Reasons for Rejection of German Student Visa

Getting your student visa rejected can be a very devastating experience. Students really invest a lot of time and energy before they finally appear for their visa interviews. It first starts with finding the right schools and also the right study programmes. You then go ahead to send numerous applications to various schools because of the fact that admission is very competitive in Germany due to the lack of tuition fees, and hence you wouldn't want to risk putting all your eggs in one basket. If the schools you intend applying to have dealings with UNI-ASSIST, that means you will have to pay an application fee for every school you apply to, which can be quite costly. Then comes the long wait for admission which in some cases takes several months. If you are lucky to get admission, you may be required to open a blocked account in Germany and transfer 8640 euros into it. You then have to gather all the documents for your visa interview, pay your visa fee and finally battle to book an early slot for your visa interview, which is really tough because there are few slots available at any given time. Having gone through all these processes and challenges, it can be quite a hard pill to swallow if your visa ends up being rejected.

This is why you should leave no stone unturned when you are preparing for your interview. Based on research and personal experiences from students, I would try and outline some of the major reasons why the German embassy refuses to hand out visas to students. I must emphasize that these are not the definitive reasons for the rejection of students visas since the final decision lies with the Immigration Office where you will be studying. It is also very important to point out that unlike most embassies, the final decision to issue or deny a visa is not dependent on the visa officer. It is mainly dependent on the Immigration Office where you will be studying. All the visa officer does is to give a positive or negative recommendation based on your performance at the interview. Therefore you might do exceptionally well at the visa interview and still have you visa refused. You might also do poorly at the interview and be surprised to learn that you have been issued a visa.

The State Didn't See Your Profile Fitting for their Future Needs


Germany, like most countries is in high need of skilled workers. They also need bright young minds because of their aging population. The free tuition has been extended to international students in an effort to attract bright minds from around the world. They hope these young minds would learn their language and get acclimatized to their systems. They can then go ahead to fill skilled positions that cannot be filled by their citizens for one reason or the other. Currently, Germany is in high need of scientists and engineers. However, this does not mean they are not in need of other professionals as well. When you apply to study in Germany, the state where your university is located plays a huge factor in determining if your visa will be be granted or not. If the state needs people in the field you applied to, there is a high chance your visa will be granted with all other things being equal. If the state already has a large number professionals in the field you applied to, then they might use other factors like the availability of accommodation and transport facilities in making their decisions which really doesn't put the odds in your favor.

Poor financial status.

This is the number one reason most students have their visas refused. Despite the fact that most institutions in Germany do not charge tuition fees , you still need to be financially sound to survive in Germany. The German Embassy wants students to concentrate on their studies and does not want them to get distracted as a result of financial difficulties. Lack of sufficient funds can force students into crime. They may also neglect their studies altogether and take up jobs. The German Embassy therefore places a huge emphasis on the financial capability of students. Students require around 720 euros per month to cover the cost of living in Germany. It may be higher or lower depending on the city. Students are expected to show a minimum of 8640 euros every year in order to renew their visa. As such, if the German Embassy has any reason to believe that you might have trouble financing your studies, it can easily lead to your visa being rejected.

Poor Academic Profile

The visa officer assesses your capability to study in Germany using your previous academic results. Dont be fooled, the German educational system is one of the toughest in the world. The huge drop out rates in their universities is a testament to this. As many as as 60 percent of students in the engineering and the sciences drop out during their first year. German universities do not depend on tuition fees from students and hence they are under no pressure to pass them. They also do not grade on a curve. If an entire class fails a particular examination and there is nothing wrong with the questions, then so be it. Therefore, if the visa officer feels you are not academically fit to survive the rigorous academic standards in Germany, it might lead to your visa being rejected. The visa officer does not want you to enter Germany and end up getting frustrated because you are unable to pass your papers.

Lack of preparation for your interview

Some students go into the interview totally unprepared which makes the visa officer doubt their seriousness to study in Germany. The visa officer expects you to know some basic facts about Germany. He or she expects you to know some facts about the state and city where your school is located. He or she also expects you to know some facts about your school and your study programme. If you go into the interview lacking knowledge in any of these facts, the visa officer concludes that you are not really serious about studying in Germany and this can lead to your visa being refused.

