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What It's Like to Be Homeschooled

was homeschooled and self-schooled her self. She enjoys sharing her experiences.

What It's Really Like to be Home Schooled

Being homeschooled is a great experience: it taught me self-discipline, and that if you set a goal you can achieve it. I went to a virtual public school, so I could go at my own pace and get help from online teachers anytime I needed it.


What Is Homeschooling?

Homeschooling is where parents choose to teach their children from home. There are many reasons families across the country are choosing to homeschool. Some are just unhappy with the schools or education options available, religious beliefs, and if the child is moving faster or slower through work and needs to go at a different pace than a public school.

The parent will come up with their own lesson plans, sometimes they non-traditional subjects. There are many online resources for curricula for a parent to teach their children. The parents usually pay for any materials involved.

Virtual Public School

A virtual public school is where your child will work on their computers to complete school work

They will be provided with materials from the virtual school of your choosing and there will be teachers online to teach them and provide help at any moment. The students completing grade 12 will be awarded a high-school diploma. Many of these schools are tuition-free and provide state-certified teachers.

I loved being homeschooled

I loved being homeschooled

My Experience

I enjoyed my time while homeschooling, I am a very introverted person. So going to school became difficult once I got into higher grades. My mom and I decided to try homeschooling or virtual school. We went with virtual schooling and I received all my books and a laptop to complete my work. They also had field trips and things where you could meet the other students that were in your virtual class as well as the teachers.


If your child is older anything like me when I entered into Virtual homeschooling they will mostly be doing everything themselves with the help of online teachers. I could go at my own pace but there was still a set schedule for interacting with the teachers and completing certain assignments.

My Pro's and Con's of Home Schooling

These are my Pro's and Con's. You will need to have or learn discipline to complete online school in my opinion


Work at your own pace

Less Friends

Learning Discipline

Too much freedom for some

Feeling Safe

Easy to slack off

No drama

Home School Versus Public Schools

Public Schools

Public schools are free and have certified teachers

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There are a lot of things you can do like play an instrument in the band or play sports.

But public schools are teaching the average student, which means if you need more time on a subject you may get left behind. If you work faster you may become bored with school and lose interest. Class sizes are usually large, you may not get the one on one you need to achieve a subject.

Home School

With homeschooling, you can work at your own pace, and teach your child other non-traditional subjects. But there are some costs to homeschooling if you plan on doing it all on your own.

Virtual School

Many of the public virtual schools are tuition-free, they send most of the materials needed. They follow a traditional school year but there is still room to work at your own pace in my experience.

Thinking of Home Schooling

There are many websites that can help you in getting started. They provide a curriculum and a lot of helpful tips. I will provide some helpful links below.

If you are thinking of checking out some of the public virtual schools here are a few. The one I attend was through my state. But there are many popping up.


Connections Academy

Some states have programs through the local schools so be sure to check out those options too.

Thank you for reading and good luck on your education journey!

© 2018 Savanna H


Savanna H (author) from Texas on August 12, 2018:

Hey Linda, Thanks for reading I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Linda Crampton from British Columbia, Canada on August 12, 2018:

Thanks for sharing your experience with virtual homeschooling. I think that learning at home can be a good choice in certain situations. I enjoyed reading about it.

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