The 9 Worst Colleges in the U.S.

Updated on January 15, 2019
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College is an investment in the future, but some investments are better than others.
College is an investment in the future, but some investments are better than others. | Source

What Makes a University the Worst?

What makes a college bad? The answer may vary depending on who you ask, and the list below is not meant to be authoritative—although I am sure it will be controversial to some.

The universities on this list were chosen according to whether they stood out regarding my personally chosen criteria, including:

  • ROI (return on investment over 20 years)
  • Graduation rate (within 6 years)
  • Average student debt
  • Median starting income
  • Annual cost (including tuition, fees, room, and board)
  • CollegeFactual overall ranking

For this list, I have considered only universities that are regionally accredited, located in the United States, and for which relevant data is available. I have excluded community colleges, military academies, and for-profit institutions such as DeVry and the University of Phoenix.

My main sources of information are U.S. News & World Report, PayScale, CollegeFactual, and RateMyProfessors. I have indicated below which data comes from which source. In all cases, I have used the most recent available data.

For the sake of equity, I have listed the following colleges in alphabetical order.

The 9 Worst Colleges in America

  1. Fayetteville State University
  2. Florida Memorial University
  3. Grambling State University
  4. Lindsey Wilson College
  5. Morris College
  6. University of the District of Columbia
  7. University of Montevallo
  8. University of South Carolina, Aiken
  9. Shaw University

1. Fayetteville State University

Fayetteville State University is situated in urban Fayetteville, North Carolina. Founded in 1867, this public institution has an undergraduate enrollment of 5,393, and its gender balance is 60% women to 40% men. Reviewing the school, one student wrote: "The staff and the faculty are uncaring.... Look up the crime rate; it's [in] the worst area in Fayetteville."

  • ROI: $29,500
  • Graduation rate: 33%
  • Average student debt: $21,304
  • Median starting income: $38,000
  • Annual cost: $13,151 (in-state); $24,759 (out-of-state)
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1433 (out of 1779)

2. Florida Memorial University

Founded in 1879, Florida Memorial University is located in urban Miami, Florida. This private school has an undergraduate enrollment of 1,669, of which 63% are women and 37% are men. One student reviewer wrote: "The teachers are very disrespectful and unfair to the students and [they are] setting the students up for failure. I would not recommend [that] anyone come here."

  • ROI: -$64,000
  • Graduation rate: 38%
  • Average student debt: $30,160
  • Median starting income: $36,600
  • Annual cost: $22,270
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1553 (out of 1779)

Grambling State University
Grambling State University | Source

3. Grambling State University

Located in rural Grambling, Louisiana, Grambling State University is a public institution that was founded in 1901. Its undergraduate enrollment is 4,076, of which 58% are women and 42% are men. Reviewing the school, one student wrote: "This campus is a complete joke.... Some teachers are helpful; however, this campus is not safe at all. Too many people with guns and drugs. Way too many people hanging out on campus that aren't enrolled here."

  • ROI: $61,100
  • Graduation rate: 35%
  • Average student debt: $25,732
  • Median starting income: $43,800
  • Annual cost: $17,489
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1614 (out of 1779)

4. Lindsey Wilson College

Founded in 1903 and located in Columbia, Kentucky, Lindsey Wilson College is a private institution affiliated with the United Methodist Church. Its undergraduate enrollment is 2,585, and the gender balance is 61% women to 39% men. One student describes the school this way: "If you're from rural Kentucky, this is the school for you. Anybody [from] outside the Bible Belt will find it hard to adapt."

  • ROI: -$160,800
  • Graduation rate: 31%
  • Average student debt: $21,000
  • Median starting income: $38,500
  • Annual cost: $34,235
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1571 (out of 1779)

5. Morris College

Situated in rural Sumter, South Carolina, Morris College is a private institution affiliated with the Baptist Church. It was founded in 1908, and it has an undergraduate enrollment of 1,200, of which 55% are women and 45% are men. From a student review: "They are very far behind in technology and other things that a lot of [other] schools have upgraded to. It has a feel of being stuck in the 1970s."

  • ROI: -$106,800
  • Graduation rate: 29%
  • Average student debt: $26,000
  • Median starting income: $32,300
  • Annual cost: $19,919
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1585 (out of 1779)

University of the District of Columbia
University of the District of Columbia | Source

6. University of the District of Columbia

The University of the District of Columbia is located in urban Washington, DC. Founded in 1976, this public institution has an undergraduate enrollment of 3,859 with a gender balance of 57% women to 43% men. One student reviewer summed it up this way: "Unless you have no other choice, go somewhere else."

