Rank

Updated on November 4, 2016

Is it Possible to Crack the JEE Main if You Start Now?

The short answer is yes.

Since 2012, when the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) Main and JEE Advanced replaced AIEEE and IITJEE, the process of applying for India’s Institutes of Information Technology (IIT) has changed. With these changes, many students who aspire to enter an IIT begin to prepare for the JEE Main years before they take the exam.

This article is intended for students who for whatever reason have not already been studying for months, but who want to score high enough on the JEE Main to be selected for the JEE Advanced. With focus, hard work, and determination, it is possible to score well on the JEE Main and go on to the JEE Advanced.

Read on to find out how.

What Will Be Covered

* First Steps

* How a Course Can Help

* Best Books to Aid Study by Subject

* Ten Tips to Focus Your Study Plan

First Steps

  1. The very first step is to get focused. Your final result is a comparative rank against long term planners, who have been preparing months, if not years. Only a concentrated, industrious, and planned study plan will yield the desired score and rank.
  2. After studying IIT JEE and AIEEE question paper patterns, I have observed an abundance of numerical problems. In all the three subjects—physics, chemistry, and mathematics—a candidate is most likely to scale the cut-off if he/she is adept at solving numerical problems.
  3. Focus on improving your problem-solving speed, which requires continuous practice. Drill yourself with regular numerical problem practice. By the time you go for the actual exam, you will have developed a knack for recognizing the type of problem at once, just by looking at it.

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How a Coaching Course Can Help

There are two ways to find practice problems and solutions: a good coaching course or books on all the three subjects.

A good IITJEE coaching course will provide relevant topic-wise modules of questions and solutions. It will also set pre-planned time limits for completion to help you pace yourself. If you can take a course and follow it religiously, you will get help with the following:

  • solving a variety of difficult questions
  • judging your performance on difficult questions
  • matching your level with that of other students

No study program should rely entirely on a course, however. Thousands of students will be following the same course, so you will need other study tools to keep you ahead in the race.

Best Books by Subject

If you cannot afford a course, there are other ways to access practice materials. With the right tools and a rigorous schedule, you will succeed. Make this your mantra: Practise the most relevant numerical problems daily, and that will see you get through the exam.

Buy or borrow these books for access to difficult problems and their solutions:


  1. Make sure you can solve problems from the NCERT class XI and class XII textbooks.
  2. For best concepts, use IIT Mathematics for JEE (Main and Advanced) by M.L. Khanna
  3. For the most abundant supply of difficult questions: New Pattern IITJEE Mathematics by Dr. S.K. Goyal
  4. Plane Trigonometry and Elements of Coordinate Geometry by S.L. Loney


  1. Concepts of Physics, Volumes 1 and 2, by H.C. Verma
  2. Problems in General Physics, by I.E. Irodov
  3. Fundamentals of Physics, by Halliday, Resnick, and Walker
  4. Understanding Physics for JEE Main and Advanced (series), by D.C. Pandey


  1. Study the NCERT chemistry textbooks for classes XI and XII.
  2. Organic Chemistry, by Morrison and Boyd
  3. Numerical Chemistry for JEE Main and Advanced, by P. Bahadur
  4. Concise Inorganic Chemistry, by J.D. Lee
  5. Modern Approach to Chemical Calculations, by R.C. Mukherjee
  6. Physical Chemistry, by P. Bahadur.
  7. organic, physical, and inorganic chemistry books by O.P. Tandon

Ten Tips to Focus on Your Study Plan

1. Solve at least 40-80 numerical problems daily.
Including physics, chemistry and, mathematics.
2. Set time limits for questions.
Practice to improve speed on problem-solving.
3. Start with the difficult areas first.
Keep notes on the hardest sections and work your way to the easier material.
4. Prioritize by topic.
Develop your strategy to prioritize your subjects in accordance to your requirements..
5. Analyze your mistakes.
Find the points that you often face difficulty with and which slow you down.
6. Never quit until you have achieved daily target.
Once you have solved your daily problems, make tomorrow's plan.
7. Practice logical thinking.
Build your solutions step-by-step with contextual thinking. Discard stray thoughts.
8. Until the exam ends, don't give up.
Keep up your routine and resolve to keep trying.
9. Use your board exam syllabus.
Material from the board exams will be included on both JEE Main and JEE Advanced.
10. Consult test papers from previous years.
Obtain copies of test papers from the past 10-15 years and solve the questions.