Insufficient Language Level (Either German or English)

It is very common for students to apply to study a programme in Germany that requires let's say C1 German language level, when they only have A2 qualification. This makes the visa officer doubt whether they can be able to comprehend lectures and pass examinations successfully. As a student your ability to succeed academically is of high importance to the embassy and hence anything that would hinder your academic progress can be a reason for rejection. The same applies for English taught programmes in Germany. If you have very low score in your IELTS or TOEFL, the visa officer would doubt if you can be able to understand and pass lectures in English and this can contribute to your visa being rejected.

Inconsistency With Your Choice of Study Programme

This usually comes in two forms. The first form is when students apply for master's programmes in Germany that is totally unrelated to what they did in their bachelor's degrees. It is advisable to show solid proof of why you want to study in a new field, which can be in the form of work experience in the new field. The second form is when a student applies for a second bachelor's degree or a second master's degree programme in Germany. The bachelor's degree is not that well regarded in Germany and having 2 bachelor's degrees is like starting 2 educational paths and finishing neither of them. Also if you already have a master's degree, the visa officer might wonder why you aren't applying for a PhD. This can make you appear desperate and the visa officer would doubt if your true intention is to study.

Most students do not really think much of their motivation letter. However, it is one of the most important, if not the most important component of your visa application. Click on the link below to learn how to write a perfect motivation letter.

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dev 6 months ago

The German education system especially school system is nowhere near the competitiveness which Indian schools have. Entrance exam for Indian universities for medical and engineering are in fact one of the toughest examination in the world. And preparation for that is so intensive that it is at times even more than what one learns in first or second year. I am 2nd-year bachelor student in Berlin university and some of the things we learn now were already done in my school in india while preparing for IIT-JEE(entrance exam for engineering ).

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 6 months ago from Germany Author

Dev. Good for you. First and foremost, there is no point comparing the toughness of any two educational systems, since toughness is relative. What one might find tough, another person might find easy. If you read my article carefully, I clearly said that German educational system is ONE OF THE TOUGHEST and NOT THE TOUGHEST. If you feel Indian's educational system is tougher, that's OK. You are entitled to your opinion. But the purpose of that statement was not compare the toughness of any two educational systems but rather to make students mentally prepared so they can succeed in their studies.

Mirza 6 months ago

No doubt Indian system of Education is competitive but as per what i have found is that in Germany everybody has one area of expertise and not many subjects of different areas have to be crammed like in India. This focus of being dedicated and the application of knowledge using technology puts German standards apart from Indian system. That is what makes things intensive here.

freadstor 5 months ago

Hi Charles,

I have dropped out from a master's program in Germany because I got poor grades and now that I'm wanting to go back. Is it possible that my explanations regarding my lack of background in that particular master program was at fault, is sufficient enough for visa acceptance?

Also right now I'm applying for Master in Finance and Data Science. I'm currently doing Data Science and CFA(Certified Financial Analyst) exam Level 1 on my own.

Will these explanation be enough for getting a visa? I'm highly doubtful about that, so I'm not relying on the Visa and will be seeking employment in Finance soon and will later try to go to Germany (or elsewhere, maybe US) for higher degree.

freadstor 5 months ago


I was trying to explain that if I give these reasons that my first masters program was not really engineering as thought it was, and it didn't suit me as it was more of physics than engineering.

While, I'm currently doing Data Science and CFA as an additional on my own thing, to cope with the second master work.(for which I'm working on now)

Yes, I do know that it's been tough going with these explanation and how they would take it. But as you have said a persuasive explanation might work in my favour, although I don't expect the success rate of it to be higher.

I haven't gotten any acceptance till now as I have only sent them recently. Let's see how the admissions goes before worrying about Visa.

Adding to what the Indians here said. Yes, the Indian admissions test is very tough, but it doesn't necessarily mean everyone gets through it, the number of seats in such good universities are less and the rest of the universities are mostly trash. The good university continue to be the same standards of school/entrance exam level, but trash universities in India are majority and are filled with students who have no hope of future.

In my advise, I would suggest any student from India to consider studying abroad, anywhere for example, Singapore, Hong Kong, Macau, South Korea etc(if not for US, UK, Canada and other generic places Indians mostly flock to ), if they have learnt German since childhood, well and good, they can even learn in German Universities in German.

akash10491 profile image

akash10491 4 months ago


I applied for a Masters program in Germany after completing my graduation though my profile was not competitive, i was rejected. The university was open to accepting a master's degree applicant for their MS course, so i decided to pursue my master's in my home country and completed it with good grades. Simultaneously, i applied for my dream course again and was able to secure the admission this time. How should i approach the visa interview?