  • ROI: [data not available]
  • Graduation rate: 32%
  • Average student debt: $22,120
  • Median starting income: $51,300
  • Annual cost: $23,071 (in-state); $29,599 (out-of-state)
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1564 (out of 1779)

University of Montevallo
University of Montevallo | Source

7. University of Montevallo

Founded in 1896, University of Montevallo is located in rural Montevallo, Alabama. It is a public university with an undergraduate enrollment of 2,346, of which 67% are women and 33% are men. Reviewing the school, one student wrote: "Their quote 'You Belong at Montevallo' is a joke. Most people I talk to feel super isolated and leave on the weekends."

  • ROI: -$20,200
  • Graduation rate: 47%
  • Average student debt: $25,484
  • Median starting income: $38,300
  • Annual cost: $22,090 (in-state); $35,110 (out-of-state)
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1007 (out of 1779)

University of South Carolina, Aiken
University of South Carolina, Aiken | Source

8. University of South Carolina, Aiken

Founded in 1961, the University of South Carolina at Aiken is located in suburban Aiken, South Carolina. This public institution has an undergraduate enrollment of 3,354; the gender balance is 64% women to 36% men. One student reviewer wrote: "Very boring here—there's nothing to do on campus or in the Aiken area. It's like an old retirement town.... The people are standoffish. It's everybody for themselves here. I hate it!"

  • ROI: -$28,100
  • Graduation rate: 41%
  • Average student debt: $24,692
  • Median starting income: $41,100
  • Annual cost: $18,526 (in-state); $28,984 (out-of-state)
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1178 (out of 1779)

Shaw University
Shaw University | Source

9. Shaw University

Founded in 1865, Shaw University is a private institution located in urban Raleigh, North Carolina. It has an undergraduate enrollment of 1,546 with a gender balance of 58% women to 42% men. One student reviewer wrote: "Shaw University is a terrible institution. #transfer."

  • ROI: -$93,600
  • Graduation rate: 23%
  • Average student debt: $28,144
  • Median starting income: $36,900
  • Annual cost: $24,638
  • CollegeFactual ranking: #1774 (out of 1779)

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A Closer Look at the Measures

There are a near infinite number of ways to compare colleges, so you might wonder why I chose to pay close attention to the small handful of measures I did. Let's take a look at each one in turn.

ROI: Return on Investment

College is an investment in the future. The assumption is that by spending a large amount of money and time to earn a college degree, graduates will be able to get significantly better jobs and earn much more money over the course of their careers, relative to what they would have been able to do with only a high school degree.

ROI, or return on investment, is a way to measure the value of a college degree. PayScale defines ROI as the total earnings, minus the cost of the degree, minus the earnings a similar person with only a high school education would have made over the same period of time.

Graduation Rate

It's probably a safe assumption that everyone who enrolls in college hopes to one day graduate with a degree in hand. That's why it's important to look at a school's graduation rate (the numbers cited in this article refer to graduation within six years of matriculation).

If you look at a school that has a graduation rate of 22%, for example, that means that 78% of students don't graduate within six years! That's a huge exodus of students over the years. Granted, we don't always know why all of those students might have left; it's possible that some took seven or eight years to finish, or it's possible that some transferred to (and graduated from) another school. Often, however, a low graduation rate is indicative of unhappy students, poor support systems at the college, fees that are too high, or some combination thereof.

Average Student Debt

Students graduating with heavy student debt has become an enormous problem in this country. It can be very difficult for newly minted college grads to get started in life if they are weighed down by crushing student loan payments every month. Unless they happen to be in high-paying professions, it may feel like it will take forever to pay off the debt, and some may even question if taking on the loans in order to go to school was even worth it.

In general, it's best to try to minimize debt, but of course students need to weigh the future earnings that are possible with the degree. This is where ROI can be an important measure to consider.

Median Starting Income

We all know that incomes vary greatly from profession to profession, and also from one part of the country to the next, so looking at median starting income needs to be taken with a grain of salt. But you can still look at this number as a very general indicator of the salary potential of a degree from a particular school.

Annual Cost

College isn't cheap—but there's enormous variation in costs from one institution to the next. Private schools are generally more expensive than public schools, and within the latter category, out-of-state tuition is almost always more expensive than in-state tuition (rarely, out-of-state and in-state fees are the same).

