The Most Useful Apps for College Students

Updated on August 21, 2017
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Lindsay studies global business and Spanish at the University of Evansville while traveling in her free time.


The Age of Technology

There is an app for everything in our time. Whether you want to play a cute game or buy stocks, it's guaranteed that there's an app for it. While some are silly and addictive games, others are useful tools. Since we live in a time when technology is booming, it only makes sense to take full advantage of it. There is a world of possibilities, literally and figuratively, right at your finger tips.

College students are some of the busiest people alive. They have wild schedules involving classes, multiple jobs, and multiple organizations. It's a never-ending challenge trying to balance it all. With apps though, it suddenly becomes a simple task for college students to have everything they need right in front of them.

myHomework App

This app helps me organize my classes and homework seamlessly.
This app helps me organize my classes and homework seamlessly. | Source

This purpose of this app is to allow you to put in your class schedule, add homework assignments, test dates, quiz dates, etc. and then check them off upon completion. You can give each class a different color, see the due dates in order from earliest to latest, and easily customize the app to your needs. I consider this one to be a must-have. It holds my life together during the semester and makes it incredibly easy to keep track of due dates and upcoming tests. It's free and can also be downloaded onto your computer from Google Chrome.

Banking Apps


It's no secret that most college students struggle with their finances. Having your bank's app at your fingertips can help tremendously with keeping track of money. With just a couple taps of your finger, you can see how much money is in your bank account as well as pay off credit card bills. Most banks have an app, so be sure to check the app store on your phone or ask your bank about it.


A simple list-making app
A simple list-making app | Source

I like simple apps the best, and this one is about as simple as it gets. Create lists for anything you need and organize them by color. You can use it for grocery lists, to do lists, or anything else that comes up. When you buy an item or complete a task, simply tap it to delete it. It's very basic, but it helps keep your thoughts organized so that you don't forget anything when you make that Walmart run at 12 am.


This app allows users to discover coupons and deals both in-store and online.
This app allows users to discover coupons and deals both in-store and online. | Source

This app keeps track of every single coupon available online or in stores for virtually every store. You can add favorite stores to track their coupons or you can simply look up whatever store you're going to and see if there are any available. They also have a list of "best deals" that are featured when you first open up the app and you can save coupons you plan on using. No printing necessary. As long as your phone screen is bright enough, the cashier will be able to scan the coupon right from your phone. Keeping track of coupons has never been easier.



LinkedIn is a social networking site for professionals. Unlike many social network sites, this one can actually help with your career if you use it correctly. It allows you to create a professional profile for yourself, add connections (similar to adding friends on Facebook), post status updates and share articles, and chat with connections. You must be careful with this app though because many recruiters and professionals use it to get a better understanding of the local talent. Don't post anything that could potentially be seen as unprofessional, or else it could give potential employers a negative impression of you.

Calendar Apps


Calendar apps are highly personal, so there isn't necessarily a "one size fits all" app. You have to be able to decide that for yourself. I can, however, make recommendations based on what different types of people find helpful.

For example, my school uses Microsoft Outlook for emails (and so do many employers). In addition to being useful for emails, it also has a calendar portion where you can easily schedule meetings with people and visually see your schedule. I like having everything in one place, so if your school uses an email that has a calendar attached to it, you may want to try that out to see if it's for you.

You can also find calendars that sync with the calendar that comes with your phone. This is a good option if you don't like the way that your phone calendar is formatted and want something that fits your visual needs. Some people may find it helpful as well if an app can also be synced to their computer.

Here are some other apps that are worth trying out to see if they work for you:

  • Planner Pro
  • Tiny Calendar
  • PocketLife Calendar
  • Calendars by Readdle

Chegg Flashcards


You won't need flashcards for every class you take, but you'll be grateful for this app when you do need them. You can avoid the trouble of paper flashcards by simply getting a flashcards app. Just like the calendar app, there are some flashcard apps that work better than others but, simple is usually best. With the Chegg app, you can create categories and decks of flashcards. It's easy to keep track of and simple to use. Some people will use Quizlet because it already has sets of flashcards on it that other people have made, but I would recommend against this because the flashcards other people make won't necessarily be accurate.

Alarm Clock Apps


If you don't already have an alarm clock app on your phone, you're going to need one. With the long days you'll be having in college, you may find yourself wanting to sleep in late every day of the week. Unfortunately, you can't do that when you have class at 9 am five days a week. Unless you're a heavy sleeper or struggle to get out of bed, all you need is a basic one that allows you to set the alarm sound and goes off when you want it to.

If you're a person who struggles with getting out of bed in the morning, here are some more advanced ones (but still free) that will not stop until you are out of bed:

  • Alarmy- you must take a photo of a preset location in order for the alarm to stop
  • Wake Alarm Clock- you must use various gestures to turn it off
  • Loud Alarm Clock- makes an extremely loud noise to wake you up (but please don't use this if you have roommates or housemates)


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Fitness Apps


For many students, college is the first time they're on their own and it can be difficult to stay healthy. In order to avoid the dreaded "freshmen 15," students can download fitness apps to help keep them on track. Everyone has different fitness needs and goals so I can't recommend one single app, but here is a list of apps you can use to help keep yourself on track.

  • Happy Scale- allows you to set weight loss goals for yourself and keep track of your weight using a graph
  • MapMyRun- keeps track of your distance and pace, allows you to join challenges, save your runs, and create training plans and work outs
  • Intervals- allows you to easily set intervals for any interval activity (running, HIIT, boot camp, etc.)
  • Fooducate- you can track your food intake and exercise with this app, scan the bar codes of food items to see the nutritional breakdown, and get suggestions for healthy foods
  • MyFitnessPal- tracks your diet, exercise, and step count for each day. It has over 5,000,000 foods listed in it's system so that you can accurately keep track of calories and nutritional information. This is one of the most popular fitness apps available.

All of these apps are free and I would recommend trying them out to see which ones work best for you and your fitness goals. Eating healthy and exercising are some of the best ways to beat stress. Every college student should have some sort of diet and exercise schedule so that they can function at the optimum level.

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      • JanisaChatte profile image


        22 months ago from Earth

        I could really use a "myHomeworkDoer" app ;D

        I find google drive to be the most useful as it allows me to access my assignments from anywhere and collaborate with others. Also, it's a great way to carry my textbooks around :D

      • Coffeequeeen profile image

        Louise Powles 

        2 years ago from Norfolk, England

        The calender app looks really useful. I think I'll get the calender one to help me. That would be really handy.


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