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 4 months ago from Germany Author


The visa officer will likely ask you why you are going for a second master's degree instead of a Ph.d. Is the reputation of the university and the program very good. If that's the case then the visa officer might be able to understand why you would like to start from scratch. Also, is the master's program you pursued in your home country related to the one you want to pursue in Germany. If yes, then it's a good sign and shows that you are consistent. If its not related, then the visa officer might see you as desperate. So long story short, just convince the visa officer that you are really passionate about the program and that the new masters program is of great quality and reputation than the one you did in your home country and can help you be a better prepared ph.d candidate in the future.

akash10491 profile image

akash10491 4 months ago


Thanks :)

Harsh desai 3 months ago

Hi ,

I m harsh desai from india.

I gave student visa interview before 40 days but i didn't got visa approval by mail.

As well my visa interview was so good & eusy going.

So what is the reson of it's been so late ?

marian 3 months ago

Hello Charles,

I recently got my admission letter to study in Bonn Sank Augustin(Germany) and i just sent my documents to request for a blocked account to be open with DeutscheBank. My problem is i am suppose to be present by 30th September for enrollment and i haven't even applied for a visa.Can the embassy reply me within one month?I am really worried please help.

It is an English masters program,and i have toefl ibt and even Georthe Zertifikat A1.

Eyybee 3 months ago

Please can you tell us little about german language course visa application and also possible reasons for denial

And please how Long does it normally takes for block account to be ready?


charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 3 months ago from Germany Author


You have around roughly two months to secure you visa and meet your enrollment deadline. Your ability to meet up with the deadline all depends on the foreigns office where your university is located. Some students are able to secure their visas in as little as three week whilst others can take up to three months. So you cant really know if you would get a reply within a month. So just apply and if its getting late you can ask your university to extend your enrollment deadline. If they cant you can apply again in the next semester.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 3 months ago from Germany Author

@ Eyybee

First and foremost, If you have an accredited German Language Centre such as the Geothe Institute in your home country, then there is no point in applying to study a German Language course in Germany. The German Embassy would see you as desperate and would likely reject your visa. However, if the german language course is part of a requirement to gain admission to pursue a study program, then you can apply.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 3 months ago from Germany Author

@Harsh desai

Visa processing can take some time especially with the current refugee crisis in Germany, so be patient. If you haven't heard from them in roughly two months you can contact the embassy and enquire about the status of your visa application. Good luck.

Msoo 3 months ago

Please agent help: Kenya

My sister applied for a visit visa in July 2016 and it was denied. She has already done German courses, now she want to apply for a student visa summer semester (Entrance exam is in January) do you think this is a good idea? Or when is the best time for her to apply for a student visa?

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 3 months ago from Germany Author

I don't think there is a perfect time to apply for a visa. As long as she satisfies all the requirements, there is a high chance she would be granted her visa. On the other hand, if she doesnt meet the requirements her visa would be denied. Her visit visa being denied has no effect on the outcome of her student visa. Good luck.

Duke 3 months ago

Hello Charles,

I have been granted admission by one of the German universities to study an MA program. Is it possible to present both financial proofs: blocked account with enough amount for a year of study and a sponsor letter of a person living in Germany? or just one among the two financial proofs? Will it have any effect on denial or approval of the study visa? Thanks a lot

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 2 months ago from Germany Author

Congratulations Duke on your admission. I would advise you to just follow the requirements of the embassy in your country. Does your embassy require you to show both financial proofs: blocked account with enough amount for a year of study and a sponsor letter of a person living in Germany? If yes, then show both. If they require you to show only one form of financial proof, then do just that. However, most embassies normally require you to show only one source of financial proof, which maybe in the form of a blocked account or a sponsor in Germany. Please don't overthink it, just follow the requirements and hopefully you will secure your visa. Good luck..

Aboagye 2 months ago

I just got admission into university of Hamburg for a masters program but I delayed in booking appointment for my visa interview (to be held on 27th September). The course is due to start on October 17. Should I go ahead with the interview or its too late? I seriously need advice.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 2 months ago from Germany Author

Hello Aboagye. Congratulations on your admission. Honestly, I am not in the position to tell you whether to go ahead with your interview or not. I am assuming you are applying from Ghana. The embassy clearly states that that the entire procedure takes a minimum of eight weeks. You have roughly two weeks for your student visa application to be forwarded to the responsible immigration authority in Germany for approval, which is far less than the minimum eight week requirement. If your university can extend your enrollment deadline, it might help. So it's up to you to decide if it's worth it. Good luck.