CollegeFactual Ranking

CollegeFactual produces a nationwide ranking of nearly 1,800 schools. (Arguably, U.S. News & World Report's rankings are more famous—but they divide up the schools into categories to produce separate rankings for national universities, liberal arts colleges, regional colleges, etc.).

On the other hand, if we are interested in comparing all U.S. schools in one large group, we can look to CollegeFactual, which generates its rankings by looking at 11 different factors that are encompassed within these four areas: student body caliber, educational resources, degree completion, and post-graduation earnings.


  • CollegeFactual - I used this source for average student debt and overall rankings.
  • PayScale - I referred to this source for 20-year net ROI and median starting income.
  • RateMyProfessors - I cited this source for student reviews.
  • U.S. News & World Report - I used this source for graduation rates, costs (tuition, fees, room, and board), and general information (location, founding year, public vs. private status, undergraduate enrollment, and gender balance).

(All sources accessed Jan. 15, 2019.)

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      • profile image


        2 weeks ago

        When it comes to specialty colleges and universities, the Maryland Institute, College of Art (MICA) should DEFINITELY be on this list! I am a graduate of this college with a Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA) Degree and I absolutely loathed my four year tenure here for four distinct reasons. Number one, the price. I attended this college from 1995 to 1999 and even back then the tuition fluctuated between $16 and $17,000 per year. Thank goodness I won a full scholarship through my high school and city district and graduated entirely debt free. Second, the instructors. While I did have some very knowledgeable, helpful and generally caring professors, the majority were highly overrated with an oversized ego to match, quick tempered, narrow minded and completely biased. I never imagined I'd once again be subjected to teachers' histrionics in a college setting but, on multiple occasions, I have had instructors yell at me (and other students) as well as deliberately try to embarrass me. One instructor actually tried to fail me in my junior year for a issue we had during my sophomore year. Third, social stratification. There is a clear and unmitigated caste system a play on this campus with the painters and sculptors being at the top of the pyramid, followed by the general fine artists who themselves a closely followed by the textile students. Then, on the very bottom are the graphic artists. Seriously, if you are an illustration or graphic/product design major you will be treated as an untouchable by students, teachers and administration alike. Fourth, the location. This college's campus is situated on the northwestern boarder of Baltimore's Downtown so, during the day, be prepared to see drunks, addicts and other assorted undesirables parading up and down and along the campus and, more importantly, be sure to be off the streets by sunset or risk taking your life into your own hands. For these reasons, I can say with little hesitation, pressure or doubt that my tenure at this college was the worst four consecutive years of my life!

      • profile image


        6 weeks ago

        It's really suspect how you put mainly HBCU's on your list. I'm sure there where many more colleges that should be on this list or was it the authors View of Historically Black Colleges and Unversities.

      • profile image


        7 weeks ago

        Surprised New Mexico State University isn't on here. The majority of the civil engineering graduates I've worked with are barely capable of doing simple algebra (I'm not even exaggerating). I honestly believe they pass the failing students with B's to keep up the schools image.

      • profile image

        Joe Mamma 

        2 months ago

        lmao where's KU

      • profile image


        2 months ago

        These sound pretty bad. ROI and the starting income are really important when choosing a college. But what also matters is the trajectory of the income.

        For example, at CalTech, the starting salary is around $68,500, but this jumps to $106,300 in just 4 years!

        I'd be curious to see what the 5 year out median salary is at some of these schools. Maybe they are much better... or maybe they are flat...


      • profile image


        4 months ago

        Yeah these sound pretty bad...

      • profile image


        5 months ago

        Found 1 university stating that to pay 12 grand originally, because it was on a website, and they accidentally put a zero at the end, and other people almost ended up spending 12 million dollars for a university. Thankfully, I am a Korean. But, I forgot the name because Safari is not showing it's history of browsing.

      • profile image


        8 months ago

        colby college should be on here

      • profile image

        Larry Brown 

        8 months ago

        Montevallo is a solid institution. Formerly the Worman’s college of Alabama, the school is the top rstate supported regional college in Alabama.

