How to Prepare for an Exam in 10 Days

Small efforts are enough if applied technically...
Small efforts are enough if applied technically...

Regardless of how often you take exams, they are often very frustrating. Remember, thinking of failure will often lead to failure. You need to change your attitude first.

Test preparation includes a number of things that lead up to you sitting in for the actual exam. Here are some tips on what you can do to ensure success on your next test.

Good luck!

Gather Your Materials

Most students don't really think about what their limits are. When we don't know what to do, it's useless to think about how to prepare.

First and foremost, you should be gathering your course outline and materials. Make sure that you have all the required books and your notes in front of you. If you don't have great notes, ask a peer if they're willing to help you out by lending you theirs. Before you can succeed, you at least need to have the opportunity to do so and in order for that to happen you'll need resources. The more you have your weapons prepared, the higher your chances are of winning the battle.

Believe in Yourself

If you hesitate to say "I can win," you're only hindering yourself from winning. It doesn't cost you anything to say and believe that, so go ahead—make sure that at the core of your beliefs, you know you'll win. It's important that before you actually prepare for the exams themselves, you believe you'll be able to get through them. The stronger your determination, the stronger your final results will be.

Don't think about your previous failures. If your determination is strong, anything is possible. Don't think about words like can't, fail, and impossible. Say out loud, "this is possible!" Believe in yourself.

Allocate Your Time Wisely

I was a former med student, so you can imagine what my course load was like. It was the lengthiest and toughest among all the degree and graduate programs. Regardless of your concentration or program, you'll get through it. I did.

Make sure you give yourself 7-10 days and if you properly study and are focused, you'll be able to successfully get through the test. Have faith in God and trust in your abilities. When you have a plate full of rice, you take it in by the spoonful. Not all at once. The same concept applies to your exam studies. Divide the workload among those 10 days equally and commit to the load you've assigned yourself on each given day. This helps to break your huge course into small, digestible pieces. Now, it is easier to get through.

Focus on the Important Material Only

While studying, you'll definitely come across many irrelevant facts and pieces of information that will likely not be tested. While going the extra mile is great in life and in one's career, it's not necessary in these 10 days of studying. I've always been a student who was just fair in academics. In other words, I preferred to focus on things outside of the books but this attitude must be avoided.

Make sure that you focus only on what's going to be tested. You have to be very specific and to-the-point. Many of the problems we incur in our educational career arise because we create them ourselves. Focus only on what is important and relevant, and forget the rest.

Prioritize Your Schedule

It's a crucial time and you'll need to prioritize your time. Fun may have to be delayed for now.

Set your phone on silent mode and stop the usual wasteful texting. Don't waste time watching your usual movies and TV shows, and only listen to songs if they help you study. Parties are fun, but they'll need to wait until your exams are over—you have far more important things to achieve in this period. Promise your friends that they'll see you more after this 10-day study period. This time is crucial in all aspects. Don't waste it on activities that can hurt your grades.

Lastly, don't forget to breathe! The oxygen will help calm you and is de-stressing.

Can I Study Everything in Just 10 Days?

No, it's not possible. Your desire to do so might be just your nervous system firing off. You're pumped and hyper, and your entire body increases its metabolism almost tenfold. If this is the situation, it is nearly impossible to carry on with your whole course of subjects. You must control your present situation to study, because once your nervous system suspects overactivity, it increases the secretion of neurotransmitters that makes you ready for fight and flight. This may seem like a good thing, but the tradeoff is that there may be a degeneration of memory and creativity. That could lead to the moment of real destruction—imagine sitting in the test hall and not remembering anything, despite just reading about it the night before.

It's all about your attitude, and you'll need to pace yourself and try to remain calm. Cool-minded average students score higher than really tense, above average students. You have a choice here, believe me! You can do it. Just relax.

Good luck!

General Instructions for Preparation

  1. Take care of your personal health and hygiene.
  2. Sleep well and rest up. Remember, "Rest is best for the test!"
  3. Study periodically, and consider the exam period as a "natural event" of life.
  4. Be social. Sometimes, a comforting friend helps more than any book.
  5. If you have too much leisurely time on your hands and are depressed, remember that you have other things to focus on.

If your score is in between 70-90%, don't get too happy now. You still want to strive for improvement.