Arindam 2 months ago

I have got admission for MS at University of Erlangen. I had my Visa Interview at the Mumbai Consulate on 1st August 16.

As per the course requirement, I had submitted a letter from my graduating University in India, that the medium of instruction for 4 years of study was in English and hence my IELTS score requirement was waived of. The German university issued me the waiver letter for the visa interview.

During the Visa Interview, the VO accepted the letter from my graduating university and the waiver letter from the German university, and the entire process went smoothly. I even submitted a copy of IELTS taken in February 2014 with a Band 8.

But now I am worried that because I have not taken IELTS, my visa might get rejected even after a good Visa interview.

Can you please shed some light on this.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 2 months ago from Germany Author

First and foremost, congratulations on your admission and successful interview. Based on the information you provided, I think you are good. I understand that awaiting visa decision can make one anxious and force one to over anayse things but please try to relax. Hope to see you in Germany soon.

Adnan 2 months ago

Hi. I'd appeared for my visa interview on 21st July.

The letter of credit entry from deutsche bank had a slight error. The total amount said 8640 euros with a monthly disposal of 670. Although, before transferring the money, I'd received a confirmation of 8640 and 720. The visa officer accepted my documents saying they'll get back to me in case a problem arises. Should I be worried?

Also, I was asked to fill up a questionnaire. I couldn't answer one of those questions. And in another question I was asked to mention my course modules. I blacked out and could only name 3. Will that lead to a rejection?

Thank you

DAN 2 months ago

A bit reluctant to say that my scored in past academic was mere 40-54% of mark, due to some chronic health issues, which I regret now, so therefore, couldn't focus on studies, resulted into poor marks. But today I'm more focussed, score 6.5 in IELTS, didi my masters in India & willing to study further for MA in marketing in Germany. I have no idea, whether my visa will might get declined ?? Please suggest.

Krishna 2 months ago


I had my student VISA interview recently. The officer asked me a question whether I would pursue Ph.D post completing my masters in Germany. I replied " If the circumstances are favourable, I may consider". Please let me know if that was an apt answer as most of the forums state that you need to make them believe you are going to return to your country.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 2 months ago from Germany Author

Hello Adnan. Congrats on your admission and interview. Since the mistake in the letter of credit entry arose from Deutsch Bank and not from you, I don't think you have anything to worry about. I am sure they would sort things out.

Also, I don't think not not being able to answer only one question would lead to the denial of your visa so far as you answered the rest of the questions correctly. Good luck.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 2 months ago from Germany Author

Hello Dan. Sorry on your chronic health issues. I understand how difficult it is to concentrate on your studies when you have chronic health problems. I am however going to be honest with you. Your chance of securing visa is not really high. That doesn't mean you can't secure visa. First and foremost, the visa officer might doubt if you won't be distracted again by your health issues when you get to study in Germany. Have you being able to clear your health issues? If you have, I would advise you to show a solid proof that you really had chronic health problems that affected your studies and that you have now cleared them, during your interview.

Also, going for a second masters program doesn't help your case. What was your scores in your masters program in India? Are the two masters programs related in anyway. I would need the answers to these questions to give you a final response. Good luck.

Umang 2 months ago

Charles, I appeared for my visa interview yesterday here in Delhi , my interview went well but the visa officer got irritated when she asked for second set of documents while I only had one and I went out of embassy to get the second set, the lady got really upset at this and did mention more than once how it took an hour and a half instead of the usual half an hour. My financial as well as academic record is good enough and I am going for an under graduate course in physics and would be persuing language course for first six months. Can you tell me where do I stand with regards to visa rejection or acceptance.?

efsuast 8 weeks ago

Hi Charles, I got admission for a bachelor degree in Germany, the problem is that I have already a bachelor and a master degree in my country so I am very concerned about the visa. Three weeks after the visa interview, they asked me to send my résumé and a letter of motivation to the embassy. As I sent it I got notice that a friend applying for the same program and with a bachelor degree, was denied for a visa. Today that I have red your blog I understood why they have asked me for that additional information. Do you think that I still have a chance to get a visa?.

