10 Life Lessons From Alice in Wonderland

Updated on August 17, 2016
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Tawnya isn't a wildflower but she isn't lost. She loves Alice, the Mad Hatter, and is absolutely mad, but don't worry everyone is.

Obsessed with Alice Since Childhood

Before I could even read on my own, I began a lifelong obsession with Alice in Wonderland. What seems to be nonsensical madness in a fictional world has comforted me through the best and worst times in my life. In fact, I believe that I’ve learned at least ten life lessons from Alice in Wonderland, and now I’m going to share them you.

We're All Mad

According to the cat, in Alice in Wonderland, we are all mad. While that may seem silly to say; when you think about it, it has to be true. I don’t mean we’re all angry human beings walking around shouting and glaring at people, and I don’t mean that we’re all a bit unhinged.

Instead, I mean we all have our unique quirks that others may think make us bonkers. The sooner we learn to accept these quirks as character traits that make us who we are, the sooner we can move on and create our realities.

Life Can Be Much More Muchier

I’m sure there has been a time in your life when you’ve lost your “muchness.” Think about it, did you use to be much more muchier? If so, it’s time to find your muchness again. How do you do this? You have to remember that until you no longer have a pulse, your story isn’t over. Instead, of thinking about the negative things that have happened to you in your life, you have to remember that we are not what happened to us.

A better judge of our character is how we get up and move on when faced with the things that are designed by nature to make us fall. No matter what has happened to steal your muchness, you can be much more muchier tomorrow.

Be a Wildflower Rather Than a Wallflower

If Alice were okay with being a wallflower, she would have never made it to Wonderland. Instead, of simply existing, Alice set out to be who she wanted to be and accomplished impossible things. With this in mind, if you are ever given the chance to be a wildflower do it! Remember, in a room full of wallflowers, everyone that enters is sure to remember the wildflower.

Dream of Impossible Things

Alice grew up in a time where it was inappropriate to think of impossible things. However, the curiousier and curiouser little girl refused to accept that unfeasible things were impossible and went about her life and her path caring nonetheless about what other people defined as difficult. One of the greatest things about Alice is that she is always dreaming of unimaginable things.

She has even gone as far as to dream of six impossible things before breakfast. While some things will always be absurd or simply intangible, dreaming of impracticable things isn’t a fault. Setting high goals and striving to meet them is something anyone could and should do. It’s important never to let anyone else in your life define what is impossible for you!

Always Follow the White Rabbit

When Alice followed the White Rabbit, she knew she wasn’t supposed to. Subconsciously, she probably knew following the rabbit would make her mother angry, especially if she got dirty, but she had to do it. She could have simply convinced herself that she hadn’t witnessed a tardy rabbit galloping through the yard, or resisted her impulsive urge to know what the white rabbit was late for, but she didn't!

She followed the white rabbit to Wonderland. What this means to me today is that it’s okay to be curious, it’s even okay to be impulsive from time to time. I know they said curiosity killed the cat, but some of the most famous authors, inventors, and leaders in the world today were curious, and none of us would benefit from their curiosity had they not followed their white rabbits.

You Are a Different Person Today Than You Were Yesterday

So often people are burdened by mistakes they have made in the past. The choices they did or didn’t make, the goals unfulfilled, disappointments, or seemingly unbreakable curses truly get people down and out, but what they seem to forget is that those things happened yesterday, or the day before, or even a decade ago.

What everyone should take away from Alice is that we are a different person today than we were yesterday, and we can be a different person tomorrow too. Whether you choose to continue being the person you were yesterday or working to be a better person tomorrow is pretty much up to you.

Sometimes You Have to Fall Down a Rabbit Hole to Get to Where You Need to Be

When Alice chased the White Rabbit, she wasn’t happy. Her life, her future, and just about everything seemed out of control. This happens in life too, and like many others that have crumbled under pressure and anxiety, Alice fell down a deep dark hole.

She had no idea where she was going while she fell, or even after she landed. What makes Alice different than some other people is that she immediately began to look for a way out. In fact, the entire time Alice was in Wonderland, she wanted to find a way home. When people fall down a hole, whether it’s drugs, depression, or other burdens, it’s easy to stay there, but they should follow Alice’s lead and begin searching for a way out of the hole instead of being content with being there.