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    • profile image

      Ganesh 2 weeks ago

      Sir,I'm Ganesh.I had completed my 10th with good marks.At, present I am studying at RGUKT-NUZVID.I am dreaming to crack the JEE. I am dreaming about the IIT'S from my upper primary sections.I had a problem in solving the solutions in physics. So, guide in a proper manner and also provide the information about How to get ready for the IIT exams

    • profile image

      DIVYA PRAKASH VERMA 3 weeks ago

      Sir Iam Divya Prakash Verma ,I am studying in class 11. I am preaparing I.I.T. Advanced . I want get bellow 500 rank in IIT because Iwant get IIT Bombay College.

    • profile image

      Tarun 3 weeks ago

      I am Tarun studying in narayana IIT JEE academy .I want to get AIR 1 in IIT

    • profile image

      Harsha vardhan reddy 4 weeks ago

      Sir I am Harsha vardhan reddy of class 10.I have IIT preparation curriculum since last year.I want get below 100 rank in IIT so I am requesting you to convey how can I prepare in exam point of view preperation

    • profile image

      vishnu vardhan rathod 5 weeks ago

      sir i am studying in sree chaitanya campus sir i want sir i want some methods to score more marks in jee mains so what i want to do sir give some suggestions sir

    • profile image

      raj bhane 5 weeks ago

      sir im preapear four mounth yes/no sir please tell mi sir i very confused

    • profile image

      Shivam kumar 5 weeks ago

      Hello sir my name is shivam and right now I am in class 12. I get lot of problems in solving maths I get quite worried about maths. I feel very helpless

    • profile image

      Aniket Chouhan 7 weeks ago

      Hello sir, Sir now I am in class 12 and I want to know that the preparation method to achieve success in IIT with good rank. I m ready for everythings. Pls give me some tips for selection in IIT 2018.

    • profile image

      Arun Kumar T 7 weeks ago

      It was really helpful,i am now on 11th grade.i will be following your tips from now on.think it will work,won't it?

    • profile image

      G. SAI manikanta 8 weeks ago

      Sir I want to get more marks in iit and I have to select for the mains after I want to write advance I score more marks in that finally I want to get iit seat

    • profile image

      shubham 8 weeks ago

      sir i got it 73%in rbse board 12 class but i am improve two sub.

      can i iit advanced exam please reply please.

    • profile image

      Vivek 2 months ago

      Sir now I am in class 11 and I want to know that the preparation method to achieve success in iit with good rank

    • profile image

      Aman jain 2 months ago

      Awesome tips

    • profile image

      sudhanshu sekhar barik 2 months ago

      Sir,I got 69.16% in 12th board

      Am I eligible for jee advance

    • profile image

      palak 2 months ago

      good tips

    • profile image

      Nithish 2 months ago

      Sir, I want get good marks in this. Exam. now I am studying 11th what I have to do

    • profile image

      Pravin Patidar 2 months ago

      How can I crack IIT

      advance after 10 with out disturbing 11 and 12

    • profile image

      Kajal Tiwari 2 months ago

      Sir actually i have just entered 11 class and have got 10 GPA without upgrdation. And I am studing for jee along 11 class can you please suggest me a good procedure to handle both asi am really not getting good ranks in my coaching. Waiting for your prec

    • profile image

      dane gopi 2 months ago

      My name is gopi. I am studying iiit basar I want to join in iit. But I don't know how to read for jee. Please give me some tips and names of preparation books for jee mains and advanced.

    • profile image

      Narendra 2 months ago

      Sir, I am joining long term to get iit seat. Could you please tell me way to preparation?i don't know about the syllabus of IIT.

    • profile image

      Sravani 2 months ago


    • profile image

      Ssb 3 months ago

      My jee main was 15780 rank and advanced was 9011 ...2018.without any coaching strictly by selfstudy. 2018 mein 500 ke andar rank rakhna hain iitjee mein. How should I routine up .