      • profile image

        DeShawn Jerome 

        9 months ago

        Hello i am african

      • profile image


        10 months ago

        This site by Bill Alvarez is helpful to students and their parents; Mr. Alvarez's work is scientifically credible. It would be helpful to expand this list as a complement to the so-called best colleges in USA; Financially struggling students like myself cannot afford to go to the expensive universities but thanks to Mr. Alvarez and the other people who left comments here, we are aware of the worst universities. Add to the worst: University of Phoenix, Northcentral University, Plattsburgh State University*, Agrosy University. *Plattsburgh State University has a higher crime rate per capita than all other universities in the above list due to the large number of rapes and other crimes that occurred on or near campus divided by the small size of the city (which by the way is one of the coldest places in northern USA located across from Clarkson University on the other side of the Adirondack Mountains. Plattsburgh State University recently fired their Chief Diversity Officer for raping university student(s), he is a Black American who recently moved out of USA to Montreal Canada. The New York Police have posted reports citing drug busts, rapes, and other crimes at Plattsburgh State University or at the student residences located off campus but close by the college. One report cites over 25 registered sex offenders living on or near the campus. There are numerous negative student complaints posted about Plattsburgh State University on social media including their own group sites in Facebook as well as on Ratemyprofessor, Niche, Unigo, CollegeConfidential and other places. One of their police officers kidnapped another officer. Students have held public protests against the university and requested the President John Ettling, Vice President Mike Morgan, and Chief Diversity Officer (cited above) to resign. Only the President John Ettling remains employed and he is retiring with a full pension June 2019. Several students have successfully sued the State Of New York for tuition refunds. Several Plattsburgh State University students have died as a result of drug overdoses or hazing (one family was awarded $15 million after the death of their son Dyan Irish was killed by a Plattsburgh State University fraternity).

        It is unbelievable that tax payer revenue is given to a corrupt unsafe institution like Plattsburgh State University despite all the crime.

        The university marketing department claims it is a safe wonderful economical place - students need to hear the truth, conduct research and visit the place before even considering giving them any money.

        Partial References:

      • profile image


        11 months ago

        How is Clarkson University not on here? It's snow and freezing rain 7 months out of the year. You need a car to just get food off campus and your car will get plowed in and iced in. The food is from the same company that supplies for profit prisons. The computers are over 15 years old. There is bad cellphone reception in half the places on campus. There are zero quiet study areas unless you are in your dorm. You have to walk in the snow and ice from dorms to classes and half the time it's just ice from the poor plowing. Every other person you see is in crutches from falling on the ice. The only sport is ice hockey. If you want to go skiing it's an drive to any place decent and then you have pay nearly $80 every single time you want to go. There are zero major highways leading to Potsdam, NY. That means going between 35 and 50 miles an hour past cow pastures when you want to go on break. You don't see the sun for 7 months. There is zero anonymity there because the school is so small. The engineering equipment is new to them but, 10 years as far as industry goes. Their career fairs are engineering only unless you want to go into sales after getting a business degree. Only a hundred businesses ever show up to them and they are all for engineering.

      • profile image

        Dan S 

        11 months ago

        I currently attend Fayetteville State as of 2019, right in the fray. It still continues to be an extremely depressing and even infuriating place to be. Less-reputable students constantly loiter and run around loudly, ruining the few areas students can go to study. The falculty also tends to randomly close out these areas for their banquets and events anyway, specially during the fall when exams are coming up. As for class quality, many instructors don't speak english well at all, leaving google to be your best instructor. Most students come from the early-college program and surrounding impovrished high schools, and tend to be immature, uninterested, and disruptive during lectures probably due to low program standards and the fact they are not paying. Low-effort is also generally rewarded well in to your curriculum, keeping bad students around long even though grad rate is %33. To top it all off, the tuition is non-sense for what you get, over-charging for campus services that we don't need, while things like online codes for courses still need to be paid out of pocket.

      • Tim Truzy info4u profile image

        Tim Truzy 

        12 months ago from U.S.A.

        Oddly enough, Fayetteville State and Shaw University are only about an hour away from each other. Interestingly enough, Fayetteville State is a part of the Unc system of universities. It goes to show the differences in financial support received by the flagship university (UNC-Chapel Hill) and the other schools in the system. I would suspect that would be consistent across many of these schools, especially, if they are ran by the state.

        Honestly, I'm glad I attended Unc-Chapel Hill and East Carolina University.

        Great article with interesting information.



      • profile image


        12 months ago

        I took pictures for track meets in high school. We went to Grambling. It’s like a housing project but with classrooms. There is literally gang activity among students. No one graduates. They got a good band though.

      • profile image

        9 Year Old 

        13 months ago

        Lmao go to MIT

        Massachusetts institute of technology

        Michigan institute of technology

        Montana institute of technology


      • profile image

        college student 

        13 months ago

        why does having a high rate of male students contribute to a school being the worst? My college was all girls until 5 years ago, and we're 70% women and 30% men currently, but I doubt if my school was on a list like this (but we're great so that wouldn't happen lmao) that stat wouldn't be mentioned. sexist, sexist article...

