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10 Profile Mistakes Freelancers Need to Avoid

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Avoid these mistakes!

Avoid these mistakes!

Put Your Best Foot Forward

Having great expertise in how to write a proposal to get a job is a bonus, but having an error-free and winning profile is an automatic way to get a job offer. While posting a job, many employers search for the relevant freelancers and invite them for an interview. If you want to be on that search list, then it is very important to maintain a high profile. In pursuit of maintaining an attractive profile, many freelancers commit mistakes that they are themselves not aware of. This degrades their image and reduces the chances of getting hired.

Among these mistakes, here is a list of ten common mistakes done by almost all of us. Let us have a look:

1. Giving Less Attention to Your Profile

  • Having an accurate and precise profile is the first and very important step to get hired by employers. If your profile misses something relevant, then employers would have no basis to decide if you have the required skills and experience or not.
  • It is very important to have skills, certifications and experiences (if any) added to your profile. It will help you get easily searched by the clients.
  • Boost your possibilities by giving your profile a look that perfectly describes your capabilities. Upload a high-quality professional profile picture with a smile that shows your positive attitude.
  • Make sure your profile contains specific keywords that help you to show up in relevant searches.

2. Not Updating Your Profile Regularly

  • Since the pace of technology is very fast and clients are always looking for people who are ace with these new methods. So, make sure you update your profile regularly in accordance with the changing clients' demands.
  • After having finished a project, always ask your client to give feedback. This will expand your chances of getting better opportunities at a higher rate.
  • Besides mentioning the skill set, it is always better to prove it by taking a related skill test or adding a related certification to your profile.

3. Giving Your Profile a Generic Description

  • If your profile looks similar to other freelancers, then it will be tough for the clients to make a hiring decision. It is good to see other freelancers' profiles and grab an idea of how things work, but it is better to write your own narration. Focus on your uniqueness and mention your skill set that no one else can offer.
  • Try to empathize with your client's needs and understand what they want. Closely follow what the clients need by following their project descriptions. The more you go with the relevant keywords, the higher the chances of getting hired.
  • Finally, attach work samples to your profile to build confidence in clients that they are hiring the right candidate.

4. Lacking Persona

  • Your profile is your impression to the client. It is a place to express yourself.
  • Use language that clearly describes you in a professional manner. Remember that being informal makes you less worthy and being too formal makes you look rude to the clients.
  • Build your profile keeping the taste of clients in your mind. How do they want to be talked to? Try to write in a way that speaks with them and matches their needs.
  • The language also depends on the type of industry you are working for. If you are working for a large company, go for a formal tone or if your company is a creative one, then a little informal tone will cause no harm.

5. No Portfolio Section

  • An employer is always curious to know about your previous work before making a final decision to hire you. If you lack a portfolio in your profile, then there is a very high chance of getting rejected.
  • Add work collections to your profile with a good cover image that perfectly describes what your work is all about. The work can be anything related to your previous work experience or something that you designed or developed yourself.
  • If the type of work is not about visuals, then upload your document file (most probably a PDF) or video and explain what you have contributed to it.
  • Though uploading an image is always a good idea as it is the easiest way of giving a glimpse of your work to the client, if you do not have any such cover image, then go for the related one. For example, if you are looking for academic work, then go for books and project images that best describe your qualified skill.

6. Giving Too Much Information in your Portfolio

  • If you have lots of work to show in your portfolio, then display only the highlights. Giving too much information might confuse the clients and they will not be able to make the final decision.
  • Carefully go through their work and write only those points which will make clients consider you as a useful resource.
  • Represent your every service, possibly with a work collection in an organized manner. Remember that quality wins over quantity.

7. Grammatical Mistakes

  • These are very common and most neglected mistakes, which can easily be caught by the client.
  • Having grammatical errors in your profile shows your careless attitude towards your work.
  • Not to mention, these errors will make your profile unclear to the clients. Communication is the key, so clearly state your work and experiences.
  • Before finalizing, proofreading is a must. If your native language is not English, then ask an expert who may help you with the correct sentences.

8. Lack of Confidence

  • Having an intact profile is a good step towards your dream, but if you fail to display your skills or fail to stand the quality that you have mentioned in your profile, then you are surely not worth it. If you do not trust yourself, then who will?
  • Never pretend to inherit a skill that you don't know and never underestimate your skills. Every skill is worth a penny if you are an expert in it.
  • Never talk about your negatives, always highlight your positives.
  • Prove your worth by skill tests and avoid sentences like "I hope one day" or "I am just started to" in your profile and interview.

9. Inappropriate Charging for your Service

  • It is a general misunderstanding that freelancers should bid lower than their worth to get more offers. It may sound helpful in the starting, but later in the career, it may leave you in the cycle of mediocre gigs.
  • You must charge as per your skills. Before finalizing your bid, take your time and check out what other freelancers are charging for the same skills and type of work.
  • If your profile describes you perfectly and you are an expert in the mentioned skill set, then go for the right bid. This will be the right explanation to the client for why charging this amount and no client will ever reject you.

10. Using "We"

  • You are an individual solely working on the project.
  • If you regularly make use of "we", then it gives an impression that you are working in a team where the work is divided among them, while in reality, it's only you.
  • Be clear and straightforward about your identity.
  • Many freelancers do this mistake, leaving an ambiguous identity in the client's mind. If you are solely working on the project, make it clear to the client as well.