    • profile image

      DEEP PRATYAKSH 3 months ago

      HI Sir i have got 203 marks in jee main 2017 without any coaching but i were not get good marks in jee advance so give me some tips how can i score good marks in jee advance without coaching because i don't believe in teaching of institution......thanks WAITING FOR REPLY....

    • profile image

      kranthi 3 months ago

      Superb sir

    • profile image

      saikrishna 3 months ago

      Sir please tel me how i study for jee mains and advance just i complete my 10 standard with 87% pleaee help me sir

      Sir i hope you give give a positive answer

    • profile image

      P.M 3 months ago

      I'm in class 11 and I want to crack IIT JEE and AIEEE both with good wrank. Which books should I use? How can I make my study time longer?

    • profile image

      Avni 3 months ago

      Sir ,I'm currently studying in 12 & want to score my best in JEE 2018 and I'm not so perfect in solving problems how can I come out with this weakness & plz guide the important topics to refer in JEE

      Waiting for your reply sir.....

    • profile image

      Meehir 3 months ago

      Hello, sir I only want to becime an IITIAN

      I am ready to do everything

    • profile image

      Yalla Nihal 3 months ago

      I am in class tenth I want to crack JEE with top 100 so plz help me sir and also advanced

    • profile image

      Karthik 4 months ago

      Hello sir... My name is karthik..I had done my 12th board with 80% and I already attempted JEE main with44 marks without coaching .now I came to know about IIT and I need to enter there .so I am ready to skip this year and get good coaching and reappear in next year JEE please guide me sir

    • profile image

      Aradhya rani 4 months ago

      Sir I got 58 marks jee exam 2017.I had not prepared for this exam. But now i drop this year and doing preparation for 2018 IIT jee entrance . how should I prepare for it.

    • profile image

      Rakesh 4 months ago

      sir I had already qualified in Jee mains and in need to get qualify in Jee advanced till now I didn't learn about it so can you please help me to get qualified in these 20 days

    • profile image

      Jnani Kumar vadigalla 5 months ago

      It is very important to the people who

      wants to an IITan so these are main

      and books to be followed and read


    • profile image

      Tejendra 5 months ago

      Sir I got just 145 marks in jee mains but I want to get into IIT so please help me by giving some valuable suggestions about the preparation and please tell me some preferred books for physics.

    • profile image

      kshitish bahuguna 5 months ago

      Nice help to prepare for jee sir.. thanks a lot

    • profile image

      Satyajit Kanjilal 6 months ago


      I am a mediocre student of class 11... South point high school....I am an IIT JEE aspirant...I am very serious about this exam...But there are few problems I want to share with you sir which I face....Our school is in the morning 6-12 pm....The entire time in school gets wasted and I return home tried at 2 pm....After that I begin my study at 5:30..Try to study 6 hrs..But unable to achieve my goal mostly...I have proper concentration...But I can't study more than 1 HR at a stretch....I have 3 tuitions and I have 4 days free in a week...

    • profile image

      saandeep 7 months ago

      i want to be an iit top 10

    • profile image

      7 months ago

      Sir, i am student of class 11 and i want to prepared of IIT-JEE mains and advance please give me some tips to to i prepare iit by 11th class.....sir plz guide me...i want yr help..

    • profile image

      Diameters 8 months ago


    • profile image

      Biplab Sen 8 months ago

      Sir I am an average student...

      I have past my 10th board with 88%.

      Now I'm in Class XI and preparing for IIT.

      I can't concentrate on my studies...

      What should I do sir

      Plzzz help me

    • profile image

      Sam 8 months ago

      Sir I am going in class nineth so please put such interesting and informative things on your site

    • profile image

      Rishabh pandey 8 months ago

      Sir I am the student of class 11. My dream is to do chemical engineering from government college for better future aspects . But sir I am small weak in physics and for this I does not want that I am failed in IIT for only physics .Sir my Theory learning is very good . So sir what can I do to obtained iit

    • profile image

      chandrika Rani 8 months ago

      sir, how can i concentrate on mathematics. I am feared about that. Please say any tips for this.

      Thank you sir

      waiting for a positive reply.

    • profile image

      Rajendra kumar 8 months ago

      How can I concentrate in study?

