100 Philosophical Questions That Make You Think and Discuss

Updated on February 21, 2018

Philosophy is associated with the study of fundamental and general problems related to matters of knowledge, values, mind, language, reason, and existence. The term philosophy is believed to be coined by the Greek philosopher Pythagoras and translates to ‘love of wisdom’. In simplistic terms philosophy is associated with activities people engage in to have a deeper understanding of a better life through wisdom. Individuals that study philosophy constantly analyze, debate, and rationalize to arrive at a better understanding. Philosophical questions get individuals to think on a deeper level to understand varied concepts regarding various facets of life.


What makes philosophical questions popular in circles is the awakening they bring about in a thought process. Philosophical questions find varied answers from people from different walks of life; however, none of the answers to philosophical questions have conviction and a definitive explanation that makes perfect sense. Every individual tries to analyze and interpret their perspective on a philosophical question in a different manner. Questions about philosophy make us wonder and think differently leading to a positive discussion. Our mind is baffled when we come across questions that make us think with a logical perspective.


The complexities of philosophical questions do not arise in the questions, but rather in our inability to comprehend rational thinking based on simple logic. All answers pertaining to life, knowledge, reason and existence lie within us unexplored. It’s only when we are faced with a question that our inner eye is awakened. We try and think out of the box when we give answers to philosophical questions. Well, brainstorming sessions can only make answers to philosophical questions sound sophisticated but lack substance and substantial conviction.


Questions that spark discussions involve answers that are compelling and intellectually stimulating. Philosophical questions bring out varied perspectives on philosophy and analytical theories surrounding it. Certain questions in the space below could be intriguing and may appeal to students of philosophy and theology while others are thought provoking and suited for general audience. Having said that anybody could have a fantastic answer to a simple or complex question? The best way to find answers to philosophical questions is through understanding relevance of truth, reason and existence associated with life.

The lines below showcase a diverse list of philosophical questions that are capable of raising eyebrows and our level of understanding. If you have an opinion or answer, feel free to speak your mind.


100 Philosophical Questions that Make You Think and Discuss

  1. Do Guns Protect people or Kill people?
  2. Will racism cease to exist?
  3. What is the Meaning of a Good Life?
  4. Is it More Important to be Respected or Liked?
  5. Does Fate Exist?
  6. Have we become hard hearted in this age of Gadgets?
  7. Is Free Will An Illusion or Reality?
  8. Does an ideal Government exist?
  9. Are humans obligated to better themselves?
  10. Why is Beauty associated with Morality?
  11. Why do we respect the dead more than the living?
  12. Does Life Have Reason?
  13. Are there limitations on free speech?
  14. Is Ego a Negative Trait of Positive Trait?
  15. Is God a Supreme Power?
  16. Is the most important purpose in life Happiness?
  17. Is There a Secret Life After Death?
  18. Does Life Require Purpose and Goal?
  19. Will the World be a Better place if Caste and Religion cease to exist?
  20. What is the meaning of true love?
  21. Is happiness a state of mind, chemical activity in the brain, or something more?
  22. What’s more Important…doing the right thing or doing things right
  23. Are we a miniscule part of Alien Life?
  24. Do we love ourselves more in the virtual world and less in the real world?
  25. Is Love Desire or Attachment?
  26. Is humanity devised to head in a certain direction?
  27. Should full access to the internet be a fundamental right?
  28. Is it easier to love or be loved?
  29. Is peace the only way to stop wars?
  30. Is freewill a concept?
  31. Can memories be erased?
  32. Is religion conceptualized by one’s own belief?
  33. Will The World Come To an End?
  34. Do acts of kindness have motive?
  35. Is conscience a myth or reality?
  36. Intelligence or Wisdom…what’s more important for a better world?
  37. What is the extent of freedom human beings should have?
  38. What is the true meaning of Rich and Poor?
  39. Does Evil stem from within?
  40. Are people in this gadget generation less sensitive than people from past generations?
  41. What is true friendship?
  42. Why do we do things we do not like to do?
  43. Do Atheists make their own Gods?
  44. Can achieving nothing make a person happy?
  45. Do we control gadgets or are gadgets controlling us?
  46. Have Gadgets taken away emotion?
  47. Will a curb on buying guns and arms reduce the number of shooting sprees in the world?
  48. Do We Change when we have power?
  49. Can artificial intelligence be creative?
  50. If judgement is for God, why do we pass judgement?
  51. If everybody spoke their mind would this world be a better place?
  52. Will Technological advances wipe out humanity?
  53. Does understanding philosophy lead to progress?
  54. Is there a specie/s more advanced than humans?
  55. If all the currencies in the world do not have monetary value, will our world be a much better place?
  56. Is it possible Time is being altered right now?
  57. Will this world be better or get worse without teachers?
  58. Is there a perfect life?
  59. Why do we waste food or throw away food when we know people are dying of hunger?
  60. Is love more than just a feeling?
  61. Will time travel be made possible in the future?
  62. Does the English language make us feel superior?
  63. If aliens decide to eat humans are they right?
  64. Does utilizing time properly make our life meaningful?
  65. Can Religious Beliefs affect Scientific Thinking?
  66. Will artificial intelligence help increase human lifespan in the future?
  67. Does Consciousness have benefits?
  68. Will a world without calculations make progress?
  69. Can life be meaningful without friends?
  70. Is Human Potential capable of anything?
  71. Do thoughts have a pattern?
  72. Can lovers be soulmates?
  73. Is Death a New Beginning?
  74. Will stricter laws make a better world?
  75. Are we losing our right to privacy?
  76. Do numbers make people happy?
  77. Is limiting immigration right?
  78. Why does God not intervene when evil takes root in people?
  79. Can spirituality make you a happy person?
  80. Is living life to the fullest possible?
  81. Does faith make belief stronger?
  82. Will countries benefit from logical solutions?
  83. Why can’t every person be a genius?
  84. Is Being Obsessive about someone or something a good thing?
  85. Are highly intelligent people less happy than individuals with average intelligence?
  86. Does Belief make God exist?
  87. Is there freedom in creativity and art?
  88. Does Knowledge and understanding make you a content person?
  89. Will Robots take over the world in the future?
  90. Do the simple things become complexities when we try to attain perfection?
  91. Does the path to salvation lie within us?
  92. Will concepts and theories in regard with religion becoming obsolete come true?
  93. Are beliefs and superstitions alike?
  94. Is blind belief prevalent more among holy people, spiritual people and pious people?
  95. Can dreams be associated with the unforeseen future?
  96. Are We the Biggest threat to Humanity?
  97. If we live in a civilized in a world why do we see distinctions between rich and poor?
  98. Do Parallel Universes Exist?
  99. Is there an absolute way to attain a happy state of mind?
  100. Does living your life for others make your life purposeful?

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