Writing Frustrations and How To Deal With Them

Updated on June 20, 2017


If you're a writer then you've been here before: frustrated.

You have found yourself living in a world of frustrations while writing your novel. For me, this comes in many forms from time management, editing frustrations, struggling with the length of your story, writing and rewriting, deleting and adding, and the dreaded writers block! There is so much involved with writing that can cause you to have these frustrations.

Here is the thing though, if you love writing these frustrations are a part of life and you learn to adapt. The following is a list of ways I've found best to deal with some of these major frustrations.

Time Management

I find that time management frustrates me a lot. There are days where all I want to do is get lost in my writing and finish the story I am trying to tell and there are other days where I feel so burnt out that I can't for the life of me pick up my laptop to write just one word. The creativity is just not there sometimes.

I've read that keeping a schedule, writing so many words a day on your story will keep you on track to finish. However, I've tried this and find this results in some lackluster stories because often I end up writing something even when I am not inspired. Now I respect people who can manage this and pull out an amazing story, but I have found I am just not one of them.

My solution for time management is not to hinder my writing or creativity. I write when I am inspired, and I write a lot on those times, and when I am uninspired and the creativity is not hitting me. I try something to bring the creativity back. Perhaps I'll step away from my story and try a writing prompt? This will keep me practicing my writing and perhaps it will bring me some inspiration so that when I return to my book/novel/story I will then have the ability to continue instead of forcing myself to create lackluster story that I might end up deleting later.


Editing my stories is always the worst. It's very difficult, especially if you do your own editing, to step away from your story enough to see the grammatical side of things. I self-edit very little while I am writing. When I am caught up in the moment the first thing I want to do is get it down on "paper," the last thing I am thinking about is editing.

If editing as you go is preventing you from moving on, then simply put - STOP IT! Edit when you've finished your story, get it down first, then go back and read through it slowly and surely looking for your grammatical errors.

Rewriting and Adding/Deleting Passages

I don't have a lot of advice here - except - get used to it! There is going to be a lot of writing, and with that comes rewriting. You are going to want to add things and delete things to perfect your story. This is a part of writing. You're not going to get away from it. So how do I deal with the frustrations that come with these?

Sometimes you just have to step away from your story for a bit. If you just found a large passage that needs to be rewritten, then maybe it's time to just mark that passage and close the laptop until another day. Taking a break and stepping away from it for awhile seems to be the best option I've found.

Writer's Block

Oh no! Dare I mention it? Writer's block, how to deal with it. We all know what it is, but how to fix it. For me this one is not as bad as it sounds. When I have writer's block I simply write through it - not on my book - but with writing prompts. I might look around my room, or look at the painting on my wall and tell myself I am going to write a story about it. It may be the worst story I've ever written, but at least I am writing and eventually what happens is I get inspired. That inspiration leads me to be able to write again on my book.

Now that's one tool in the tool belt, sometimes dealing with writer's block may be as simple as stepping a way for a day or two. Occupying your mind with something else and then returning to your novel. Perhaps stepping away and refocusing your mind will allow you to freshen your thoughts on your novel and get you started again.

Nothing can really stop you from writing that novel if you really want to. Many frustrations may stand in your way, but you can push through them. With hard work and perseverance you will get through your novel completed in no time!

What frustrates you the most as a writer?

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