    • profile image

      Sai Vardhan Reddy 8 months ago

      Are books published by cengage publications good? And is Paula Bruise organic chemistry a good book for jee?

    • profile image

      vishwajeet 8 months ago

      sir, i am in going to give class 9th final exam in march 2017. sir, its my humble request to you, that i want to crack jee, please suggest&guide me to crack jee.

    • profile image

      ANKIT KUMAR 8 months ago

      sir i am in class 12 and i cant able to get good marks in jee mains test series i prepare lot but i cant able to get good marks so please suggest me sir what i do...

    • profile image

      rohith 9 months ago

      sir i am a good student and i secured 10 cgpa in cbse and now i am ssc board and now i have some back lag .Sir please give me a remedy to complete it and gain my confidence back.

    • profile image

      Sangram 9 months ago


      I am a student from 11th class in Maharashtra. I scored 92% in 10th class. But now in 11th ... I am getting distracted by games so i have stopped using smartphone. But due to a long gap in study schedule .... I am having a hard time to sit for study even for an hour. I am very serious about this exam but whenever i sit for studing i keep starring books. Plz help. And also it will be very helpful if u could give your whatsapp no. or email id to contact you.

      Thx Sir

      Hoping for your reply soon .....

    • profile image

      ... 9 months ago

      Sir, i am student of class 11 and i have not prepared of IIT-JEE mains and advance please give me some tips to prepare

    • profile image

      RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY 9 months ago from India


      If I'm right your 11th exam will be in March 17 and 12th final in March 18. You have time. Start after a good planning session. Plan with an experienced teacher or a senior. Try to do things far in advance. This is the only way to succeed. Complete as many revisions as possible before the exam. Have confidence. Be cool and do not worry about things like "The're preparing too hard and I'm not."

    • profile image

      RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY 9 months ago from India


      Arihant publication books and also Tata Mcgrawhill books are good. You may refer to the books given in this article. But also don't neglect CBSE text books. Read them thoroughly.

    • profile image

      Swati shankar 9 months ago

      Sir I m 11 standard student ppprepairing for jee

      But till now I was not serious about my career but I want to make up my 11th syllabus plz help me to cover up...

    • profile image

      Tejaswini Deshpande 9 months ago

      Dear sir

      I am studying in class 12th now, preparing for jee mains exams suggest me some books so that iIcan track my exam this year

    • profile image

      Pawan Jaiswal 10 months ago

      Good tips This article gave me confidence

    • profile image

      DEVENDRA 10 months ago

      thanks for detail

    • profile image

       10 months ago

      What if someone is not able to clear JEE?

      What's are other good options other than dropping one more year?

    • profile image

      Rohit varma 11 months ago

      Hello sir I am in12th class I want to get good percentage in jee mains and advance exams what are the tips can you suggest

    • profile image

      RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY 11 months ago from India

      @shaik sohail

      It's all in the mind. In the morning daily, close your eyes for 5 minutes and remind yourself with all your concentration that you are a 10 pointer and you can achieve anything that you want. Believe in the Almighty and believe in yourself. Plan, work hard and never say 'I cannot'.

      Best of luck.

    • profile image

      shaik sohail 11 months ago

      Sir, I got 10points in my ssc exams but in my inter 1st year I cant focus on studies.can u please help me to get out of this problem

    • profile image

      RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY 11 months ago from India


      I've always said 'speed' and 'accuracy'. Increase both with lots of practice. That's all.

    • profile image

      ruthvik 11 months ago

      Sir I want to get out qualification Marks but I just have 3 months left what can I do plz tell

    • profile image

      RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY 11 months ago from India


      Though I tried to put everything in the hub yet if you are asking Physics and Physical Chemistry are subjects that require problem solving skills which in turn require practice. But make it a point to first understand the concepts very clearly. In a way it requires thinking practice. Looking at the problem you must be able to say which route your thinking should take. Once that is recognised the problem is not a problem. Thanks and best of luck.

    • profile image

      Manideep 11 months ago

      Sir plz tell me how to score good marks in the physics and physical chemistry

    • profile image

      RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY 11 months ago from India


      Yeah, I entirely agree with what you say. Thanks for reading and the comments.