Duke 7 weeks ago

Hello Charles,

Thanks for the congratulatory remark.

I have done my personal interview and submitted the complete requirements, it went well. However the VO gave me back my passport and said wait for 1 to 3 months for the approval so I must have my passport first with me, she said she will inform me if the approval comes or if needs any other documents.

What could be the reason why she gave me back my passport? Does it mean rejection? Please help me understand it. Because I know the passport usually stays with the German embassy during the process.

Thanks a lot.

James 6 weeks ago

Hey duke , I'm not Charles but I believe I have your answer because I made several observations on that since I had the same question.

The answer is no. I saw that it mostly depends on your embassy. Some embassies take the passport and some don't. For me, the embassy kept the passport with the applicants. Two years ago they did not but now they do.

I know many people who were asked to keep their passports with them and got the visa regardless.

And again, the embassy doesn't make the decision on whether you shall get the visa or not so it doesn't really make sense.

I hope this helps :) !



charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 6 weeks ago from Germany Author

Congrats on your admission and interview. It's quite unfortunate that you sent only one set of documents to the interview. However, I don't believe it would have any significant effect on your student visa being approved or rejected. The visa officer assesses you strictly based on your performance at the interview. If you were able to answer all the questions correctly and confidently, then you have nothing to worry about.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 6 weeks ago from Germany Author

Hello Efsuast. Honestly, I can't tell you if your visa would be denied or approved because every case is different. I know a lot of people who applied for a second bachelors program and still had their visa approved. It all depends on how valid and strong your reasons are for going for a second bachelors degree. Your ability to convince the visa officer and your letter of motivation would play a very critical factor in determining if your visa would be denied or accepted. I have an article on how to write your motivation letter for German student visa. You can read about it in the link below.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 6 weeks ago from Germany Author

Hello Duke. James gave a perfect answer to your question. It varies from embassy to embassy. Some embassies keep your passport and others return it.

James 6 weeks ago

Hey Charles, it's James

I applied for a visa on the 12th of July, later on though I noticed I made a mistake by answering no for "do you intent to maintain your perminant residence outside the federal republic of Germany ?". I honestly misunderstood the question. I tried contacting the embassy but no one answers. And you might say that it should be mentioned in my motivation letter that I don't want to stay in Germany but ,and you might my believe it so check for yourself if you like , for the German embassy in Beirut it is not one of the requirements to write a motivation letter. Only a CV.

So what should I do ?

Raj bhatia 6 weeks ago

hello I want to apply in german universities without ielts for german language course is this possible i successfully grant my visa without ielts just without the ielts please help me

James 6 weeks ago

Hey raj , you want to apply to German universities without Ilets but also apply to German courses and then apply for a visa ?

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 5 weeks ago from Germany Author

Hello James,

How did you try contacting the embassy?

Try sending them an email. You can also try calling their line.

James 5 weeks ago

Hey Charles

I tried everything from calling them to emailing them.

Their phone lines are literary ALWAYS busy and their email doesn't work.

Ali 4 weeks ago

Dear Charles is it still possible to get approved for a student visa if the date for my aufmahmepruefung for studienkolleg has passed ? I applied for the visa on 14tb of August and the exam was on the 1st of September but that passed and I didn't get a reply so is it still possible or should I give up hope ?

Jaylee 3 weeks ago

Hi Charles

I got admission at University of Siegen and applied for national visa at the German embassy in Turkey. My visa appointment was this gone Monday. When I met the visa officer I told her that the last day of my school's registration is on the 13th of October which is less than 3weeks. I came home and wrote the university requesting extension and they expressed that there's nothing they can do so I then forwarded the mail to the embassy requesting for a quicker process. I didn't get a reply but now I am worried if that will in anyways affect my application. Also, I did missed one of the questions about that courses I am expected to take. Reading your article for me feeling so afraid.

Lastly, I used my WAEC certificate as my prof of English exam.

Nida 3 weeks ago

Hello Charles,

I read several comments and concluded that your helping out many applicants and future applicants. So first I appreciate it and now my question is : I am student of pharmacy I did four years bachelor's and got 75% after that post graduate diploma in drug regulatory affairs and pursuing masters got 8.7 cgpa in 1st year according me my profile is satisfactory. I want to apply for masters /MS again so is there a problem if I apply in same or related field according to you what are my chances to get admission in MS.