For some, the only way to find out where you truly should be is to fall down a hole, bump your head on the way down, bruise your soul a little bit, and then get back up, brush yourself off and look for a way out.

Wandering Doesn't Mean You're Lost

At times in my life, I’ve set goals and created exactly one path to get there. Along the way, I’ve lost my path and ended up getting there—one way or another. What I have to remember like Alice did in Wonderland, is that there isn’t just one way to get to a goal or destination.

Even better, I have to remember that wandering doesn’t always mean you're lost. Sometimes there are just things you need to do or see before you get to where you need to be.

My Reality Is Different Than Yours

As an adolescent I just wanted to be like everyone else; the less attention that was paid to me the better. But, I wasn’t this type of child, and I’m certainly not this type of adult. I won’t pretend that I’m just like everybody else because I’m not, and I don’t pretend that my daughter is just like everyone else’s because she’s not. I want to be true to myself, and I want this for her too.

When people judge others as “weird” because they aren’t “normal,” I remind them that normal is a relative term, and my reality is just different than theirs. As individuals, it’s our responsibility to create our reality, and not worry about whether other people think they are normal or not.

Existence Is a Lifetime of Adventures

If we never laughed, cried, or suffered, how boring would our life be? While I'd rather laugh at the top of my lungs than cry till my eyes burn and snot drips down my face, I respect that an important part of living life is experiencing both of these emotions.

In addition to feelings, life is also full of twists, turns, surprises, disappointments, and so much more. Simply existing isn’t enough to truly enjoy life, you need to accept that existence is a lifetime of adventures.

Have you ever fallen down a rabbit hole?

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Alice Through the Looking Glass

In May 2016, a new Alice in Wonderland inspired movie is going to be released. I'm a huge fan of the fairytale and I enjoyed the last movie but I'm concerned about how well the new movie will be received.

I'm really going to root for the new movie to be a success but I can't help feeling that it might be a big mistake. What do you think?

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      • profile image

        Chlorine 2 weeks ago

        I loved this article. I also was obsessed with Alice in Wonderland from a young age, and agree with all of these life lessons.

      • profile image

        Jessica, chicago, il, usa 12 months ago

        Great words of wisdom

      • profile image

        Greta 19 months ago

        Love this artical

      • profile image

        Thisandi 20 months ago

        This is a wonderful write-up.

        I am doing a project and I chose to do Alice in wonderland.So I wanted to get some reviews on how other people saw the book.The way you've seen the book is phenominal .A really great way to look at life.I loved it.

      • profile image

        Lew 21 months ago

        And don't forget to " keep you head"!

      • Bonnie Wright profile image

        Bonnie Wright 3 years ago from Oklahoma City

        I love the insight on this, especially considering this is dealing with my absolute favorite book. Kudos.

      • aesta1 profile image

        Mary Norton 3 years ago from Ontario, Canada

        I had been raised to follow rules and my husband always reminds me that rules are there to guide not to be observed strictly. I think I need to release the Alice in me. I really enjoyed reading your hub.

      • Prince Bethel profile image

        prince bethel 3 years ago from Africa

        Great hub. I enjoyed reading it. Voted up!

      • Jacqueline Stamp profile image

        Jacqueline Stamp 3 years ago from UK

        A wonderfully positive, perceptive and reassuring hub - thank you; I shall never read Alice's adventures in quite the same way again.

      • profile image

        Lena-brb 3 years ago

        This was really insightful! Thank you for sharing! :D

      • MPG Narratives profile image

        Marie Giunta 3 years ago from Sydney, Australia

        What a lovely way to look at life. I enjoyed reading this hub and am still smiling as I type this comment. Everyone has setbacks, I've fallen down a few 'rabbit holes' but there is always a way out, you just have to look for it. There is no such thing as normal, we are all different and have different life experiences, once you accept that then there is no need to judge others.

      • Joel Diffendarfer profile image

        Joel Diffendarfer 3 years ago from Ft Collins, Colorado

        I too have been an avid fan of LC and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland. This is the first time I have every read such a great correlation of the works and illustrations in comparison to everyday life messages. Outstanding and well written. Well worth reading and contemplating. Good job, indeed!

      • profile image

        Alice in wonderland 3 years ago

        This world is a wonderland and in order to find the magic you have to shrink and become a giant one by one