    • profile image

      apurve 11 months ago


      if someone is intelligent enough to clear it, i think he shouldnt think of fees. Nowadays scholarship exam are being help before admission process and you can get upto 100% discount too on fees in some good coaching institutes like career class, GnG, Catalyser.

    • profile image

      RAJESH CHANDRA PANDEY 11 months ago from India


      Yes, you are right. It takes perseverance and tenacity to keep your good work going on till the exam day. Only a few can do this. As you said, a good coaching helps out but there are still candidates who qualify with their sincerity and will power. I remember, a candidate from Kerala had secured AIR 45th and he said in his interview he had not enrolled with any of the coaching classes. But I also agree to the fact that you should opt for a good coaching provided you can afford.

    • profile image

      apurve gour 11 months ago

      It is a well known fact that only one-fourth of the students preparing for IIT JEE do serious IIT preparations. Other students either get bored of studying or do not want to make efforts. This half hearten effort will never make you succeed in your goal. Only a good coaching institution can then help you out to plan. Like if you are in Kota, you can join Bansal, If you are in Central India Catalyser has given good results in last decade.

    • profile image

      Monika 12 months ago

      I am in 11th class ...I am unable to memorize the formulas for a long period...I am confused whether to focus on the inter public exams or on the iit jee examination...... please help me!!

    • profile image

      Ashish 12 months ago

      Sir iam repeater there is no any kochi get classes for IIT jee. then how can I prepare. And how can I spend my time on getting perfection in phy

    • profile image

      Saurabh Pandey 12 months ago

      Hello sir I am a student of Maharashtra board I am in 11th standard now and and I can't afford a separate class for JEE so what should I refer means which book I should refer to clear JEE

    • profile image

      Vigneswar 12 months ago


      I am 12th standard and I am going to write JEE exam in 6 months and I am preparing for it to my level .Please tell me how to crack JEE mains and advanced ranks below 200

    • profile image

      chandan M 12 months ago

      Sir I am in class 11 I am good at calculations but not so good in concept suggest me to improve my speed in answering the questions especially in chemistry.I am want to crack jee exam

    • profile image

      Yogesh bansal 13 months ago

      Sir I am preparing for iit but I am not confident

    • profile image

      RAVIN TEJA 13 months ago


    • profile image

      Bharadwaj Kasturi 13 months ago

      sir im in 12 done with 2 year syllabus teaching and going through revision programme now . How must be the planning and methods of preperation to secure better marks like 180+ and get qualified to jee advanced

    • profile image

      NIKUNJ BISHT 14 months ago

      I am studying in class 12 and i want to score good percentage and also want to score good rank in jee tell me the tips how should prepare simultaneously for both...

    • profile image

      sandhya 14 months ago

      Hello sir, I am in 11th class. I am confused how to prepare for IIT. Will you please give me some tricks that I can answer some of the MCQs without solving them.

    • profile image

      Shashank 15 months ago

      Sir how do i solve conceptual questions of physics

    • profile image

      himika 17 months ago


      i have started my class 11 in an cbse institution that aims to finish class 11 and 12 portion in a single that i have an extra year to prepare for competitive and board exams

      but i have also heard that the institution provides quite easy study material so that the student becomes confident but the material isnt upto the mark for iit exam......

      i have joined my 11th 2 weeks ago and aspire to get selected in bits pilani hyderabad ....... the timings of this institution will not allow me to join an extra tuition class

      please help me with which books to follow as reference and for practice for all the three subjects( my faculty has always advised to follow a single reference and not several materials together);

      i will be counting on your reply

    • profile image

      Etika joshi 22 months ago

      Hello sir, I am in 11th class. I am confused how to prepare for IIT. Will you please give me some tricks that I can answer some of the MCQs without solving them.

    • profile image

      humble winner 2 years ago


      I am an aspirant for iit-bombay or iisc-bangalore. I for some reasons, did not prepare for jee with my 12th and secured 95% in 12th with PCMB. I am thorough with 12th but I am unaware about preparing for jee. How could I improve my weaker section is chemistry and I am not very good at calculations as I was quite dependant on the calulator while I was in 12th. I can analyze the numericals quickly but I get stuck in calculations so, it is a big problem for me. How could I impove over this? I mean suggest me some good books with many difficult problems so that I may improve and secure a good rank

    • profile image

      Sonal Arora 2 years ago

      I am a BTech student, first year. I gave the JEE Mains 2015 and scored only 54 out of 360. I got 95% in my Boards and I am planning to give IIT JEE again in 2016.

