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Why Pastors Should Write a Book

Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

Bishop TD Jakes has written several episodes

Bishop TD Jakes has written several episodes

Pastors Should Write a Book

There are many pastors who write books these days. If you are a pastor, you should consider writing a book so what you have to say about God will be available to people long after you say the benediction on Sunday!

You should give your congregation something to read and think about while the church doors are closed.

A Book Can Expand a Ministry

Writing a book is a legitimate way to expand a ministry. After all, Paul wrote 13 books of the Bible that people are reading thousands of years later. Pastors and other church leaders write and publish their own books so what they have to say will go beyond the walls of their church.

Joyce Meyer writes a lot of books

Joyce Meyer writes a lot of books

Personal Benefiits

When a pastor writes a book, he or she will experience personal benefits. It has been proven that pastors who write books become better preachers. That's because writing significantly expands a preacher's sermon repertoire. The act of writing increases clarity in the delivery of a sermon. Besides, working on a book will give a pastor daily inspiration to share with his congregation. It will force him to do extensive research in preparation for the book. This process will help him spiritually.

Some preachers put sermons into books they have already preached. Then there are other preachers who write the book first and then have lots of sermons to preach later. It doesn't matter how it is done, as long as it is done.

Publishing a book helps to increase the credibility of a pastor and leader. Why do you think popular pastors have a number of books they have written? You probably have books on your shelf by Joyce Meyer, TD Jakes, Joel Osteen, Charles Stanley, and dozens of other well-known pastors.

Charles Stanley writes a lot of books

Charles Stanley writes a lot of books

Benefits for the People

Because everyone in the congregation is not an auditory learner, a book is another way for them to learn. Since everything cannot be said in a 45-minute sermon once a week, having a book will be a tremendous help for those in the congregation to refer whenever they need.

Having a book will not be in the place of preaching, but it will serve as a great vehicle to reinforce what a pastor has said. It is a medium for adding additional insight and will be helpful to people who learn by reading.

Pastors and preachers can literally change lives through the written words just as through the spoken word. A book can be a vehicle for spiritual guidance that will lead to a transformation.

Having a book will also come in handy for those who want more information beyond the Sunday morning sermon. A preacher can expound on a subject through the pages of a book much more than he can through the limited time of a sermon.

When a preacher's words are on the pages of a book, people can go back and re-read things they don't understand. They can't do that by listening to a sermon.

Reach People You Will Never Meet

Having a book available can increase the preacher's audience. Usually, a pastor preaches to a limited number of people on Sunday morning. However, a book will enable his message to reach the masses. After a preacher spends a tremendous amount of time writing a sermon, he should want as many people to learn from it. A book could help people all over the world for years to come.

Unless a book is available, only those sitting in the sanctuary and those listening by radio or to recordings will have the privilege of knowing what a pastor has preached. However, having a book increases that number exponentially.

This is a book by Rev. Margaret Minnicks

This is a book by Rev. Margaret Minnicks

Your Book: Your Legacy

When you write and publish a book, it will be your legacy to your family, your church family, and people you will probably never meet. A pastor's work will be preserved for generations.

A good idea is to publish a book and give a copy to new visitors. They will get to know you through more than the one sermon they hear on the day they visit. The book is a way of letting visitors get to know the pastor.

The pastor might not become famous or write a best seller, but his words can remain behind as a blessing to others. Leaving a book behind is a lasting legacy. It is a way to preach and teach the word of God and the redemptive power of Jesus Christ after the pastor has left this world.

Publishing a Book is Easier Than Ever

Publishing a book is easier, and less expensive, and the process is more convenient than ever before. That's why lots of people are writing books.

If you’re not ready to write and publish a paperback or hardcover book, consider writing an e-book or a newsletter for your church, starting a blog, or expanding your thoughts via social media.

This is a book by Rev. Margaret Minnicks about the eating themes in the Bible

This is a book by Rev. Margaret Minnicks about the eating themes in the Bible

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Margaret Minnicks (author) from Richmond, VA on February 21, 2018:

Yes, Evangelist Billy Graham left behind at least 30 books. He was an inspiration to a lot of people. I particularly like his book about heaven and what happens after we die. I wrote an article about him on my other writing site, blasting news, early this morning as soon as I heard the news.

Tim Truzy from U.S.A. on February 21, 2018:

With the passing today of the legendary Christian leader, Billy Graham, this article is right on time. He left his legacy in books, videos, and sermons. One of my favorite series, "Left Behind," was published by serious religious leaders in the Christian faith. Who can forget that series? Even if it is not a direct sermon, telling stories to get the point across, as these men did in "Left Behind" is just as potent.

Thank you for a well written article.