      • profile image


        13 months ago

        dad is tooooooo hard

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        I’m currently studying at the University of Michigan

      • profile image

        Rebecca-Anne Sakura Anzai Stewart-Jackson 

        14 months ago

        Wow, these colleges are terrible. Thank god I took 12 AP classes in high school in got a FULL RIDE to Yale!

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        Nice, I got into Princeton for mathematics

      • profile image


        14 months ago

        Going to MIT. Got full ride

      • profile image

        Julia Playda 

        14 months ago

        It's a good thing I'm going to BYU University.

      • profile image

        Hun Terkey 

        14 months ago

        Wow, these schools are pretty bad. Luckily I am going to caltech.

      • profile image


        15 months ago

        Fort Hayes State University can't be too far from one of the worst.

      • profile image

        Blue Demon 

        15 months ago

        I think DePaul University in Chicago should be number 1 among the worst school in the nation. It is ranked at 257 and it only has a 50 % graduation rate. Guess how many are Black?


      • profile image

        Southern Heritage 

        16 months ago

        Ironic how most are HBCU's

      • profile image

        Mr Incredible 

        16 months ago

        It's showtime

      • profile image

        Cyprus Finer 

        16 months ago

        I love Florida Memorial University. My grand dad was buried here

      • profile image


        16 months ago

        Give people with a sad life a chance make college free!

      • profile image

        Elian Pimentel 

        16 months ago

        i hate brown university

      • profile image


        18 months ago

        Providence college should be on this list. This small minded 99% white school has terrible courses and teachers and just an overall backward way of thinking.

      • profile image

        Saleem Agha 

        20 months ago

        The City College Cuny is the worst school ever. One Uyar who teaches computer engineering is a scab and a dull witted person, whose knowledge of computers is less than that of a goat!

      • profile image

        Wm. Hodgson 

        20 months ago

        Capella University should be on this list

      • profile image


        20 months ago

        Why are these bad colleges?????? Tell me now, NOW. Please?

      • profile image


        22 months ago

        Where is harvard at?

      • profile image


        23 months ago

        ummmmmm ive seen worse

      • profile image


        23 months ago

        I am afraid to say that these are not the worst colleges out there. The worst college in fact is Manhattan Center for Science and Mathematics. The teachers are very obese and do not speak very much English. I don't speak autism so I cannot understand what they are saying most of the time. I advise that no one ever attend such a horrendous institution. Also my mixtape is coming out soon. Wait for "I'm a Humble Fucking Beast" coming to stores near you soon.

      • profile image

        Diane Mcvey 

        23 months ago

        Add Drew University to that list! Most inefficient administration and at the same time one of the most expensive! Don't go!

      • profile image

        On The Edge 

        23 months ago

        Louisiana Tech University is one of the worst colleges. Everyone grits their teeth and grins while wishing they were dead, all the while knowing they can't die because they've sold their souls to the place.

      • profile image


        24 months ago


      • profile image

        Lil Pump 

        2 years ago

        I got into every ivy league, and I got into Stanford. However, education isn't important in life. I decided to not attend college at all.

      • profile image

        Bob Smith 

        2 years ago

        I don't know of any terrible colleges, but i view college in general to be useful-- if u allow it to be. It all depends on your scenario, major,etc. i.e if u are majoring in something with no employment, and party all four years and take out $100,000 + loans, then its pointless. However if u are majoring in a good field ( Medical, engineering, accounting, etc) and take it seriously then it will be a great time!

      • profile image

        ask bout me 

        2 years ago

        Southern has the best BAND tho!

      • profile image

        Bill Nye 

        2 years ago

        I think college is stupid. College didn't teach anyone anyhting :) :) :) :) :)

      • profile image

        ips delivery 

        2 years ago

        the worst colleges are the one s who accept everyone this is why homeschooling is the best one on one sesions


      • profile image

        chris boi 101 

        2 years ago

        i,m so going to new mexico coolage

      • profile image

        Jay Martin 

        2 years ago

        DeVry university is the worst scam fake university to attend. Lost over 100 Grand and they put me as withdrawn instead of graduated eventhough I have a diploma.

      • profile image

        Koadey Kambell 

        2 years ago

        I nominate Point Park University as the worst University in the country. I literally felt that I got nothing out of my degree, and the classes are not relevant and I feel that I will have to attend Grad School and hopefully, make up for the slack caused by Point Park.

