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How to Teach Vowels to ESL Children

Teaching vowels to very young children is easier if you use methods that will make learning fun for the children. Keep them busy with different activities that will not only enhance learning but develop their other various skills.


6 Countries to Avoid Teaching English In

When it comes to teaching abroad, every country has its pros and cons, but some are certainly riskier than others. Sometimes the problems in a country run much deeper than the recruiters' glossy websites would lead you to believe.


So You Wanna Teach English in Japan

If you've decided you want to teach English in Japan, congratulations! You're in for a treat. Next question: what kind of English do you want to teach? Do you crave the chaos of Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) life, or would you prefer teaching at an eikaiwa English school?


Teaching Writing to English Language Learners

For English Language Learners, writing is a process that goes beyond spelling and grammar. It begins with socializing and evolves into copying sentence frames; eventually writing essays. Students need written and oral feedback, and should engage with prompts that are culturally relevant and diverse.


ESL/EFL - Teaching Word Families

Learning word families can help your students gain greater understanding of the English language. Improve vocabulary, grammar and speaking and writing in the classroom using simple teaching methods.


How to Correct Errors—EFL/ESL Teachers

Error correction, when done properly, helps your students learn without them losing confidence. This article includes some simple approaches to the correction of writing and speaking which will help the ESL teacher and student.