Student Life


How to Cram for an Exam

Cramming for an exam or test can be stressful and frantic, but it doesn't need to be! Whether your assessment is in a few hours, tomorrow, or next week, this article lists five helpful steps to help you plan an effective and focused cramming session.


100 Best School Magazine Names

Coming up with an appropriate title for a school magazine can be quite a task. If you have hit a wall with ideas, do not fret. This article offers a detailed perspective on how to come up with names that are creative along with a epic list of best school magazine names.


The Issues Faced by Students in Higher Education

This article reports on the issues students face at college or university. There are several issues that needs to be challenged and these things are experienced mainly by new students. The most common issues such as time management, homesickness, racism, stress, shyness etc are widely recognized.


How Classroom Designs Benefit Student Learning

Student engagement is a vital part in places of education. These days, classrooms need good innovations to create interactions between students and teachers to make their learning experience an enjoyable one. A classroom with modern furniture and equipment will ensure students of any age feel happy.


8 Dirty Secrets of College Life

College is a wonderful experience. I’m sure you’ve watched enough commencement speeches which reiterate the same thing, gloss over all the hardships, and tell you that your degree is going to win you your dream job. Here are some dirty secrets they don't tell you.