Second question I am asking for my friend she has done 3 years of bachelor's in political science so 15 years of schooling is okay or if not so how to fill up the gap or fulfill the requirement.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 3 weeks ago from Germany Author

If the date for your exam has passed then there is a high chance your visa would not be approved unless you can make some special arrangements to write the exam at a later date.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 3 weeks ago from Germany Author

First and foremost what is national visa?

3 weeks is quite a short time but there have been some cases where applicant received their visas within 3 weeks. You can't really tell. It depends on the Immigration Office of the city where you will be studying. So just hope for the best. Worst case scenario you can apply again in the next semester.

Missing one interview question wouldn't have any serious effect so far as you answered the remaining questions correctly and confidently.

If your university accepted your WAEC as proof of your language proficiency, then you don't have any problem. Good luck.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 3 weeks ago from Germany Author

Your grades are good so there is a high chance you would get admission to a masters program in Germany. You can apply for a second masters, you just have to proof to the visa officer why you are going for a second masters. It can be in a related field. You just have to be able to convince the visa officer that you genuinely want to study and not just a potential immigrant.

Most German universities require 4 years of education to be eligible for masters. Some universities accept 3 years of education on the condition that you would take and pass some courses before being admitted to a masters program. Your friend can therefore make the necessary enquiries.

mariama 6 days ago

hello charles,

i applied for a masters study program and my interview was yesterday. I showed prove of a blocked student acount in Germany but did not provide an additional document ie a bank statement to take care of additional charges like my fees. However i made mention of the fact that my father is the one sponsoring my studies. pls help

Sunny mehta 2 days ago

Hello charles

I am sunny mehta from india.i applied for student national visa for my masters program on 24th august 2016 at mumbai consulate.after two monthsi got rejection letter with the reason that there are doubts on intention of your stay.

Now what can i do for removing this reason ? I just want to go for further studies.

Any advise.

Thank you

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 38 hours ago from Germany Author

Hello Sunny,

Sorry for your visa rejection. I know it can be quite tough to go through all the difficult visa processes and have your visa rejected in the long run. The truth is that if they give the reason for your visa rejection as ' doubts on intention of your stay/study', then there are 4 likely reasons which I have already mentioned in my article. They are either you have a poor academic background, your interview was poor, your language skills did not satisfy them, or there were inconsistencies with your choice of study program. Go through these reasons carefully and I am sure you would realise that you fall culprit to at least one. Try to work on the ones that you fall culprit to and after you have tackled it, you can then apply again and hopefully you get a better outcome next time. Good luck.

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 37 hours ago from Germany Author


What documents were you required to present for your interview according to your embassy's visa requirements? I think all the documents that they require at the interview are usually stated on the embassy's website. If they didn't state a sponsor's bank statement as part of the documents required for your interview, then you have nothing to worry.

Shazad 35 hours ago

Hi Charles. Firstly thank you for this wonderful resource and thanks for taking the time to answer questions. I got into dffb film schule in Berlin. I gave my visa application nearly 2 months back. I have a few questions.

1) For my application I gave an extension letter from the school till October. October is nearly over now. If the visa doesnt arrive this month will it be rejected. I believe my school would be willing to extend further.

2) I also submitted a letter I got from the school stating that I do not require any language certificate and the B2 german can be submitted later in due course. They have already seen my communication skills during the 10 day entrance test. is this good enough?

3) My school tried mailing the local visa office to quicken the situation but got no response. Now they are planning to send someone personally. Do you believe that would be entertained?

charlesnuamah profile image

charlesnuamah 18 hours ago from Germany Author


Congratulations on your admission.

1) I think if a decision is made to issue you a visa after October, they would contact you again and ask for proof of further extension of your enrollment deadline. I don't think they would reject you outrightly. However, if your school is unable to extend your enrollment deadline again, it can be a reason for rejection and they might ask you to apply again in the next semester.

2) If the school's requirement states that you do not require any German language certificate till later in your course, then you have nothing to worry. Although, it woud have been a big plus for you if your were able to show them a language certificate.

3) I don't think your school or anyone can do anything to quicken the process. Normally, a complete application with all necessary documents in good order ensures a fast application process. Applications with unclear information experience great delay as further background checks might be necessary. If you haven't heard anything in 3 months or more, then definitely try to contact your embassy.

Shazad 17 hours ago

Thanks so much Charles. Appreciate the help.

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