If it's below 70%, then you must concentrate more on the points mentioned in this article.

Those students scoring more than 90% in this quiz should contact me ASAP, because I want to learn from you!

Calculate Your Percentage of Attitude in Exams Here!

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i think sugata u r having now only 7 days for studying . what u do is that in both thaat subjects u first make the least of chapters which u think u will find easy and which are carrying more exams . cover all easy chapters u can complete sat a timetable . see that if u are studying 1 chapter today see that u r perfect make strong will take required study mateials 1st while studying so tht u don't waste time by searching. see that whatever u r doing is perfect and after 2 dats doing revision of same becoz if u don't revise after 2 days our memory becomes less. after studying ur particular topic take one blank page write the topic wht u have studied in middle and by not loking in notes put arrows against that topic write the thing which u rember after that remove ur notes and see which things u have forgotten agin study and till u r not able to recal. solve as many as previous years question paper each day u will surely get at least 60 percent if u follow this strictl and see that u r also taking rest in between after every 2 hour of study take 10-15 minutes break and don't make it as it spoil ur timetable and see that u r doing thing which u like mopst to do in that break so ur mind becames fresh to start again with ur topic or studies

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sagar 22 months ago

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If you have less than 10 days for prep, just don't loose your hope and do whatever you can. Remember, once you decided to do something, its already done actually!

And in case, if you have 15 days, just enjoy 5 days and come back again when you got 10 days left only. Study wants your concentration, not plenty of time...

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./..//././///// REST ////...////////..///////////////..IS//.//././/////////////.../...//////BEST.///

///.///////..////////////FOR/....//////////////////THE/..././/.///////////../.TEST/////. RJ

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Nirali Shah

You have to give time to your studies after college. You have to spare some time from leisure activities.

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Very good Tips Gave to Me Sir Thank you.

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Dear Gayathri. You should study at morning when cortisol levels are high and stress is relatively less. All the best!

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aimen 10 months ago

Am always in stress can you tell me how I can divide and complete my studies

aimen 10 months ago

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aimen 10 months ago

Chemistry physics bio Urdu Islamist pakstudy maths and English all subjects have 9 chapters

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Aditi 9 months ago

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Aditi 9 months ago

I hope that these tips work on me...actually they have increased my will power...I will try my best...


aimen 9 months ago

Sir only having 10 days in board exams and 8 subjects are to be prared

aimen 9 months ago

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Kashish Patel 9 months ago

Yeah!! I got 89% percentage and 96% as a percentage.....I am fully satisfied with my results...... This idea really helped me a lot. I was just following this rules wisely. my idea was to see this page 3 times a day as compared to a medicine which we take 3 times per day. As many times you see this page more you get motivated . Best of luck . Apply it. By seeing nothing will happen

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I am post graduate Obg I have only 28 days to study nt able to study always wants to have leisure activities.

Nipurna Kunwar 7 months ago

I feel good now because I got 90%. I have about 10 days remaining for my finals. And I have not finished any of my subject completely. I am not nervous about it because luckily I am always getting good marks in finals ( I don't know how this happens but I think it is because I don't take it seriously). I always start my preparation lately 2-3 days before exam. I don't care how much marks I get in the exam because it doesn't test my creativity.Best of luck for everyone who have exams after few days. And best of luck for me. Nipurna you can do it, yes you can do it.yeah!!

And Thank you Sir for this article and especially for the %age attitude test.

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Junaid Ghani 8 weeks ago from Karachi, Pakistan Author

Thank you so much for appreciating my efforts for students. Just remove all of your fears and establish self confidence within you. It will help a lot in improving your grades.

ayesha begum 7 weeks ago

sir i am in 10th class my exams is coming soon but i cannot learn any subject please give me a some tips for learn all subjects

aftab 6 weeks ago

How toPreparefor anExamin 10 Days

Bhawani shankar 5 weeks ago

how can I prepared for board exam 2 weeks ago 7 days ago

I am a grad student in a US university, I did pretty bad in my mid term exam, my funding depends on passing this course with a 3.0 gpa, I am pretty much tensed right now, I want to talk to someone, here I have no one to talk to.

Nebeel 7 days ago

I can't stady since

sonali jaiswal 6 hours ago

thankyou so much for tips !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it mean

a great help

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