        Also, they won't give a student a job on campus based off of a certain race, gender, and sexuality and even a professor admitted they don't like to hire minorities into faculty. To add to their racist demeanor, they didn't use to not have MLK day off and once serviced fried chicken, collard green, watermelon, and cornbread for Black history month.

        Not to mention, the campus is a disaster, I've had my life threatened by two staff and my credit card used by another fraudulently. Not to mention, the security let in intruders and police have ignored all of complaints. They also don't like to accommodate students with disabilities, they will tell them "you're just making excuses". When I visited Detroit, I felt safer there than I did on campus.

      • profile image

        Good morning 

        2 years ago

        I thought India has the worst colleges but....

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        this a nice and cool website

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        In my opinion, this is a very inaccurate article! I have worked with smart people who have graduated from both SDSU and UNM and they are able to hold their own against, and often outperform graduates from more prestigious schools (UC Berkeley, Purdue, etc...). Also, if campus safety is a factor, how come USC or John Hopkins are not on the list?

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        How does a low graduation rate lead to a university being bad? I would think it was the opposite way, a university that lets all students graduate regardless of their academic merit is truly bad and one that has a lower graduation rate would tend to be better (Especially if it is also difficult to enter).

      • profile image


        2 years ago

        Using Website for one of my projects for school. Thanks

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Take a look at Winona State in Winona, MN.

        Their Facebook page has a ton of negative reviews regarding bullying and bad teachers.

        I myself have been stalked by professors from here because they're worried about what I say regarding the Unviersity.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        my thing is dont let negtive get to you i go to duke

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        This is the most inaccurate article and the validity of it is completely false

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        I know it's not a college- but the worst school I HAVE EVER KNOWN is far worse than these. It is Coleman Middle School in Tampa, Florida. The administration at this poop dump break the law all the time and cover each other's butts to avoid punishment. The Principal is a BULLY. He bullies students and misuses power. The guidance counselor are so rude and disrespectful to everyone. The administration does illegal stuff all the time like violate the 1st Amendment and Title IX. There is so much nepotism and cronyism and corruption there it is unbelievable. The school is rated and A school though because it is in an affluent neighborhood and parents can pay for extra tutoring, etc. I learned a lot from this school- but not from the curriculum. I learned about LAW from having to REPORT all the ILLEGAL things the administration does!!! Don't be fooled by this place.

      • erinshelby profile image


        3 years ago from United States

        What an interesting hub! As the cost of college continues to rise, more folks will be interested in the return on their investments... it will be necessary to scrutinize how much of a benefit the college degree will really be.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Anyone heard of or attended University of Hartforf,ct ?

        Thanks for any unbiased information.

      • profile image


        3 years ago

        Of course Capella University is bad, it's a for-profit school

      • DebraHargrove profile image

        Debra Hargrove 

        4 years ago from North Carolina

        Funny Hub, I wouldn't have the nerve to write about the worst college. That takes lots of courage.

      • profile image


        4 years ago

        Do not go to Nyack College. 40 percent graduation rate. $90 thousand tuition for 4 years. Limited faculty and resources and poor quality of education and it is equivalent to a High School education. Might as well save your time and money for post-graduate studies at a better institution.

      • profile image


        5 years ago

        DO NOT GO TO CAPELLA UNIVERSITY! I wasted 7 years and $80,000 + and got straight A's and they still would not let me graduate. THE DEGREE IS WORTHLESS ANYWAY and that is why they will not let you graduate so that no one finds out the degree is worthless. DO NOT GO TO CAPELLA UNIVERSITY! Capella University will not teach you anything!

      • TimArends profile image

        Timothy Arends 

        5 years ago from Chicago Region

        Interesting hub! It seems to me that, if there is one constant involved here, it is that the most poorly rated universities tend to be in the lowest quality, Most crime ridden regions of the country. Such low-quality regions are also going to draw low-quality students.

      • BillAlvarez profile imageAUTHOR

        Bill Alvarez 

        5 years ago

        Thanks for the comment, Rebecca. Just as important as knowing what college(s) to go to is knowing which ones to avoid!

      • Rebeccasutton profile image

        Rebecca Sutton 

        5 years ago from Rock Hill, SC

        I hope this doesn't sound negative, but it is nice to see an article that isn't all hype about how great one school or another is. I think your article puts things into a realists perspective and is something students need to consider. Good work!


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