      Now obviously, there is a study pressure in college too.

      So can u suggest how do i go through it?

      I have only 7 months left for the exam and nothng's prepared yet.

    • profile image

      sanket 2 years ago

      I am in 12th standard and I`m prepearing for jee mains and advance . in organic chemistry there are many mechanisms of reactions .sir how to remember all these mechanism and preperation.

    • profile image

      Ritesh Swansi 2 years ago

      Sir I am a student of class 10th and I want to crack IIT JEE with a rank under 200. Please suggest me some best books to build concept for JEE preparation.

    • profile image

      shikhar Singh chauhan 2 years ago

      I'm confused to whether focus more on my coaching or to my 11 and 12 school exams

    • profile image

      Mohammad Mohsin Taufeeque 2 years ago

      Sir , I have qualified in jee main 2015 and eligible for jee advanced 2015 but unfortunately I was give only paper 1 . and from thus incident it show me absent . tell me what should I do now???

    • profile image

      prajwal.d 2 years ago

      will it be a tough task to pass jee mains with a background of state syllabus in puc1 and pu2

    • profile image

      sebastion 2 years ago

      Sir..I had finished diplomo...can I apply for iit jee exam

    • profile image

      shashwat 2 years ago

      sir , this time i gave jee main and got really poor marks but too keen to be selected iit . so what further steps should i take to get good marks in both in mains & advance . please sir , help me out .

    • profile image

      jelly 2 years ago

      Sir I am in 11 std and i am also taking coaching in fiitjee will i able to crack iit jee ?

    • profile image

      rishabh kumar 2 years ago

      give me some good tips so that I can crack IIT jee with good rank also give me time that how many hour should I have to study for both coaching and school.

    • profile image

      Madhusudan pandey 2 years ago

      very good tips.....!

    • profile image

      deepanshu 2 years ago

      Sir I am now in 10 std there is 1 year for 11 std I a want to get rank in top100 its my dream I am preparing from 9 the std I am able to crack 3-4 questions from physics and chemistry each easily plz tell me some instructions to get good rank in IIT jee I will be glad if you help me my brother is also a iitian I also want to become like him

    • profile image

      naveen 2 years ago

      Sir, I am naveen from Bangalore from CBSE board. I wrote all exams except computer science as I was taken ill. I wrote jee mains and got 140 and belong to st category. Will I get iit or nit as my board result will be declared later

      sir, please me sir I am totally confused what to do next.

    • profile image

      manish kumar mansoorchak begusarai 2 years ago

      sir I examed +2 2015 and jee main and solved question 116 marks but I not happy happen but this make question based on self study. and my faimely economic week I belongs obc

      please sir you give me any tips.

    • profile image

      Atul sharma 2 years ago

      Sir, i am in class 10th now.sir i can't afford for coaching for sir can i do it just by reading different books for iit from now (from 10th).

      Thank you sir.sir please reply soon .please show me path.

    • profile image

      Zaroon 2 years ago


      I completed my class 10 in 2012 and appeared for class 12 in 2014 but did not give the board exams.

      Sir , I am unfortunately going to appear for boards in 2016.There is a gap of years.So my question is that will I be eligible to appear for IIT advanced in 2016.

      Sir, please respond that I could come out of gutter.?

    • profile image

      DANISH 2 years ago

      I did coaching in 11th standard and no doubt my coaching was good enough for preparation of IIT, & just now I completed my 11th standard but now I'm totally confuse either to continue coaching in 12th or not because I also want above 90% in 12th stand.

      so please kindly suggest me either to continue my coaching or to join tution .plz sir tell me that how should manage time for jee mains and also for h.s.c exam sir plz give me a guidances

    • profile image

      rajatraj 2 years ago

      sir i m going to face 12 class and boards should i practice for IIT JEE MAIN/ADVANCED BEFORE APPEARING BOARD OR AFTER IT OR BOTH